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More from the angelic goofy one as she fiercely bares her fists with empty threats and toilet water. Perhaps you should look into your own yard Inspector Jessica, after all the company you’ve kept writes volumes of your credibility and honesty.

Btw, who followed you to the library and why did you pretend to be your own boy friend ?………..Wink wink, care to explain ??

Please god turn her into a flea fart and have a strong gust of wind take her away. Amen.

So tell me WHAT am I being “investigated” for ? I’ve committed no crime, I’ve not contacted anyone on these posts. All I’ve done is place up what others spew out and expose them for what they’ve done or call them out on their lies. Is that a crime ?

Perhaps if Mr Wiggles kept to himself none of this would be happening ?

I know for a fact as do you, that you’ve sent me enough dirt on your casting friends in the past. So I hope you haven’t forgotten my email ?

However since I’m being “investigated” please have the officer email me.. @

It’s been an eventful weekend so far, so lets start out on the small topics and work our way to the larger ones.

And of course we have this trivial flea named Freethrow who continues to send and post his weeny pics for everyone to see. His desperation is idiotic.

Since Oct 2018 this desperate flea fart has sent unsolicited weeny pics to folks on Ivlog and now in chatrooms across chatango. Seriously weeny boy get a hobby or go fondle a donkey, no one wants your weeny pics. I recall after I did the initial post back then you sent me pics of yourself, so STOP it.

And moving right along…We have the love/hate battle of Ryan VS Jessica, as the two internet lovers squabble over just about anything.

I think these two need to just get it on.
“ILoveBeer76: jessica you’re a moron who couldn’t go to college, has a receding hairline, doesn’t even know how to sing in KEY or WHAT A MUSICAL KEY IS, doesn’t know about musical timing, can’t pronounce words properly or spell properly, can’t drive, can’t even keep a man” …Love Ryan
Ohh la laaaaaaa XOXOXOXO

Jesus, Ryan can’t make his mind up, if he wants to strangle Jess or make hot sexy time with her….

I say do both…Just make sure you video record it for the me.

Of course what would the weekend be without our glorious sex machine Ben inOhio…As he spends another Saturday on his “drinking cast”….. I recall last week as he ordered a pizza on the phone, only to give out his credit card number by accident. Then upon receiving the pizza he holds up the receipt exposing vital information as to is where abouts…They never learn.

Personally I don’t see how he can E beg while having a drinking cast with others folks hard earned money.

And of course we have Paradice………I simply can’t say enough about this lovely delicate flower except she’s a mish-mash of both Foxman and Warrenbucks with a can of beer in her hand….She’s just stunning.

deixe-me passar o resto dos meus dias cheirando seus peidos <3

She can’t stop, no matter what anyone says or does Jessica is drawn into drama. She lives for it 24/7. The queen of drama is at it again, long live the queen. All credit to YOU for the email.

And here I thought we’d have a quiet evening.

In this 17min file of her cast she rants on about her anger towards Ryan HiFi who apparently has DOXED her in some other chatroom, so she takes her high and mighty self and decides to cast on Vaughn, and it’s there she calls upon gods holy intervention.

Within the first 3 min of the vid, Jess informs everyone how she’s not into the fame or popularity.

Now hold on Disney Princess wasn’t it YOU that had your popular poll floating around with a whopping 45 whole votes. And lets not forget it was YOU who called yourself the Queen of Ivlog and made outrageous statement on how the site was on a certain popular level only due to your godly divine presence.

At 4min of the vid she hollers in orgasmic delight upon seeing Shawnio, the same Shawnio who fantasizes about 10 yr old boys licking peanut butter off his penis. How………..delightful ?

She even admits to being a FLIP FLOPPER herself lol.

Can’t make this up.

5min in and Jess is now whinning over the fact her home information was placed in Ryan’s chat….However if you GOOGLE Jessica’s name you can gather any and all information on her, all credit to Jessica who places her full name on to Facebook and other social media sites……DUUUUHHHHHH.

She DOXED herself YEARS AGO. hahahahahah

After all Ryan he needs to go to a fysical ferapist…for anger management..

Oh man. …hahahahahhah

6:17 she admits to being two faced and goes as far as to say she was this way towards everybody else…

Jessica please stop now and have a nice lunch dear lol. Just STOP.

