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I thought we’d give the single brain celled queen of turds the night off due to that fact she could accidentally create more racial typos for the entire internet to laugh at…In the mean time.

To bring guest chat back or not to bring guest chat back ?

That is the question.……………….

Is it possible Mark might be bringing back the whole guest chat thingy ?

Well he’s certainly gone to a lot of trouble to come up with this survey.

But thanks to BananaLover seems a few other details were brought up, like how a major ad vendor black listed the site.


Interesting to say the least but I did enjoy Karun’s and Faroe’s love chat, although it may have given me heartburn.

The ever sexy Captain Fernando Amor wishes the two love birds many masculine babies. And many nights of passion and desire.

The strawberry moon actually comes out on June 5th, but even within the same week a full moon has been known to make folks a little giddy.

And you know what that means, the special odd ones come out to play.

As you all know we’ve recently had Faroe going absolutely bonkers over his DLive ban, so I’ve put a little video together with some of the high lights along with bits and pieces from various videos….Enjoy.

And of course our very own sweet heart Karen decided to indulge in a little naughtiness as she removed her top and was warned by Vaughn live staff. From what I understand she almost got herself into trouble but luckily for her it didn’t go too far. I think…

I do like Karen, but as fate would have it a viper decided to rear it’s coiled poisoned tongue out and mockingly lash at Karen.

You know the viper I’m referring to. Well she seemed rather vocal and her usually pompous self, so I’ve decided to send along a friendly reminder of REALITY. Something she lacks in her empty head…TRUTH…and HONESTY. For you see it kinda goes like this….

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Try and comprehend this simple saying if you can ?

A reminder of just how fragile things can be, don’t let your mouth get ahead of your brain…But then again you’re the brainless one who’s made an internet career out of being a big mouth..Please enjoy the taste of your own foot….again.

You know I will always expose you and the lies and hypocrisy…so deal with it. Thank you for the screen grabs.

Every king needs a queen and that’s exactly what Karen offered Faroe today on VL..♚ ♛

The most erotic sexual female to ever be on Vaughn live has offered herself willingly to the mighty king Faroe…the epitome of masculinity. This is not the first time Karen has offered herself to the king…Click the LINK above to see the post.

Karen even goes to his channel and calls upon him. No mere man may attempt to love Karen and simply survive, her passion is simply too great.

But does he have the BALLS ?

Legends passed down from generations tell of a naughty woman who is a man eater a temptress of many sexual pleasures. Luckily for me I’m just a mere monkey who makes wonderful farts sounds out of my salty moist bellybutton.

Besides Faroe has beautiful curvey milky breasts that make everyone want to suckle from them. Oh la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3

Take your woman and hold her forever you lucky god damn son of a bitch.


When Karen and Faroe finally meet and consummate their love, a thousand donkeys will scream as they become castrated….I just like saying weird shit don’t mind me.

The holidays can make people do strange things and one of my favorite casters recently had a strange request. 🎀 Thanks for the screen grabs.

Well to be honest Karen was hammered and it does seems her passion can sometimes take her away and make her…….moist and feral.

In sexual frustration she bans Faroe. You snooze you lose…King
But we know where the Ex King of Ivlog is……

Faroe you missed out on the chance of a life time, there are not enough vivacious women like Karen floating around so when the opportunity presents itself you have to ride that mare till your ass cheeks are chaffed with love….kappeeeeesh ? 🎁

Oh and one more thing you make sure you buy Karen 12 fresh god damn eggs or I swear to god you’ll answer to me. 🎅  🎁

Some silly stuff some old stuff and something new.

No surprise but Moonbooze channel was placed on lockdown again. Then an hour or so later he was back on.

Some bits and pieces of video that was placed together for fun. You may find something you like in it. But someone did message me letting me know that Keith may be related to a certain caster, I’l let you decide.