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And here she is…..

Move over Faroe you’ve been replaced by a better man.

And given to me several days ago is an image of Realman’s truck.

No idea as to what took place, however I’ve been informed he isn’t injured, but he had no insurance for the vehicle. Thank you for the screen grab.

Now Realman has an empty garage but with no truck to park….Wink wink.


Realman: “You people are dumb as doorknobs. I had insurance. What I didn’t have was full coverage that would reimburse ME for my truck. I still had liability. It didn’t matter in this case anyway since the other driver was partially at fault and under NC law cannot recover anything from my insurance either. Everyone loses”

Happy now?

I’m very happy thank you <3

I was emailed with some updated information as to the reason the great KING was banned…This other blog states they know why. All credit to Handsomemork for the updates.

“Over the past few weeks, Faroe has been a regular visitor to my Friday night shows. Sometimes, he is content to blow up my PM inbox (and my superop’s PM inbox as well) while he remains in Do Not Disturb mode – which means there is no conversation, just a one-way avenue for him to carry on about what assholes we are. Other weekends, he will do the usual “my computer specs are blah blah honk snort blah, so fuck you” posts that we all love and cherish. This week it was the old subscribe/unsubscribe 1,050 times a minute trick that sets the new subscriber message light to flashing madly. Just to add to the evening’s message, he then came in to chat and”…………………

So I’m not truly surprised, it wasn’t until he told the moderator/admin to FUCK OFF that things began to roll down hill for the KING. So the question is this..If Faroe had NOT told the admin to FUCK OFF would he still have been banned ? Of course we all know the answer to that.

For the complete story in detail you may wish to check out part 1 of the other blogs story.

Part 2 can be found here..

It’s a two in one post for the weekend…..

All credit to TopCat for the two vids on this post. I’m not sure when this rant recording took place and no idea as to it’s location but one things for sure the KING’s hotter than hell and he ain’t gonna take it..NO MORE.

“Cream can suck my ass” lmao oh lord. Perhaps he can offer Faroe a Milkshake ?

I truly wonder why the break up took place between the great KING and the Cr3am..perhaps the attraction became stale and the cream curdled ?

There are a number of possible things that Faroe could do concerning Ivlog. Contacting Ivlog’s host in NY city or the FBI and report the use of DMCA violations or open drug use. Some businesses frown upon that especially if it’s a company that uses the site for it’s ads or the fact the site doesn’t even belong to the so called owner ?….Google Ivlog registration and see for yourself.

And as stated another caster has left sweet Vaughn in search of greener pastures. Credit to Vaughnsucks for the info and screen grab.

After all the documented death threats, pedos support and rants that Cr3am CUM Jones and his loyal semen squirt team have allowed on Ivlog, why now ban the KING your greatest and only asset ?

What did he do to one of your friends ? We all know you only respond when it’s a personal issue involving someone you know and not a regular caster or individual….In time something will develop.

I’m not sure who or how, but word on the street is the stupid fat bastard is banned from Ivlog…and now he’s going to BITCH BITCH BITCH..till the sun goes down.

And it’s about bloody time.

I’m actually shocked as to the ban after all this was the KING, or more like the FOOL but either way he did suckle the creamy tit and licked a frooty clit to become the internets biggest clown.

The RAGE of a creamy yeast infection shall be heard for a thousand weeks, so brace yourselves.

At times I’ve thought of having a weekly segment and calling it.. “The Dumbest Comment” …Of course it would be a comment that would be made from a complete imbecile and be featured for all to view right here on this blog. Problem being is the comment would feature only Shawnio and Shawnio alone due to the fact he fits the criteria of not only being the biggest imbecilic but as always making the DUMBEST comments…And as we all know too much Shawnio gives everyone the liquid shits.

Read the above Shawnio latest DUMB comment, I love the part where he refers to my alleged desire of begging Faroe to sleep with me… lmao. Lets not forget the window lickers comment, funny how you always seem to point out all your flaws as everyone else’s.

So let me clear the air….. Shawnio I have absolutely no desire for Faroe since he and I broke up years ago. I have moved on and now save myself for my soul mate. If you feel inclined to contact me regarding this position feel free to email me. I do find it of interest how you use the Ned post and the words “Begging to sleep with me” After all it was you who did the begging in requesting Ned to sleep with you in your rap song dedicated to your hero.

And with that out the way it may be that Faroe has moved on to another ??

A quote sent in…
“Feel free to add this picture of his actual boyfriend to the rap lol, i can not confirm or deny that they kissed thinking no one was in the chat to see it hahahaha “….Thank for this.

I can’t deny or confirm that this oozing hunk is his lover or that they kissed, but you have to admit they sure are physically close.