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Just sent some new vids and of course we have Adumb on one of his latest Twitch rants.

I should have named this post “Adumb throws Jessica under the bus twice.”

This first video has Adumb being kind enough to finally admit to throwing Jessica under the bus when it came to the police showing up at Faoe’s home months ago.

Odd how Adumb now calls Faroe a cancer LOL..Adumb PLEEEEEEES spare us.

“Jessica you’re not seeing somebody that’s bullshit”

I nearly fell over in my chair as I heard this, but what’s even funnier is Jessica’s reason as to WHY she feels the need to be so secretive and lie… and it may surprise you.

Thank you for the vids.

Honestly, Adumb pedo and company keep spewing it out faster than I can blog on it.

Sent in a recent email…..

“This is too funny not to share…”
“I look like a young Leonardo DeCaprio”
“I spewed my morning grits on the keyboard, can’t make this shit up.”

I do believe this may be more appropriate. What do you think ?

Now consider this a 2 in 1 post as the online characters continue to entertain us even throughout the holidays. I call the second part….


      💩  💩  💩  💩  💩  💩  💩  💩  💩  💩  💩  💩 

And now her blog post with tears and hot wind.

When I saw the drama in the form of emails I nearly fainted, but then thought to myself…..Why can’t they just shut up even for a day or two, Christmas is but days away.

But alas stupid is what stupid does. Could you ever imagine actually befriending this group ?

It’s like a pandemic that refuses to flush away, who’s idea was it to give birth to this circus of clowns anyways ?

Thank you to everyone who submitted and contributed to this post.

An interview that took place on Twitch a few weeks back. I figured it’s Friday and we need something to laugh at and who better then Adumb the single brain celled moron from Burlington Ontario. I mean c’mon when you think of idiots Adumb springs to mind.

I found it down right hilarious that anyone would actually want this pedophile piece of shit to talk to, but some one decided to have an interview and this is what takes place.

All I have to say is holy shit Adumb is a retard but enjoy watching him rant as he tries to sign into his discord account, damn funny listening to him whine. When he finally signs in about 15min have gone by. I cut it down to 4min.




The interview is strange something out of a movie as Adumb explains how he recalls the moment he was born and his child experiences with living in a haunted home. The whole video is roughly 16min so you may wish to get a snack and beverage.

Super cop, security guard, night time dj, all around amazing super guy.

HEY…. Adumb I thought back in 2017 you were going to contact your police officer friends and have me charged doxed and sue me by shutting this blog down. What’s taking you so long ?

Perhaps I’m just too clever to be found ?

Or perhaps your police officer friends are my friends as well ?

Or perhaps my police officer friends out rank your police officer friends ?

Thank you for the video used on this post and thank you for taking the time to record it.

Last post on Jessica the petty princess, we witnessed her casting alone both in Vaughn and later on in Twitch.

After her 5 viewers left her for Adumb’s cast she decided to vent her anger in a chat room. Toxicity and lies are the milk and honey of these online types.

When I asked the question “do I sense dissension in the ranks” I knew for a fact the fragile house of pedophiles was crumbling.

But Jessica wasn’t done she raged over being left alone and was truly pissed after her sex offender rapist friend (Adumb) took her views.

What we didn’t count on was her anger spewing into Twitch and that’s what brings us to this latest post…..Enjoy….Or as the Baldick would say….“BEHOLD”.

My thoughts….

Some may say Jessica has now turned over a new leaf.

With her lying racist hate blog now deleted, she has turned her attention to presenting the NEWS with her world renowned copy paste skills. Let’s not forget it’s taken us over 4 years to reach this point in discovering who Jessica really is, so please don’t BULLSHIT me with your verbal diarrhea just because it’s Christmas.

Maybe sometimes people did not actually change. Maybe you just never knew who they really were.

If you need the fist part of this internet drama, here’s the link down below.

Thank you for the screen grabs.

Spending over an hour all alone in her cast of one.

Jessica refuses to admit on how her popularity has sharply declined due to aligning herself with Adumbs and Shawnio. Well Jessica when you associate yourself with sex offenders/ rapists, people tend to shy away. Lets not forget the volume of lies you spew on a daily basis. So you’ve earned this.

Jessica’s struggling decayed chat shows clear signs of both cob webs and little use as some of her most recent activity date back to Dec 7th, and some as far back as Dec 3rd….So off to Twitch she goes.

Feeling the holiday financial pinch as of late, Jessica is probably hoping to have some heavenly Twitch pennies fall from above. After all both Jess and Adumb are desperate to make the big Twitch money.

But alas both Jessica and Adumb the sex offender can’t seem to get many views…..

At some point the existing 3 or 4 viewers leave Jessica’s cast and bounce to Adumbs Twitch cast, leaving Jessica all alone.

She rants in a chatroom about her perplexed feelings, notice she never mentions …HIS NAME. LOL…OOooh sweet Jessica but we know who you mean.

Tis perhaps the season when all things come to those who earned it, besides do I sense a lil dissension in the ranks ? How many pianos will it take to fall on your empty head ?

Thanks to all for the screen grabs.