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Did I ever tell you I can’t make this up ??

Believe me when I say I had absolutely no intention of placing another post up on this empty headed white cow so soon. I know for a fact the majority of you are sick of her.

So with that being said, on with the post…Forgive me please… ◕︵◕.

Jessica once again proves that she loves the taste of her foot in her mouth and that she has shit for brains.

As usual she felt the need to respond to the post by trying to hide and twist crucial facts about her behavior and lies, something that we’ve become all too aware of. Please stalk me a bit more Jessica, I know….. 凸(¬◡¬)凸 …

She quickly starts her cast by adding the above painted image of her holding a dildo is against Ivlog TOS due to is being a sexual object and that it’s NUDITY. Cr3am is well aware of it and he’s on her Facebook, ohh wow like we really care ?…Hmmmm do I smell Jessica cry cry ◉︵◉ reports ?

Coming from Jessica the same Christian who showed her breasts to 13 yr olds on JTV, this is rich. Like she should even open her mouth on such a topic.

If Cr3am does decide to take any action against anyone with a dildo he may wish to remove all of the other casters who’ve openly flaunted their dildos and I might add…REAL DILDOS..Not images.

But I saved the best for last as she so poorly tries to claim that the post exposing her toxic racism and anger should be dismissed for being fake. What she then does is hilarious as she not only buries herself in her own bullshit but then validates every sentence, every word to the letter.

In other words she does my work for me on a live stream…Unreal.

But… WAIT….. it does indeed get soooooo much better as Jessica the single brain celled donkey then admits to being 2 faced…That little gem is at the end of the video, but seriously I hope you give the entire vid a listen it’s simply mind boggling.

Jessica create more lies and stories to hide yourself in. You may fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

Thank you for the video used on this post.

I received a comment on June 30th from Diane Baldick that read…

DianeBaldick: Seems Jessica is allowing PatrickVA (aka notjenna) to post someone’s family members pictures all because the person didn’t say Hi to her. No wonder people avoid her and her daily bullshit.

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast.

It began with Jessica getting off her game and complaining about “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”…as usual the gamers that she tries to associate with have once again told her to take a hike. This did not sit well with the queen.

She hen BARKS for Freethrow, one of her online friends who’s had his family pictures displayed for days all over Jessica’s chat by one of her mods.

He then states as to WHY he doesn’t feel comfortable in her chat by claiming her chat needs to be better moderated….Oh boy did she flip out…

So she threatens to leave the images of his family up in her chat. So much for “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”…

She lets everyone know what a nice person she is <3 ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

She not only places up an image as she scorns Freethrow, but then allows RACIST anti Semitic comments to validate her hate and toxic personality.

The image has women but young children as well, say about 9 or 10yrs of age.

She bans him and then decided to vent and gloat for hours on Vaughn live.

And within mere seconds the chat was wiped clean as if nothing had ever taken place…No truth…no harm.. All nice and tidy for all to see, so she wants you to believe lmao. We know better don’t we sweet Jessica ?

Still awaiting the HUGE investigation. ಠ︵ಠ凸

As some places around the world are slowly now lifting the ban from the covid19 virus. Shops.. beaches and parks are now becoming available to the general public. And some folks are going all out.

But first our dear innocent Jessica had to repaint her car. No idea how that odd light above her head appeared from no where.
Then is was off for some supplies.

Standing alone and waiting was Shawnio, so she brought him along as he locked up his bike for safe keeping.

Along the way she had to get some gas. Lucky for Jessica she doesn’t smoke.

But no worries Jessica had her own security system, now one one will ever steal her car keys again.

It was decided they’d go riding on the quad bike, so they strapped it to the back.

They found Darren trying to pick up the shattered pieces of his blog and life.

They stopped off at Jessica’s place for lunch before the long ride.
Once there she felt trapped and decided the floor needed to be done.

They changed their minds and felt there was much more interesting things to watch on Vaughn live.

And that was the weekend folks, be safe and wash your feet often.

So there I was as usual minding my own business munching on one of gran ma’s outdated crunchy rouge lipsticks,when all of a sudden I get this message seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

And bingo just like that we hit 11,000 comments.

My plan was to make a post and celebrate this fantastic NEWS. I planned on thanking our 11k commenting friend, when suddenly I noticed…..

