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I have no idea as to what has entered Jess’s mind all I can say is we hope things improve, and thank you to those for the screen grabs.

Who gives a CRAP if you hang with pedophiles ?? ….Or you know plenty of pedophiles who live on your street ???

I was left …..speechless…but it may explain a lot.

Again no words, I suspect when one enters Ivlog as a caster this is what happens ??

Mon, Nov 26, 2018, 5:35 PM …I received an email with a 12 page PDF court document outlining events between Adam Paul Stuart Browne and a 14 yr old girl from Nova Scotia that he plead guilty to having sexual relations with. More on the story can be viewed here.

However it has recently come to my attention that this PDF document was leaked out in to the chat of another blog PUBLICLY and it is for this reason I have decided to make a request that other blogs should follow suit and not use the document, in fact remove it from your chat and discard it as soon as possible for various reasons.

Why did I not use it ??????

At my own discretion at any given time I could have placed the 12 page PDF document and just thrown it up for all to see, it’s repercussions would have been felt all over Ivlog and Adam the guilty rapist would have looked FOOLISH….once again. However……in light of the age of the child being 14 at the time, I sat with several mods on a call and discussed the ramifications of making such a statement on this blog.

1: The PDF document gave no more clarity on what WE already know and that is Adam Paul Stuart Browne was indeed the guilty individual we all knew him to be…THE END.

2: I felt it unnecessary to invoke more pain upon the victim by placing the document PUBLICLY for all to see for it had initials of her NAME all over it.

“It is because of your supportive family, the hard work of your
lawyer and co-operation of the Crown, along with your own intellectual challenges (as described by Ms. Kennedy and Dr. Theriault) that I am prepared to adopt the joint recommendation”

And of course the most obvious.

Final note…For those who are unfamiliar with the posts and with Adam’s history click the LINKS below… However since we are not a popular blog you may wish to read up on the latest Disney mating habits of both Pluto and Goofy on another blog…You wont find any fluff here.

Finally I’d like to thank the person who sent in this 12 page court document, it has indeed shed much light on the thoughtless dysfunctional behavior of one Adam Paul Stuart Browne and Ivlog can keep him.

I’ve placed together bits and pieces for what many of you describe as a social casting catastrophe known as Ivlog and Vaughn live , from emails videos and screen grabs I’ve decide to post them to voice your opinions. All credit and thank you to those who submitted. And thank you for the video you know who you are <3.

A quote…… That is the Trifecta of Bullshit

In first place we have House Arrest Barbie herself, mother of the year who is conveniently white for legal purposes.   The only thing real about Sarah is her rap sheet and BAC.  Unlike Adam, who is clearly the product of irresponsible breeding, Sarah should be capable of a moment of lucidity and clarity yielding her just enough insight to tell her that broadcasting the enduring trainwreck that has been her adult life probably isnt in her best interests.  Perhaps Ive overestimated the quality of her mental health from the beginning…

AdamBro the master of delusion and man of many faces.  Rapist, Vigilante, Storyteller, I imagine interstellar time traveler is on the horizon.  That this cretin among cretins is given a platform to pursue future victims on ivlog is fucking astonishing.  I dont know whether to blame Canada’s liberal legal system or ivlogs agenda driven administrative staff and ownership.  One can only conclude that the site that permits such a person a venue must condone both the caster and his growing reputation because they don’t seem the least bit offended  by his presence, his past, and what his membership in their community says about them.  Perhaps Cr3am takes a shine to Adam because he can relate ?

Finally ATP and the longest running fraud in all of social media. Not to be out done by the top two finishers we have a three time Presidential Candidate with a grand total of zero votes to his name.  If there were a substitute teacher whose reputation with a cadre of school administrations has him on a last resort call list.  A guy who wanted a job so badly that noone wanted to give it to him, Sponheim is it. Someone needs to start a go fund me for Sarah and with the proceeds going to wards hiring a cult de-programmer to wrestle her free from the ‘cult of personality’ that David Sponheim fancies himself. Signed ……TemplarHunter

I get the last word…..

Social media is a direct result of society and all it’s bad intent low morales and sub standard qualities, it brings out the worse in people for the simple fact there are no repercussions or laws to give order or guidance just the internet. “Terms of Service” is a infective watery way of providing guidelines but when the ones dishing out those same rules are misguided or flawed themselves and refuse to follow the TOS we can then only rely on ourselves and what we believe to be right.

Once again we bring the child molester/ rapist back into the spotlight for another scintillating internet experience as he trashes the mighty one Faroe with his best wadio and best wideo. Full credit and thank you for the video used on this post.

It all starts with Faroe asking if the RAPIST would like to play an online game with him.

But as the rapist/molester smashes Faroe with his flea like fists of rape and fury, he then decides to ridicule Faore by using private messages that have been sent to him.

In the background you can see a person who appears to be his father sitting in silence observing the cast. The audio was damaged during the recording so I replaced it with some honest music that I feel best expresses Adam Paul Stuart Browne ( the rapist).





All credit and a thank you to the person responsible for emailing me this latest video from the one and only RAPIST of Ivlog. Quite the find I’d say lol.

Now we all know who he is but did you also know Adumb the STALKER/RAPIST once lied about being a POLICE OFFICER ? This latest bizarre video of lies is nothing to be shocked at if you’ve paid enough attention to Adumb the rapist I’m sure you’ve realized he lies about every single thing. In fact he’s such a complete idiot he can’t even keep any of his lies straight.

Published on Sep 4, 2008

In the above image you can see for yourself what a typical police officer uniform looks like in Halton/Burlington. In some cases the sleeves may be black.This however is Adumbs police officer claim to fame, a Halloween party costume he either rented or stole just so he could look the part. Note the long hair. Also note in the video Adumbs has piercings in both his eyebrow and his nose something neither is tolerated in the professional dress code for a police officer.

Either way you look at it this small lump of dog poo was a nobody before and will always be a nobody, his greatest achievement in his worthless life was to RAPE a 14 yr old kid and in doing so have his name placed on the Canadian SEX REGISTRY list for the next 20 years…BRAVO BRAVO.. filth I’m sure your mommy is super proud of you.

Now if somebody could please be so kind as to SMACK that idiot Brit up along side his empty head maybe something could finally be done about that RAPIST/PREDATOR on Ivlog.