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All credit to Jessica for her amazing technical skills in debunking this latest online fiasco.

A recent image sent in to us here actually had me pondering it’s authenticity, however thanks to Jess and her mad online skills she easily found the true source….And I shall be forever grateful <3

The horrid fake image in question that had me fooled was this.

I know what you’re all thinking, could that really be Jessica ????

Well thanks to some over the top first class photoshop skills and Jessica’s online detective work SHE was able to capture this image with a reverse search using Tineye and expose the truth for my poor old blind eyes.

And there you have it Jessica informing me as to how FAKE this image is,and now I can now actually breathe a sigh of relief….Wew lmao.

Jessica I’m wholeheartedly impressed and completely without words, so PLEASE I beg of you let me extend this offer. If by any chance you wish to HELP ME blog on future posts and EXPOSE the hidden truth PLEASE let me know. This blog will always be left open to you.

Kind Regards…with humility, honesty and a universe filled with sarcasm your #1 humble fan….. Cuz you know I can’t make this shit up.

Monkeysniffer xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxxo


Jess you could you please explain this one it was sent to me.

I have no idea as to what has entered Jess’s mind all I can say is we hope things improve, and thank you to those for the screen grabs.

Who gives a CRAP if you hang with pedophiles ?? ….Or you know plenty of pedophiles who live on your street ???

I was left …..speechless…but it may explain a lot.

Again no words, I suspect when one enters Ivlog as a caster this is what happens ??

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves, and have a cookie <3

It’s recently come to my attention that our favorite person and Ivlog’s most popular blogger of all time..Jessica, has been having an on going personal feud with a number of Ivlog casters including a blog. She’s been accused of making a number of vulgar comments in a chat as an ANON e.g. …FUCKERS…FAGGOTS…NIGGERS. 

However it’s been discovered that both Jessica and the racist anon shared the same IP address….Oh oh…can you say….. busted ?

Upon hearing this tragic most foul news I was so distraught that I couldn’t eat or sleep for days..No joke. I even contemplated deleting this blog..and had thoughts of switching hobbies perhaps becoming a florist near  my local gay disco bar..You know the one I’m banned from.

Upon realizing her mistake Jessica quickly ran to her own blog and made a post, brushing aside any wrong doing on her part. Then went into damage control mode and blamed it all on her own brother…Dear lord say it’s not so…But then decided to make her blog PRIVATE ???? A private blog how original.

Now perhaps the rest of us common folk don’t have a brother we can lay all our sins upon and maybe that’s a good thing…Who knows ?


However as of last week our dear sweet honest Jessica announced on Ivlog and admitted to all that she indeed made those comments not her brother. She has since repented by turning over a new leaf. Brings a tear to my eye. Bless you Jessica for once again you have shown us lesser folk that by using honesty as your guide and mentor your true nature of giving has once again prevailed through this storm. Bless you <3

Oh and one last word Jessica please try an refrain from using words like NIGGER and FAGGOT, people may get the wrong idea about you and we certainly don’t want that dear.

I was recently sent Jessica’s cell number in an email with the words….”It’s from Facebook” Meaning that the number is PUBLIC, oh well Jess another fine mess you jumped head long into it seems. No matter how many times I try to warn and inform you it simply goes no where.

Along with the friends or TYPE of individuals you associate with (UK pedopuppets) is it any wonder a bullseye has been branded upon your back ? Are you even aware these individual try to have people online commit suicide ? But of course you are <3

I do recall about 2 yrs ago when I was given your tit gif I quickly plastered up on this blog it wasn’t until your LAWYER contacted me informing me of my legal responsibility and how this could endanger the blog along with numerous other LEGAL THREATS that I however noticed the name of the so called LAWYER who represented you….”Jessica *&^%”…With a quick GOOGLE search along with Facebook and Twitter searches it only took mere seconds to find out you were lying to me you misrepresented yourself. And the rest one might say is HISTORY.

To the person who sent in the cell number I do not have need of it however the information is PUBLIC, not that I desire this information nor will I EXPOSE it, but I will say Jessica WHY OH WHY do you have Ivlog and Vaughn characters on your Facebook with personal information about yourself ? Aren’t you a blogger that blogs on such things didn’t your crack team of forensic scientists inform you of the hidden dangers of such dealings with unsavory perverted character types ?

Another Disney Princess living in a fantasy castle who’s finding out the hard way. Take care Jess and stay safe. Keep up that blogging <3 ❤

I’d like to thank those for the screen grabs of what has become social medias dirty sweaty armpit….. Ivlog.

The below image of Hardwood holding up a cat exposing it’s backside was sent into me about a day or so ago. I haven’t a clue as to what was going on here so I wont elaborate further. However upon closer inspection it may look like he has his finger where it shouldn’t be. Not sure.

An email sent to me last night with the words …“Faroe & Jessica sure are some strange bedfellows.”Wasn’t it last week Jessica had her cast on Ivlog’s casters of the year for 2018 and joked that she was thrilled Faroe hadn’t won ?  Can you say bedfellows ?

I think these two were meant for one another brought on by some spiritual intergalactic mental institution that hands out meth filled twinkies.

Some fun silly stuff sent in however from my end alot of head shaking and head scratching …What’s going on with folks now a days ??