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You may recall the post from……

In that post Jessica loves Jesus was exposed for making racist and homo phobic comments. You can read that post in it’s entirety at the bottom of this post. But first her recent admission to using the word “Nigger”…..Thank you to those for the screen grabs used on this post.

You can click any 3 of the images for a larger view to see the the chat in question.

Perhaps a review of Gods number one rule and the golden rule of Christians ?

If the internet has made you so angry you resort to behaving this way then perhaps it’s time you back up and reassess your position and ask yourself…why ?

But then WHY allow others to use that word in your chat and give all control away then claim it’s “FREEDOM OF CHAT for a reason lol” It’s still YOUR chat, so take control of it.

Just remember Jessica practice what you preach and and stop being a flip flop with your flimsy morals by living from biblical text as a part time believer. One cannot sort of believe in the word of the bible you either do or you don’t. Oh and btw please send my regards to your friend the convicted retarded rapist.

Sure has been one of those days, but for our sweet Christian loving and most wise Jessica……well let me just say her hair line may have traveled down her back side another 18 inches before being introduced to her fanny.

It may have begun last night in Dlive as The EX king of Ivlog had his life threatened. And Jessica was muted ??? Oh oh I smell treachery.

Now I am in NO WAY claiming our innocent Jessica was behind this however several hours later Jessica is banned from Ivlog.

She Immediately ran to Ivlog to inform them of the injustice she suffered and the actions she would then take if she could not enter her accounts.

This is the part I’m confused over since she was able to place a message on her wall but was banned. Made no sense to me oh well.

But all is fine since Ivlog is DEAD anyways ….right ?

In her fragile yet narcissist state of mind the virtuous Jessica then decided to make an iconic post expressing her mental and spiritual pain and sorrow.


I personally thought the post would reflect her own victory as a strong fierce woman who has found direction and comfort in such classic Disney films as The LittleLUST Mermaid. Where she could then describe her own spiritual life being transformed and finding deeper meaning. This was not to be instead at 3am as her emotional plight rung through every church temple and synagogue known to man, the entire world waited with bated breath. Could the Queen be banned ?

At this point my sultry nipples were humming a crescendo fit for angels in leather ass less chaps as more NEWS was brought forward by Jessica revealing her new home that was to be Vaughn live…..again. Somehow she didn’t seem pleased by this.

Now at this point I have no clue if our fungus QUEEN of Ivlog is banned or not, so I would like to offer up Jessica’s hand to the master dead man sorcerer himself Von Helton may they both have many seconds of happiness together and time travel to another time realm possibly back to the stone age. Yabba dabba dooooooooo.

However god bless you Jessica ? Let us all hope you find peace in Ivlog and retain your crown for Ivlog does deserve you my sweet <3.

Major thank you to those of you who sent in screen grabs used on this post.

I was handed an email last night along with the statement.

“Is Jessica looking for Pedo Adams next victim or WTF…
So starved for attention she chats in boxes with child porn ?”

Now as you can see there are 4 chatroom’s all with Jessica and anons chatting within them. As you can see two very visible red LINKS appear that I have painted out, with the words…

“12yr old Asian girls shows off her first pubic hairs…12yr old Asian girl enjoys her first big cock”

Now I have manually typed the link through GOOGLE and found the images, I then ran them both through TinEye and this is what I discovered.

Zero results….. and that’s a bad sign. It may actually mean that there are those in the chatrooms posting personnel images that may contain sexually explicit images. I cannot deny or confirm my findings as being “child porn” …only to say you can decide for yourself.

To Jessica..Disneyland isn’t a real place but rather a fantasy for children who refuse to grow up, perhaps if you spent more time sharpening your utensils you might understand my meaning. It’s been documented over the years how you allow toxic piranha to lead you in to all sorts of mischief that pretty much paint you as not only the villain but a likely internt target for trolls.

And it is for this reason I’ve locked our chat down for the past few years.

Let’s hope others don’t place images up like this and claim it’s “Child porn” …I think the world can deal with only one Goofy…Wink wink.


Jessica came in and explained what took place…Thank you Jess.

All credit to Jessica for her amazing technical skills in debunking this latest online fiasco.

A recent image sent in to us here actually had me pondering it’s authenticity, however thanks to Jess and her mad online skills she easily found the true source….And I shall be forever grateful <3

The horrid fake image in question that had me fooled was this.

I know what you’re all thinking, could that really be Jessica ????

Well thanks to some over the top first class photoshop skills and Jessica’s online detective work SHE was able to capture this image with a reverse search using Tineye and expose the truth for my poor old blind eyes.

And there you have it Jessica informing me as to how FAKE this image is,and now I can now actually breathe a sigh of relief….Wew lmao.

Jessica I’m wholeheartedly impressed and completely without words, so PLEASE I beg of you let me extend this offer. If by any chance you wish to HELP ME blog on future posts and EXPOSE the hidden truth PLEASE let me know. This blog will always be left open to you.

Kind Regards…with humility, honesty and a universe filled with sarcasm your #1 humble fan….. Cuz you know I can’t make this shit up.

Monkeysniffer xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxxo


Jess you could you please explain this one it was sent to me.

I have no idea as to what has entered Jess’s mind all I can say is we hope things improve, and thank you to those for the screen grabs.

Who gives a CRAP if you hang with pedophiles ?? ….Or you know plenty of pedophiles who live on your street ???

I was left …..speechless…but it may explain a lot.

Again no words, I suspect when one enters Ivlog as a caster this is what happens ??