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The holidays can make people do strange things and one of my favorite casters recently had a strange request. 🎀 Thanks for the screen grabs.

Well to be honest Karen was hammered and it does seems her passion can sometimes take her away and make her…….moist and feral.

In sexual frustration she bans Faroe. You snooze you lose…King
But we know where the Ex King of Ivlog is……

Faroe you missed out on the chance of a life time, there are not enough vivacious women like Karen floating around so when the opportunity presents itself you have to ride that mare till your ass cheeks are chaffed with love….kappeeeeesh ? 🎁

Oh and one more thing you make sure you buy Karen 12 fresh god damn eggs or I swear to god you’ll answer to me. 🎅  🎁

Some silly stuff some old stuff and something new.

No surprise but Moonbooze channel was placed on lockdown again. Then an hour or so later he was back on.

Some bits and pieces of video that was placed together for fun. You may find something you like in it. But someone did message me letting me know that Keith may be related to a certain caster, I’l let you decide.

All credit to Topcat for the vids on the post…Oh and btw Karuns please don’t come here ragging over the post after all dear it’s you who decided to have a PUBLIC cast on VL and cut your own hair while hammered.

From what I gather Karuns and her internet boyfriend Fist/her..or something or other, may have had a spat over the latest hair fashions and Karun decided to have a go at trimming her own hair. Problem was after the trim she looked …well you decide.

When you realize cutting hair and drinking don’t mix.

Well at least she didn’t flash her tits.

Karuns next time keep the helmet on.


And thank to Topcat we now have the finished product..Marvelous <3

I was debating whether to do a Valentine’s post, when all of a sudden pow like a blast of pure sweaty salty ecstasy comes Karen and all her talents…(0 ) (o)

I was lured into her cast completely mesmerized by her singing, it was the final countdown that did it for me.

She was quick to point out that her lusty feminine needs were not being fulfilled, she was moist to the smell and fire to the touch. All she desired was her Prince Charming to CUM along and give a few good ol fashioned licks. Ohhh laa laaaaa momma…Good thing I was strapped in to my 360 degree sex swing cuz I could have easily lost it as my jaw dropped to this news.

Karen you feisty lil fire cracker you, keep this kinda chat up and I’m sure a herd of heavy breathing sweating mongoloid needy male studs will throw themselves relentlessly into your soft loving cushion arms of passionate delight.

Sorry all you single romantic fellas out there but Karen never does anal, however she’s doggy all the way..woof …woof…Classy till the very end, adorable that way <3. I have to wonder how could Karen be single ?

Almost fell out….(0 ) ( O)

But the best might be left for last as our humble sweet Karen has a few choice words for Sarah and her drinking ways. But before I forget Karen has received Joker’s wanger pics, no idea if it was a flaccid event or totally erect but dysfunctional enough from what I gather both her and her almost NEW man have since parted ways like the Red sea but with a sour salty crust. Joker you frisky bastard I had no idea….sheeeeeeeeeeeesh.

What started off as a single post quickly become a triple threat post by exposing both social sites Ivlog and Vaughn live at the same time. And I seriously can’t make this shit up.    

So lets start from the most recent and work our way backwards to Friday night.

And of course it’s BK snorting some Cocaine, and what else would you expect ???  I’ll just leave it at that and carry on with the rest of the post…….

However…It’s not been the first time hard drugs were used on Ivlog, perhaps it’s a regular thing ??? The image below was handed to me sometime last summer of 2018.As some of you may now know Karen (o ) ( 0 ) is back casting on Vaughn live and we do wish her well, but it seems one or two of you out there have a deep hatred or anger directed towards Karen, and I do believe it may be guilty by association with regards to Karen visiting this blog for the reason this next bit took place. Now that places us on Friday Jan 4th sometime in the evening in Vaughn live.

When someone decided to enter her cast by the name of Sallyslapper and say ……“No one cares about you Karen, stop casting and end your miserable existence why continue living ? “

Now I must say my first thoughts ran directly to a certain scum bag parasite Canadian formerly of Georgetown Ontario who loves to have 10 yr old boys lick peanutbutter from his penis. And the reason why HE came to mind was this is the EXACT sort of thing he has said to me in the past on dozens of occasions. Along with his other colleagues who are from a certain blog in the UK. Ring any bells ??? ………..DING DING…………

And yes Keith I do know the song….♪..♫..♫…♪..♫…..♫.

That now places us at 11pm in our very own blog chat and as you can see some idiot with the name sickofJews decided to join us, I quickly put an end to his nonsense with a ban. I knew full well if I had not done so this individual and those other creeps in that other blog would then lay claim that I and this blog support racism towards Jews and possibly other minorities. Something that THEY so poorly attempted in the past. You clowns in that blog aren’t so clever shit for brains.Now upon inspecting this individuals ip what should I find a Canadian who’s is living in the west end of Toronto, oddly the same area that Shawnio better known as Shawn W McQuaid now resides in…can you say BUSTED ?

With a recap we’ve manged to expose 2 social casting sites one low life sack of feces and a poorly thought out plan to create a false impression most likely brought on by that other group. Just remember you will always lose Shawnio and company for the simple reason I……AM…..NOT…LIKE…YOU….And everything I do makes you insane.

If I do say so myself great job and thank you to all those who sent in any images used on this post. Oh and Karen please don’t ever take up any negative thoughts in your head you do have a lot to live for.