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Every once and a while a comment comes in and is directed towards one of you out there it’s the kind of comment that leads to a post that may have absolutely zero meaning to anyone but to that one person it may have some meaning.

Hmmm so hes once again back…. someone sent me these snaps (who gets blamed for sending and writing on here but rest assured I’m a GUY and it’s not who you all thought she was writing this !!!! and I laughed have fun Monkey.
Oh don’t be so ridiculous Ryan we all know on Ivlog it was you all along we played along nicely.

signed….Not who people thought (I’m a guy)Yes seems Ryan may have been ousted once again but this time under a NEW name, I do recall him saying he was done and was bullied off the internet for good.

All credit and thank you to our mystery GUY.

Ryan have a jelly bean.









Well well well….KARMA  CERTAINLY IS A BITCH, and it seems she’s proven me right once again. We have one of the biggest piles of shit to grace the internet cryan Ryan Fields/Ryan hi fi/ Moldyshit who of late has claimed he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and is now seeking sympathy on Facebook. Of course this is directed towards the CUMvlog community which has turned sour on him as of late due to his vicious and most vile sexual comments to a number of casters. His slanderous death threats and toxic behavior is no stranger to those of us here in fact over the years Ryan is known to have said many vile bizarre things to people online. Including his secret desire to have SEX with a 6 WEEK Old child…No joke.

Ryan wishing cancer on scruffy

Now before any of you begin to cry or feel any pity or sympathy for this most disgusting self admitted PEDOPHILE low life that was spewed from the orifice of his mother’s blackened wretched toxic vagina, I have a screen grab where he wishes CANCEROUS DEATH on Miss Scruffy from our very own blog/chat a statement he made several years ago.This screen grab was taken during a time that Ryan Fields was desperate to become one of us, and was rejected by this blog and everyone on it.For more information on this vile white filth click on the LINK for further details.

My thoughts…..Ryan…..IF……… have a brain tumor all I’ll say is this….KARMA has finally paid you back for your behavior and I have zero sympathy for you or what your future may hold….You earned it.







How many times do I have to say I can’t make this shit up ??????

No matter how much THEY may cry or whine it is THEY who EXPOSED them self to me and this blog, it was just 2 nights ago on the previous post that Ryan Fields or as he’s known on Ivlog …Modlycheese repeated comments that in the past he venomously denied. Back in April 28 2017 is when the first comment about having sex with a 6 week old child was made by Ryan Fields.

From that point as usual Ryan Fields has maintained he never made those comments, however he has made similar sexual comments many times before, but as usual denies he made those comments as well. Until now.

I’ve posted up some of the recent comments from several of the posts, as you can see Ryan claims everything here is FAKE and has never been proven. But on March 18th he changes his story and admits to the very thing he’s been denying all this time.The only FOOL wishing to have SEX with a 6 week old child is YOU Ryan Fields……..YOU……..No matter times you may change or back track your cry cry sob story I know what you said and so do others on this blog, live with the SHAME that you so foolishly bestowed upon your self in the mean time stop coming here and flush yourself away like MOLDY FECES. 

Your presence here makes me feel ill inside and for some reason I have a desire to witness a 200 ton piano drop on your head crushing you into jelly, or to see you roast alive in a fire pit and hear you scream as your eye balls explode into boiling liquid. Call me sadistic but let’s face it you’re sick.










A wise monkey once said “You can’t make this shit up” 🐒 So on the heels of the previous post came one comment that mad me laugh out loud.

myfakename: “Shawnio ip and darren sayward have nothing better to do, then make fun of people using fake names. darren if you can’t make a post just make fake names and fake posts”

And no truer words were ever spoken infact this isn’t the first time such lies have been created in our blessed names, do you remember the FAKE Lardo video where they claimed he states it’s ok to have sex with a 15 year old ?  

Fake EDITED videos from UKMuppets and Adam Paul Stuart Browne… the TRUTH they both don’t want you to know

I’m sure those idiots would like everyone to forget that major UK embarrassment, even Adam Paul Stuart Browne the registered lying SEX offender no longer blows that false horn.

And of course who could forget this FALSE accusation of “CHILD PORN images” found on this blog ???

The Baldick The Guilty Homophob and The Desperate Projector in Denial

As I again clearly dissected the LIES and exposed that group and it’s allegations. This was brought on by sub intelligent intoxicated individuals spewing desperation and rage. You’re out of your league Darren go suck back another pint of beer an wish on some teen girl to show you attention.Notice how everything seems to go all hush hush and they change to something else when I expose their LIES ?  The reason for that is they look completely ridiculous, so they then try and create more LIES to cover up the previous LIES they have just been exposed for.

You can’t make this shit up….No really you can’t. 🙊 🐒

But when all else fails simply repeat yourself like so…Are you mad…Are you mad….Are you mad ?…..Yeah you’re mad. Well are you mad ?

So after repeating that over and over and over the next best sensible step is to swarm me with 20 to 200 angry threats and comments, and then AGAIN remind me how angry I am…Are you mad ? Yeah you’re mad. Holy moly and to once think trolling was such an art form only a few years ago, glad I retired when I did. 🐒 And there you have it when one of your own have to state the obvious in your own chat you know things are dire indeed.

Oh btw …..Are you mad ….are you mad ???