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Karen decided to make it her priority to ask for the internet community to financially support the Vaughns, this taking place due to a public announcement where Miss Scruffy laid claim to dumpster diving.

Karen’s tears of anguish and pain are ignored by everyone as it becomes apparent that Miss Scruffy has trolled Karen.

Karen’s stream is then removed, but she had all this to say.

Thanks to all for the screen grabs and screen shits.

Karen you got yourself into this with your drunken melodramatic whining , enjoy the rest of the evening now that you’ve had your stream key temporarily removed.

For the last several weeks MontralKaren has been pining for a Vaughn caster by the name of BT.

She recently heard that he was about to be evicted from his home and was kind enough to offer a free room for 3 months. Some of the perks that came along with the FREE room were FREE ravioli meals and nude body rubs.

Now I cannot deny or confirm the nude body rubs, but word in the local massage parlor is that Karen uses only 100% virgin olive oil with a hint of lavender and a splash of semen.

However Karen felt that BT didn’t take her up on her offer in a timely fashion, so she became not only sexually aroused but frustrated as well, so much in fact that Karen actually DOXED herself by placing her own cell number in her chat.

Karen continued her constant whining, begging BT for a response.

Until after almost a week he finally accepted her call on her cast, and this is what took place.

My thoughts…

Personally I think Karen could easily seduce BT with her oily hair and drunken rants, sometimes I myself lay awake at night wondering what Karen’s beer farts smell like ..don’t you ?…Along with her flashing her mammoth gargantuan breasts Karen could snuggle up with BT and keep him warm on those long Montreal winter nights. Come to think of it BT you’re one lucky son of a bitch.

May the love you both share flourish like a tainted boil on a donkey’s ass.

Thanks to everyone for the and the gif used on this post.

This post is in regards to Jessica recently calling Karen a cunt. I am guilty of being side tracked with other posts, I should have placed this up sooner so my apologies to Karen.

MontrealkarenNovember 23, 2020 4:10 pm 

First of all, I will respond in due time via email to the blog. Right now, I really want to respond to Jessica.

1) Did I ever say I was sweet?
2) Chatterbate? Why? You have an account there and would like me to go after you so you make money? Fuck that, do it on vaughn for free. Time and day girl, just give me the time and the day.
3) At least I try and hide the messy room.
4) Stop lurking in channels and come in and defend yourself.
5) Fat shaming now? A cunt is how you act. Fat cunt is just treating women like shit.
6) If you can’t say anonymous, don’t use the word.
7) Those must be your tits, mine don’t look so perky (see, be nice to other women)
8) You know you sound like me on the vids. At least I had alcohol behind it. You’re probably talking that way sober.
9) Only people that don’t have fake fiance can talk to be about ex-husband pls.
10) You’re now a pussy cunt cause you didn’t even bother to come in… you just lurk and wait for stardom you think is coming your way. So easy to respond to things when you’ve had time to prepare.
11) So the length of time “probably 15 years ago” is different that a few years ago? I did my time and they let me back. Stop trying to run all the fuckin websites.
12) By the way, the mere fact that you use Jesus in your name is actually turning people away from religion. Jesus would have banned your ass by now.

And there’s more……………………..

Today in Jessica’s coloring book for 1st graders, an apparent death threat was directed towards Jessica right in her chat.

But being the attention seeker we all know her to be she not only takes a screen grab of the person’s ip but her own ip as well.

Instead of BANNING this person permanently she ops for a 24 hour ban. Only further proving her need for attention and not being able to take control of something as simple as a chat room.

There are options on chatango for banning, let me show you Jessica… ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Have a nice day…. ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

The link below with the sordid details straight from the horses mouth.

At first I was going to entitle this post…the good the bad and the ugly. Then I thought of three’s company. Finally I said screw it and place the post up, so get ready it’s going to be a long one with lots of tedious drama.

Jessica calls Karen a “fat cunt” along with other various things

Yes indeed Jessica slams Karen in this video that took place last night on Vaughn live, her reason ? Jessica claims Karen called her a “cunt” however we have no such proof to support Jessica’s claims.

In Jessica’s own words …“Two wrongs make a right.”

Karen prank calls the suicide hotline

Before Jessica became involved in all this we have Karen who on Thursday Nov 22 2020, decided to prank call the suicide hotline services located in Quebec Canada. Her reason was when anyone called the suicide line they were greeted with a french speaking support worker who refused to speak in english.

On Saturday Nov 21st not getting the response that Karen demanded from the worker on the hotline Karen then decided it would be a good idea to call multiple times to antagonize the caller and go as far as to call the worker a “cunt”.

I believe Karen called about 4/5 times last night, desperately trying to make a social/personal statement for other would be suicide callers.

To summarize briefly the police responded to Karen’s prank call dated Thursday Nov 19th, they managed to unchain the door lock, but somehow were halted at the door by a mattress that conveniently decided to lay on the floor in front of the door ?

OK sounds legit so far ?…You still with me there ?

Ryan emails me

Ryan then emails me and he states………

Ryan Fields Sat, Nov 21, 11:23 PM (18 hours ago) Reply

Tonight, I witnessed something horrible. JessicaLuvsJesus attacking MontrealKaren on vaughnlive, for absolutely no reason. Making fun of her alcoholism, which is a DISEASE, that’s like making fun of someone for having cancer. Making fun of her weight, body shaming. I’ve heard that video/audio was sent to Monkeysniffer’s blog. I certainly hope this is true and a post is made. I plan on also notifying SAMF2000 about his so called friend’s deplorable behavior (I’ve been talking with him every morning on his live youtube breakfast casts), if and when a post is made – so HE can finally be shown what this woman is like. To all the people I thought were trolls, I apologize. She fooled me and threw me under the bus for the 25th time or so tonight. She told me she wanted no drama. She was on twitch the other day, just her and I, and said ‘isn’t it peaceful’. Can you believe that? I guess TOO peaceful, because the drama free Jessica only lasted about 72 hours maximum.

So Jessica humpa lumpa head reacts with one of her blow up wah wah wah posts.

Says the FOOL who enjoys sucking her own toes while smelling her ass.

So in response to humpa lumpa heads post Ryan decided to challenge the woman child and ask 2 questions.

However feeling her vageen become increasingly hawt and wishing to clear her side of any wrong doing Jessica DELETES Ryan’s 2 challenging comments from her…crayon coloring book.

Wew… I’m winded now.

I may have a solution for both Jessica and Karen……for Ryan not so much..sorry.

Since both are extremely horny and needy for satisfaction I found them this MASSIVE battery to add to their toy to help ease the pain and throbbing suffering. I think I covered it all…I think.

Thank you to everyone who contributed on this post.

MERRY CHRISTMAS you sons of bitches.