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On April 8th 2021 I posted documentation clearly outlining a bizarre trend that was taking place on Adumb’s and Jessica’s TWITCH accounts.. You may recall as their numbers seem to explode out of no where leaving many to believe that bots were being used to beef up their soft weak numbers. All thanks to those for the screen grabs on that…All credit to our very own Stumpymcdugal and banannalover on this latest find.

Just 6 days after the initial post exposing these two ass clowns for their TWITCH bot shenanigan’s …BAM. Look and see for yourself.


Jessica how did you go from 1.2k followers and lose over 1000 followers in just 6 days ? Not only for yourself but for Adumb as well, let’s face it both of you were caught not once but TWICE, congratulations for being so stupid.

Since you’re so well brought up on the scriptures of God I thought I’d send this along for ol times sake.

I’ve posted the link below for those of you not familiar with the post.

As every day goes by many of you have noticed a trend taking place with Adumb’s TWITCH account as his viewer follower numbers seem to mysteriously climb at an alarming rate.

Receiving no new followers and being dead locked at 5 and 6 you can clearly see how his numbers jump through the roof over night.

And of course leave it to humpa lumpa head to follow right along as her numbers are climbing steadily as well. How odd.


As I placed up the post I was handed the latest numbers and as you can see he’s determined on working over time to get those bot followers on TWITCH. All female names and yet not one ever goes to his cast.


Nice to know when Jessica isn’t too busy having complete strangers lick her pussy in chat rooms she can be seen making bots to support her dead TWITCH cast, that oddly enough no one ever goes to see her either.

Both at the same time March, April of 2021. Hmmmmmmm.

An account from 2019 with little to no followers now has all of a sudden sky rocketed ?

OOOhhhhhhhh I see a stinky lie in all this, but sure whatever you say…


Funny on how I could GOOGLE this several years ago and now it has mysteriously disappeared. Thank you for the screen grabs.

A late night TWITCH cast with jus 2 or 3 folks turns into a strange admission of possible guilt.

All credit to Robert for this one.

~The money shot at just the right angle~

Before even stepping through the front door Jessica had the need to cast, personally I found it odd how she decided to show her chest complete with hard nipples after she’s spent so much time condemning TWITCH for allowing females to body paint and expose their bodies on cam, but sure whatever right Jessica ?

~The messy lil kitchen~

Cereals.. donuts and water damage on the ceiling, Oh my.

~Saving the best for last~

I found the last video to be an important piece to what Jessica may already know but may be unwilling to admit to. Her ramblings.

“A person who may have “evidence” on someone who you know is a convicted killer, does not mean that the associate of that convicted killer is associated with the same crime ? They are an associate of that convicted murderer.. YES. Does that make them themselves a convicted murderer.. NO”…

Listen for yourself.

It might be up for debate depending on what side you stand on but I do feel Jessica has just admitted to knowing what Adam has done concerning his criminal past, she may be back tracking or trying to gain some support by cleansing herself of any guilt on her part. Her “convicted murderer” is without doubt Adam the “convicted sex offender” and the evidence she may know of is the 12 page pdf document she’s been in denial over for so long.

In my opinion Jessica has just blown this wide open and the truth is burning on her tongue. No matter how she tries to redirect it this video is all about Adam and his guilt. The more clever she struggles to become the deeper the hole on which Jessica stands in.

I’m often reminded about Adumb’s financial situation as he desperately relies on TWITCH as a source of income playing his money making commercials on his brain dead cast .

And with the recent exposure of his ladybots I thought perhaps I might shed some light on how we could interfere with his ability to cash in on TWITCH.

I may have the solution…….

I thought to myself we know for a fact that Adblocker works on most ads for example like on Vaughn and Ivlog, so why not apply the same ideas to TWITCH ?… However Adblocker simply is not enough.


I then asked myself why not try and use a FREE vpn to block the English speaking ads on TWITCH by using a non English speaking country. Simply don’t use the ip of countries like United States.. Canada or the UK, use any other country that is non English speaking.

I decided to use Austria.

Using my own browser as an example I’ve added an extension to the browser, you can see for yourself. This isn’t a program you need to download it’s an already existing Add-on or extension that exists on your browser. The Add-on extension I used is called Hide My IP.

And here’s the result, it works.

Unsure of other vpns and how they may differ you’d have to run your own test to discover the differences, but for now I know this does work for me.

I’ve listed some FREE vpns for both Chrome and Firefox, hope this helps.

If you try other vpns and have different or similar results let us know in the comments so others may have an idea as to what works best.

We’ve all known for years that the rapist sex offender Adam Paul Stuart Browne has always been a complete flop as a caster. It’s never been a secret that his zero charisma and lack luster dull intelligence have made him a laughing joke of the internet, everywhere he slithers he’s either banned or humiliated on just about every site he’s ever been on so why should any thing change now ?

Or has it ?

Recently Adumb’s TWITCH viewer followers have increased by double in mere days, is this a sign that Adumb has become a bonified TWITCH caster or perhaps something else ?


There are those of you who have noticed the dramatic spike in followers and have signaled a red flag by questioning it’s authenticity.

Lol this morning Adumb had 226 followers now he is up too 343… if you notice all the bot names are female added roughly at the same times, same day lmao.. You are welcome today he has 439 followers LOL!!… Again all female names lol.”

Are twitch bots illegal? ….. Is Viewbotting Illegal? Currently, viewbotting is not illegal and is considered a civil matter for now. Nevertheless, there is always the chance that a streamer viewbotting could be tried in court for wire fraud, but so far, that has yet to happen. Twitch has been vigorously dealing with the viewbotting epidemic.

A recent new follower with only 1 follower.

The below image is from Adumb’s list of followers, you can download the image by right clicking for a larger view.

What you may notice are not only most of his viewers female but many of the accounts were recently created, another interesting fact is that many of the so called accounts have but 1 viewer labeling them a “BOT” or program casters use to enhance or buff their weak numbers.


It’s believed Adumb has gone to a lot of trouble to create various accounts and has now begun to troll viewers in Glen’s room.

Adumb once again you’ve achieved grade “A” failure status as well a being a public joke that deserves to be ridiculed and embarrassed. Thanks for the giggles that you’ve provided to everyone here.

And thank you to those who sent anything in contributing to this post.