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On a recent VL cast the dysfunctional special people began to discuss a thing called “politics”… Among one of the topics discussed was the recent ban on non-essential items.

True… in certain parts of the US this has taken place…..However read the content below as the special low iq types TRY to understand this decision.

According to the almighty source of information.. Jessica.. It was the TROLLS who have forced the American government to act by removing non essential items from shelves. The TROLLS contribute to stores taking such measures. Those DAMN TROLLS WONT LISTEN.. she says.

And of course it was your brother saying all of this the whole time I’m sure ?

Please enjoy the racial Asian comments from Jessica herself. So Christian like.

But did you dig the part where Adumb has no idea as to what a non essential item even is…HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHHA. The quintessential moron who can’t help himself but be an idiot.

I don’t make this shit up… It naturally flows out of their mouths like liquid squirts.

Thanks to all for the screen grabs on the post.

I’m still awaiting the “INVESTIGATION”

With all this NEWS concerning viruses and dos and don’ts it only makes sense that a handful of caster have suddenly developed a PhD in virology and science. Giving FREE online advice in spite of being as dumb as flea turds, somehow these casters actually believe their own hype.

Several such casters come to mind but recently I found this, a MIRACLE.

A miracle or is it snake oil in a jar ? Rub some oil on your anus and you’re good to go.

Everyone has a solution or a quick fix. Everyone’s a know it all.
Now I cannot confirm or deny if it works, but then again this is all tongue and cheek….If you catch my drift. So approach with caution. ☢ ☣
☢ ☣ BEWARE ☢ ☣

Talking about wrapping some flag around my head….and to clarify i never had an std, because i was tested and had the std shot to prevent any….and i am also not stupid because i am on some form of control so fool, keep talking….i will end my post with this” ☢ ☣

Most people know when enough is enough, others on the other hand simply can’t stop. It’s in their JEANS wink wink.

STD’s and crabs come to mind. Care for a bite ?

Let me introduce Dr Lester Mordock.… Rules to follow:

1) No self experimentation. While producing less satisfactory observations, all human experimentation should be conducted on others. A level of self control must be maintained. Less haste, and you would avoid the disaster faced by Dr Jekyll.

2) Never carry out research in the name of humanity- this way always leads to escaped genetically modified monsters or viruses that wipe out the very humanity you were trying to save.

Sound advice for any survivor of the apocalypse.

Dr Lester Mordock may have the solution for the crabs.

Dear Lord, Grant me the serenity to accept stupid people the way they are. Grant me self control, and wisdom to know that if I act upon my impulses, I will go to jail….Amen


I decided to take a look at the possibility of a similar verdict if such a ruling was ever passed. As was such in the case today in the Harvey Weinstein rape trial.

Browne sentenced today for sexual assault.


Escorted in to the court by his Mickey mouse legal team, Browne had this to say.

“One Day I will destroy and Dox Monkeysniffer. I’ll sue everyone for slander upon my precious name and repugnant reputation”

Members of his legal team such as Shawn W McQuaide could be heard screaming…

“Where’s Monkeysniffer… Where’s Monkeysniffer… Where’s Monkeysniffer… Where’s Monkeysniffer… Where’s Monkeysniffer… Where’s Monkeysniffer… Where’s Monkeysniffer”... ….

Over and over and over and over and over.. and over and over and over and over and over and.. over and over and over and over and over and over and over .. As spoon fulls of moist peanut butter dribbled from his open mouth.

Another member of the legal team Jessica, could be seen jumping up and down screaming

“2+2 = 22 and does anyone want to see my breasts ?”

However IrelandsPatriot (Sean Cleary ) had this to say. It would seem not all of the clowns share the same opinion as the Queen. God bless the Kingdom for it is good. ♔ ❤

Ohhhhhhh right this is the part I ask…..So Jessica where is the FBI and why haven’t they come knocking at my door or Sam’s lawyer. How come Adumb’s personal police squad of friendlies haven’t come to see me ?

I’d like to thank this person for the email that was sent to me last night, as well as the title to his post and screen grabs.

The sex offender’s new TWITCH name. ┌∩┐(>_<)┌∩┐

I was informed that Adumb the self admitted sex offender has made a new friend…a 15 yr old boy. This may get Shawnio wet in the mouth if he discovers this.

The 15 yr old’s online name is “heyitsbrookk” and they’ve become friends on TWITCH. Now you may wonder where did sex offender Adumb meet this 15 yr old boy ? A site I’ve never heard of called ” Omegle.”

As usual our sweet innocent loving Christian angel Jessica was playing look out for the sex offender, and was keeping him informed with tabs on all the chat rooms and sites. And as soon as he was notified he was being watched…..

BINGO…SEX OFFENDER…. ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

You guessed it he knew, but so do we lmao………… ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ .

I find it odd how a 30+ year old adult who claims he has all of these beautiful woman falling all over him and begging to sleep with him on a daily basis would care to hang out and chat with a 15 yr old boy about video games. But then again look at the hand me down types that Adumb the sex offender associates with.

I rest my case LOL

Sex offender Adumb for over 3 years I’ve waited on your threats of calling the police, suing me and claiming your execution of destroying this blog, and still nothing has been done. Jessica I still await the arrival of the FBI knocking at my door or Sam’s lawyer to contact me. Perhaps I’m too clever for even the LAW ?


I was reminded of Adumbs 12 page court pdf document that had some forgotten details, like how the site OMEGEL was used in the communication and eventual meeting between Adam Paul Stuart Browne and the 14 yr old girl…..Another coincidence ? I don’t know about you but I’ve lost track of all these photoshopped coincidences. Seems sexual deviant/stalkers never change their methods or motives.