The most painful comment of all time is when dear sweet Jessica says that no one likes me… 😥  . Why didn’t someone tell me I was so hated, I would have stopped wearing granma’s panties with matching heels. Perhaps something not so reveling and provocative. 😥 

It’s at this point I would show off the blogs views, but then again we all know it’s photoshopped. So why bother.

We have stuttering Jessica mumbling like Porky pig about Sam his family and his lawyer and how taking one look at this blog, they had decided it was disgusting and horrible that it needs to come down immediately.

Now Jessica most divine muffin of love….Were all of these people DISGUSTED at the posts where you EXPOSE your BREASTS and Sam was taking a SHOWER on a live CAST or showing off his WILLY on private calls ? Just curious dear, please let me know.

Because I don’t wish to mess with any bully and get horns.

Final thoughts.. Jessica you created your own problem here by lying on behalf of a registered sex offender, and the result will have negative consequences from folks who can actually think and see the truth as is. So Jessica you kinda dug your own hole again. Enjoy the FAME you’ve earned.

And the walls of the pedo kingdom began to cry and crumble, as the Queen sat merrily and laughed….LOL

Yeah… LOL

It’s like something from the bible as Nero watched Rome burn to the ground and played his fiddle.

What did Nero do while Rome burned? According to a well-known expression, Rome’s emperor at the time, the decadent and unpopular Nero, “fiddled while Rome burned.” The expression has a double meaning: Not only did Nero play music while his people suffered, but he was an ineffectual leader in a time of crisis”

Some people are ineffectual as human beings their actions tell us this. I do get the impression Faroe may have defecated somewhere along the way and Jessica decided to use his feces for her brain.

However the last thing I wanted to write was another Jessica post, but the recent screen shot below was taken today from Jessica herself, no reason why, but the queen decided to DOX her entire chat including herself. Brilliant move Jessica. I do believe after this screen grab was taken she quickly removed the comments and tried to cover up her mistake, too late.

It not only CONFIRMS all of my past posts and comments concerning Ryan’s ip coming from Windsor Ontario Canada, but it ties him to past posts on certain taboo comments concerning children. It now brings up many more questions.

Why did she DOX not only him but the entire chat including herself ?

You may recall Ryan slamming Jessica in the comments of a post I recently did, where he basically refers to her as being unstable.

Furious at the post Jessica was quick to let Ryan know of her intentions and frustration with him. She points out…HE is as washed up as SHE is…Face the music…I’m not the only one who is disliked guess what look in the mirror.

But he’s still a mod in her chat………….And then there’s this.

The screen grab below is in reference to Keith, a banned caster of Ivlog who Jessica claims threatened to travel to her home and sexually assault her. Not only did she report him to Ivlog but she claims she contacted the authorities, he also sits in her chat as a mod…How odd.

This is Keith btw…her rapist mod.
Oh yeah I almost forgot…LOL

I’d like to thank all of those for the screen grabs used on this post.

So the word through the grapevine was our dear sweet Jessica queen of Ivlog was casting, absorbing the good vibes she was receiving from her cast when Boston Chickie decided to show up on the pro cams and steal her thunder.

Boston decided to mash some potatoes for a family meal, as she continued to do so a number of guests decided to type to Boston hence taking the spotlight away from Jessica.

Jessica goes ballistic over this. Unable to compete she storms off cam and begins to whine in her chatbox by saying she intends to delete her Ivlog account forever ….And that’s when it gets real juicy.

Her knight in shinning armor Ryan decided he had enough and makes a beeline by spewing a number of comments in another chat room, one by one various chat rooms and most of Ivlog laugh at the sudden mongoloid temper tantrum by the Queen.

his words in another chat.

But Ryan isn’t done he then decides to drop more comments about Jessica on a recent Keith post.

I unban Ryan to see what else he may disclose in our chat, he then tries to bargain with me. Possibly in hopes of having posts or images removed. The video of what took place down below.

I’m sure the rest of the week will be dedicated to damage control as the master of minds mend broken fences in chat rooms. Oh yeah and all credit to Ryan for the post. She’s a wack job alright.

And in case you’re wondering I did BAN Ryan again from the chat.