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When I has given this gift I almost spit all over the place with laughter, I thought to myself, seriously ? Thank you for the screen grab.

Adumb just shut your mouth you single brain celled moron. You spent a year or so on a site that you whined about before you were even on it and now you’re banned from Ivlog you whine that you can no longer be on it. Idiot.

Stick to what you do best, and that’s lying and creating your own self absorbed fantasy world along with kissing up your mother like girl friend. Because we all know the only rapist and pedophile is you.

Still waiting for those police officers of yours to DOX me and shut me down…..Oh and Jessica the FBI were asking about you dear.

Seems a lot went on as several casters lost their fragile minds and behaved extra naughty. Santa keeps tabs on this sort of thing you know. 🎁

First we have Alvaro who at some point during the day decided it was high time he place the CBC news link up on Vaughn, he to has made a statement for all to witness. Congratulations. πŸŽ…

Now remember this CBC news link is in no way directly involving or connected to Adam Paul Stuart Browne, so the registered sex offender shouldn’t be upset over this. However we shall see lmao. How long until Adumb spills his guts and begins to whine ? I give him seconds.

Later on in the evening we had Moonbooze, intoxicated as usual and that’s pretty normal for him. But the unkempt caster decided to flaunt his beans and berries and wiggle a floppy 4skin for all to witness on Christmas day, this resulted in his BAN from Ivlog.

What’s was odd was that Meatballs was being recasted over in Vaughn, no idea as to why but eh. Keep your pants on and sober up Moonbooze.

A few other Xmas casters worth mentioning.

I was sent a 20min video of an ex caster from Vaughn (Trip to Mars), who I had no idea had resurfaced in Ivlog as Pixelized. If I spelled that correctly, this recent Ivlog caster is now a brunet but back then I recall her being blonde. Of course she looked very different with her legs closed and her clothes on. It’s been along time since I did a post on TriptoUranus but I do recall her glow sticks that she would twirl around in the dark giggling. And that’s all I’ll say on that. Very revealing.

Last but not least we have A-S-E another Ivlog caster who decided it would be a great idea to throw out some nudes of another Ivlog caster (Buckles). This also had A-S-S banned from the site, very naughty A-S-E. I do recall your ex Jen flaunting her tits as well, oh wait I have her tit pic among the other reckless nude casters and dimwits.

Tits, tits, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Tits, tits, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.

HEY if it’s good enough for them, then it’s good enough for me. I’ll shine my candy cane.

Thanks to all for any screen grabs and please fuck off Shawnio, fall off the planet and do the human race a favor.

Surpreendente …. nos tornamos maiores

It’s something his kind fear, trust me it hurts them deep. As our numbers grow and an awareness spreads it’s only a matter of time before something gives. How many more casters will Adumb wish to BAN or remove to save his filthy ass ?

How many more times will officer Adumb Sex Offender Browne whine to site management to save him.

How many more YEARS shall I have to wait before Adumb the millionaire sex offender finally decides to DOX me, sue me and have this blog shut down with the help of his police officer friends ?

I’ve been waiting for over 3years now.

But wait the jolly ol elf herself, the one and only self appointed defender of sex offenders and all round white moo-moo has been dancing all over making her friendly reports.

Always here lurking <3
Complaining about other casters, I’m sure this is going to help with your existing fragile credibility.
In all her glory …The queen

Thanks to all for the screen grabs.

I’m off to get my nails done, something in a deep red.

The well known sex offender of Burlington Ontario was upset again, but this time it was over another caster placing up the CBC news link for all to see. What was interesting about this caster was it took place on Vaughn. The Adumb cast was from Tuesday.

Officer Adumb Browne’s sexually disgraced past follows him from site to site. No escaping the truth.

But wait it’s not him on the CBC news link. So why so angry officer pedo ?

Listen to his long winded high school rant over something that doesn’t even pertain to him, only to end it all with “I don’t care”…No joke.

It’s a guarantee laugh that with every Adumb cast you can literally pick apart his comments, every word is a LIE every sentence is bullshit. Made up garbage created to inflate his fragile ego. He’s too easy, it’s like Jessica but hair on his face…….. and head.

I figured sooner or later the cry baby sex offender would whine about the site that banned him.

And last night the sex offender had lots to say. Let’s be honest we knew this day would come.

Listen as he gives his professional opinion on how to run a site and how proper Moderators should be running things. Makes me laugh how this 1 brained cell moron now uses Ivlog’s Terms of Service to make his weak argument. Funny I can’t recall any one who has actually broken the TOS at Ivlog more than this ungrateful self absorbed rat turd.

At this point I would have to say Cr3am is an idiot, if you take the trouble to write a Terms of Service then follow through with it. Don’t allow trash like this to get the upper hand.

Ivlog should have banned his white patsy sissy ass long time ago.

The images down below are from a a prior cast.

Now eat a plate of shit and fall off the planet. Perhaps do humanity a favor and crawl back into the anus that spawned you.

Thanks to all for the screen grabs used here.