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Recently Mark Vaughn placed this comment up to his FB page. At the bottom were some newly revised “guidelines” on smoking marijuana during a cast.

I found the last line to be the most interesting….

If you absolutely must do hard drugs, have the courtesy to LEAN off camera while doing hard drugs. And definitely do not promote them in any way.

Am I reading too much in to saying, YOU just sorta did promote them on your site ?

I think he’s made a HUGE error in this last part of his statement, certain drugs and the use of those drugs are a felon. Just because Mark Vaughn thinks it’s socially acceptable in certain circles doesn’t mean it’s LEGALLY acceptable. So Mark be careful with your drug stance but be especially careful on the hard drugs, it may come back to bite you big time. The companies and business who have their ads placed upon your site may have a different opinion.

Remember you’re not the LAW just a site owner. And a not too bright one at that.

Thank you for the screen grabs used on this post.

All credit and thanks to the person who sent in the videos.

I’m not sure what he was trying to accomplish but it seems he was being challenged to perform for the viewers. So I’d like to request Moonboobs place a full sized cucumber in his anus while singing any song of his choice, something from AC/DC perhaps ?

HE’S ALIVE…☠…Or is it a CLONE ???

After several weeks of claims of Helton’s death, finally the vampire, sorcerer, jedi, time traveler, punisher, protector of humanity, speaker of demons and so much more has his say.

Dated Oct 8th 2019, in a 42 minute video, Helton goes off on the trolls and threatens to not only sue everyone responsible but to place them in prison for their misdeeds. It’s the usual delusional verbal poop from the mouth.

Since I work with a tiny budget I was only able to place up an entire 3minutes of video before I fell asleep at the wheel causing me to run over a family of ducks crossing a nearby road. When all the silly stuff is put away and the facts are examined, I do not believe this is the REAL Helton but a clone with a five year expiry date. Very much like a ham sandwich Helton once ate.

I rest my case

You may recall the post from……

In that post Jessica loves Jesus was exposed for making racist and homo phobic comments. You can read that post in it’s entirety at the bottom of this post. But first her recent admission to using the word “Nigger”…..Thank you to those for the screen grabs used on this post.

You can click any 3 of the images for a larger view to see the the chat in question.

Perhaps a review of Gods number one rule and the golden rule of Christians ?

If the internet has made you so angry you resort to behaving this way then perhaps it’s time you back up and reassess your position and ask yourself…why ?

But then WHY allow others to use that word in your chat and give all control away then claim it’s “FREEDOM OF CHAT for a reason lol” It’s still YOUR chat, so take control of it.

Just remember Jessica practice what you preach and and stop being a flip flop with your flimsy morals by living from biblical text as a part time believer. One cannot sort of believe in the word of the bible you either do or you don’t. Oh and btw please send my regards to your friend the convicted retarded rapist.

On Sept 29 2019 I posted the possibility that Von Helton had passed away along with that post was a Youtube video giving some brief personal details.

Now for some strange reason the video was pulled, with no explanation as to why. Along with that was the only obituary that may have confirmed his death. That was removed.

As far as I can tell anything related to Helton’s passing is being pulled from the internet but to the best of my knowledge Helton has not resurfaced or made any recent posts or videos.

There are those that believe a group of Illuminati or government elitists decided Helton was too much of a social and political threat. His jedi mind powers and electrifying charisma jeopardized all of mankind. So he was secretly removed about ten years ago and was replaced with a CLONE. This introduces the clone theory that every five years the clone expires and a new clone is brought in to take his place. This may explain why Helton manages to die every five years and through some dark jedi sorcery comes back. I cannot confirm or deny this.

However where is the documentation to confirm or deny his passing ?

It was recently speculated that this man may hold the key to the unsolved mystery and may be a secret member of the order of the Illuminati from the near future sent to spy on us. I leave all judgements in your capable hands.