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Possibly the most popular movie channel on Vaughn …416.. was recently taken down by Copyright Holder.

Are DMCA regulations now catching up to sites like Vaughn and Ivlog that for years have allowed American LAWS to be broken for profit ? Has the FREE ride now come to an end ?

The deleted channel below…..

Perhaps one of the greatest mysteries of the internet has been Faroe’s lack of intelligence and simple minded buffoonery, but making a PUBLIC Ivlog announcement as to once having worms in his anus brilliant.

He may have rid himself of the worms in his anus, but please someone let him know about the worms in his head…Oh and Faroe never change just continue to be you…hahahahahahaah. And thank you for the video used on this post.

Alkiviades “Alki” David, 50, was arrested by the Anti-Narcotics Unit at the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport after customs officials found approximately 5,000 cannabis plants in addition to seeds and a variety of other cannabis products, according to the Vancouver Sun. He was charged with intent to supply, possession of controlled drugs and importation of a controlled drug into the federation, officials from the St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force confirmed to The Daily Express.

Two more LINKS to click, for those who may claim it’s all photoshoped.

Thank you to the person who sent the link in to me.

Mon, Nov 26, 2018, 5:35 PM …I received an email with a 12 page PDF court document outlining events between Adam Paul Stuart Browne and a 14 yr old girl from Nova Scotia that he plead guilty to having sexual relations with. More on the story can be viewed here.

However it has recently come to my attention that this PDF document was leaked out in to the chat of another blog PUBLICLY and it is for this reason I have decided to make a request that other blogs should follow suit and not use the document, in fact remove it from your chat and discard it as soon as possible for various reasons.

Why did I not use it ??????

At my own discretion at any given time I could have placed the 12 page PDF document and just thrown it up for all to see, it’s repercussions would have been felt all over Ivlog and Adam the guilty rapist would have looked FOOLISH….once again. However……in light of the age of the child being 14 at the time, I sat with several mods on a call and discussed the ramifications of making such a statement on this blog.

1: The PDF document gave no more clarity on what WE already know and that is Adam Paul Stuart Browne was indeed the guilty individual we all knew him to be…THE END.

2: I felt it unnecessary to invoke more pain upon the victim by placing the document PUBLICLY for all to see for it had initials of her NAME all over it.

“It is because of your supportive family, the hard work of your
lawyer and co-operation of the Crown, along with your own intellectual challenges (as described by Ms. Kennedy and Dr. Theriault) that I am prepared to adopt the joint recommendation”

And of course the most obvious.

Final note…For those who are unfamiliar with the posts and with Adam’s history click the LINKS below… However since we are not a popular blog you may wish to read up on the latest Disney mating habits of both Pluto and Goofy on another blog…You wont find any fluff here.

Finally I’d like to thank the person who sent in this 12 page court document, it has indeed shed much light on the thoughtless dysfunctional behavior of one Adam Paul Stuart Browne and Ivlog can keep him.

And once again we have updated information on teen semi to fully nude images compliments of Ned…All credit to HamEater for the link.

Since 2012 this individual named Ned has dedicated his selfless time to bring the world images of teen boys in various positions, flexing muscle along with body building advice. With no P.H.D or background in ANY bodybuilding techniques, his PASSION is fueled by discussing teen boys anatomy and giving advice.

However his recent updated April 2019 posts are somewhat revealing….Below are two recent images one detailing action Youtube has taken against one of the contestants by DELETING his account. The other may give you an idea as to the ages of some of the constants ranging from 13 to 18 yrs of age.

April 1st. Even though Google still links to it, YouTube have deleted Joerg Grinwald’s channel. This means none of the video links at Joerg1Joerg2 and Joerg3 work.This is a very negative step on their part.

Now keeping all this in mind and the FACT he does admit to having 13 yr old images of minors on his site he then states….

April 16th…. First entry to the naturist contest. He shows all so if you are under 18 or in the presence of youngsters, do not view this page.

If you should wish to read more on the breathtaking accomplishments of Ned simply click the LINK and scroll to the bottom for more.


As if all this info wasn’t enough to stir the pot and anger most normal decent people. I thought a song from none other than Shawn W McQuaid would be appropriate right about now as he actually does a lovely song begging to sleep with his all time idol Ned <3 웃 ❤ 유 …Cuz you know I can’t make this shit up lol.

I shall await the 900 hundred angry comments lol