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As everybody’s favorite rapist sex offender Adumb was ranting over Robert invading his personal TWITCH space. Those of us here at the blog were having a giggle over the proceedings until the lovely Jessica decided to stick out her big head by showing up to make threats of calling the police to one of our guests.

She assumed that Showtime was Faroe, but what made it so damn funny was that she had no idea as to who this person really was, so out she spews the threats of calling the police.

Jessica dear Showtime is one of the mods using the name for trolling LOL. You silly goose.

Jessica thank you again for letting the rest of us know what you truly are.

Oh and please don’t fret if at any time soon the police come calling upon YOU.

What goes around comes around.

Remember Jessica claims she never knew Megan was 15 even though Megan states she clearly had her true age on her TWITCH bio.

Dated Tues Jan 26 2021.

Thank you for this screen grab

Right Jessica cuz in today’s society we call that……“STATUTORY RAPE” ??

Jessica no matter how much you may try to vindicate your bullying ways with misdirection and lies..


Jessica I suggest you stick with what may be the only honest thing you can ever do right and that’s with showing your tits on social media platforms.

Don’t complicate things they only seems to back fire in your face, just shut up.

Megan is driving both Jessica and Adumb bonkers and it shows, they wont leave this 15yr old girl alone.

You guessed it shit for brains Jessica (the idiot) has done it again with another mouth filled pile of poop that only IT can provide, but this time the irony here is she has now gone back to giving her idiotic LEGAL advice not only to viewers but to TWITCH itself.

A wise monkey once said you can’t make this up.


Jessica the idiot tries to use fear tactics in making Funboy believe that “the Blogs” are all over him, the reason for this is Funboy has had enough of their crap and has decided to unmod and ban Adumb and Jessica.

Who does Adumb remind you of ??? Warren Bucks riiiight ?


Jessica the idiot then gives legal advice to Funboy claiming that due to Megan being 15 anyone on TWITCH can now be banned from the site and face LEGAL trouble, which is untrue. The legal limit is 14 but Jessica the single brain celled moron hasn’t figured that out yet.

She then goes on about the “MINERS” who watch casters who do body painting and Jessica calls it “PORNOGRAPHY”….LOL ohh man.

Jessica do the world a favor and shut the fuck up you single brained celled imbecile.

But if you can make it to the end you finally get to the point where Jessica claims that the online relationship between Robert and Megan is “statutory rape“. So she tries to direct this whole mess in to something sexual between Megan and Robert.

Good luck with this Jessica.


The uncut video that was sent in, but down below is a video of Jessica back 10 yrs ago exposing herself…the whole 7min video.

Thank you for this video


Hey Jessica since you’re so familiar with legal terms like online statutory rape thought I’d show you how YOU when you were in your twenties decided to expose yourself on JTV (TWITCH) to 14 yr old minors. Here’s a taste of your own “PORNOGRAPHY” and “STATUTORY RAPE”

After sitting back for weeks observing the nonsense bullshit and out right lies from Adumb and Jessica both Megan and Robert have decided to send in emails giving their side of the story. Thank you for speaking out.

I shall be placing Robert’s email up in a few days but first, Megan’s email.

This message is coming a 15 year old girl who you decided to DOX…… Adam Paul Stuart Browne of Burlington Ontario Canada. ಠ︵ಠ凸 ..

megan _thegingerbeast  Feb 16, 2021, 9:37 PM (5 days ago) Reply

dear monkey sniffer hello my name is megan thank you for all your support and thank you for blocking out my last name in your blog post since i was banned from adams room i havent said anything to him or his friends i am innocent of anything adam is saying when all this started my bio on twitch said i was 15 years old i recently removed it from my bio. as far as robert and myself are concerned we are just friends he speaks to my grandma alot and my mum also he helps me out with my school work when i need it we talk about war movies and music and video games and he teachers me about world war 1 and 2. adam has made false accusations against me on his streams and because of this robert has gone after adam as far as i know robert only trolls two streamers- FAREO and ADAM he does this because both people are bad. i recently found out about adams police report and character and also him being a pedo i never expected to be in this situation thanks to you and alot of other people in getting alot of help with this when all this drama started i was very hurt and upset but thanks to robert and everyone i have talked to i feel much better and realize i have alot of support and everyone is safe guarding me.thank you for your time and support as i realize you must be very busy i will also be available for any questions you may have thank you again for your time have a nice day.

My thoughts….

Many of us sat back feeling frustrated over the fact that we knew Adumb and Jessica had befriended Megan for possible devious reasons. We also knew they tried to cover it up with lies of harassments and misdirection. You both failed and with that you both deserve each other like the 2 toxic filthy individuals you are without decency or morals.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all of the time. Sooner or later your day of reckoning will come, let’s hope when it does you’re placed behind bars for a long time and pay for your deeds.

Drama seems to follow Jessica around like a wet blubbering fart stuck in the crack of her rippled thick manly ass.

BuTT anyways, we have another one of her online friends DJSystems having a falling out with our dear beloved mold queen on TWITCH.

As the insults fly in IMs, Jessica is all to keen on spilling the beans on DJ and his history of giving out Sam’s address as well as doxing Gina.

DJ throws out something about Jessica sending Bob pizzas and having kept her lying history of dirty secrets. He told her, ohh la laaaa.

The mere thought of all this dirt flying on the inter webs is intriguing, perhaps a certain blog might obtain some of these “secrets” ?...Hmmmmmmm.

Towards the end Adumb the security guard… police officer… dj, abandons Jessica to fend for herself. So he ran off.

You wanna fuck with me, I’ll fuck with you

Will we be hearing more from Jessica and DJ Systems ??

Thank you for the video used on this post.