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I cannot confirm or deny any of this but I was sent several emails with a link to naughty Gamergirl’s Twatter account….Ooops I meant to say Twitter.
Oct 7

“Want to see my massive titties? want to see my pussy? Want to have access to controlling my vibrator and person shows? Well Join my patreon”
Ohhh my says the monkey……….    
The LINK can found here…
I refuse to look…..
Which of these don’t belong ???
All credit and thank you to those of you for the heads up and (0 ) (o ) on this post….I’m speechless.

As promised the 3 vids of a cast where it’s admitted by Scruffy that Mark made numerous purchases such as laptops and computer parts for various casters. And we always wondered why certain “Scrag” members were given SPECIAL PRIVILEGES huh ??? Naaaawwwwwwwwwwww NO way there can’t be any favoritism on Vaughn right ? ..NOOOOOOOOOOO WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY.

But let’s face it we all knew other wise didn’t we. Funny how all the wolves have now turned on one another and once again the truth makes it’s way to the surface. Maybe it was Gods will ?

All credit and thank you to In Your Face for the videos.



A quote sent to me in an email dated March 22nd 2018…All credit and thank you to InYourFace for the video.
“Apparently Sarah62 posted on her own Facebook she was casting on Ivlog and Scrubby took it upon it to herself to make comments. I do not have access to Sarahs FB so I cant confirm, but jenni and scruffy were discusing it all”

“Next email is video from jennys cast where they out Gamergirl because BOTH Mark and Jenny bought her laptops! LOL! And MissScuffy wonders if Hardwood maybe ate his dead cat! “

So in the video we have a somewhat upset Scruffy who apparently has become annoyed with a number of casters on her beloved site, she actually names  a few in open chat. And yes there is more to the video in a future post. “Next email is video from jennys cast where they out Gamergirl because BOTH Mark and Jenny bought her laptops!”…. Oh yaCourse we all know by now Sarah has been casting on Ivlog and Jeemy Weasel now casts on Camup…oh oh.