It was from Shawnio…Yeah him, but hold on did he come with some form of…PEACE OFFERING ?????

I opened the screen grab and it read.
It seems Jessica went bananas throwing a hissy fit from reading the post,she went as far as to not only threaten to BAN Keith but to remove his comments from her chat…And it felt that in any possible moment Jessica may throw out her breasts in hopes some 14 yr old teenage boy would notice. (o ) (0)
I had no idea Jessica had lost her 2 hair strands holding her fragile hairline in place. This indeed was news to me. We needed more..MORE I TELL YOU. GET ME MORE.
But eyes were watching me..Ohhh my

Under the cloak of darkness we scouted ahead, traveling through unknown dangers in darkest territory searching for the holy grail…the greatest gift…the dildo of imaginary anal moist power….the one forehead that would rule them all and in the darkness bind them…Then we found it…a video……Enjoy. 🐵 ..Oh one more thing….I cant make this up.

I hope Shawnio the PUNK ASS BITCH is still in one piece… ٩(͡๏̮͡๏)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶

It’s posts like these that allow me to enjoy the finer things in blogging like on how you both end up publicly sodomizing each other in the heat of the moment.It may take a team of well educated scientists and skilled engineers to craft Jessica a new sense of humor but in the end it will be worth it..I do enjoy this and thank you.

Thanks to all for the images and videos, most of all thank you for the 11,000 comments.

Why did the Baldick cross the road ???…Because the monkey told her 2

Over the years about the only thing Jessica has ever been known for is exposing her breasts on JTV and for her lies and false reporting.

I’ve come across a few liars in my day but Jessica is certainly the Queen of bullshit on the grandest scale of them all….So I’ll explain as I baited this wanna be CNN reporter with nothing more than a silly made up image.

Yesterday in our chat I placed this image claiming “PROOF” that Jessica was the same person with the strap on dildo…Obviously a ploy and c’mon let’s be serious anyone can clearly see that there are 2 different people in the image. But that was the point. I knew the gag had worked and grabbed Jessica’s attention when I immediately received 3 private messages.

The image I call Jessica out on is this below image she refers to as “Child Porn”. An image her internet friends placed on their blogs years before this was an issue. It was claimed that this same image was on this blog since 2014, not so this blog was created around 2016. Two years after the fact.

A LIE I quickly and efficiently debunked dated back on Nov/15/2017. I’ve provided the LINK to that very post.

With over 624 TinEye searches it was made clear in Nov/15/2017 this was not Child Porn.

An updated 2020 TinEye search now reveals.

And still not a single link to child porn.

Furthermore Jessica does know how to use TinEye for in the past when I’ve played with her she’s become pretty efficient at digging for the truth…but only when it suits her agenda.

So Jessica does know how to use TinEye to find the truth…Interesting.

Jessica claims she’s downloaded “Child Porn” ?? Call the FBI.

So now another fascinating revelation as Jessica not only claims this is “child Porn” but admits to downloading it and searching for it.

How odd for when I call Jessica out on her internet bullshit and lies, she feels I deserve to be investigated and criminalized. But when she calls me out on a silly joke and I call foul she mocks and laughs. Clearly a DOUBLE STANDARD.
That means if you truly believe this image is child porn Jessica. Shawnio…UKMuppets, yourself and myself would no longer be online. Furthermore all 3 blogs would be removed as well as all electronic internet ready devices confiscated…..THE END.
Several mintues later she’s back
Then comes back to respond

But seriously why communicate with me when in the past you’ve sent me content for the blog via emails, frequented this blog’s chat on many occasions hour after hour. Communicated with me in private IMs.. and even asked me if I’m cute.

And hold on a second..

Aren’t you the same Jessica who made this above comment concerning pedophiles on your street ??

And what about casting on TWITCH while you posed in your bathing suit on a site that could potentially have 13 yr old children ? Is this photoshopped ?

No worries Jessica your dear friend Adam Paul Stuart Browne thinks 17 is the sweet spot…Can’t make this up.

You claim your room/blog is all about FREEDOM OF SPEECH but you float from blog to blog, chat room to chat room telling others what to say, or you end up reporting them.

Fact is you’ve spent years trying to silence me.

I REST MY CASE…. (。◕‿◕。)