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I once said I would post a stupid comment of the week, but due to so many stupid people making so many stupid comments I’m afraid I have to scale back in fear of having an over flow of mutant mental mistakes trying to become relevant.

However in one such case we shall make an exception…for now.

And of course the idiot is……………….SHAWNIO……………again…CLAP..CLAP

Now to be fair to this autistic living abortion gone chatty insane, I have requested any and all proof…

In the past this comment has been made before. And I’m still waiting for proof. For all the comments and the post in question click the LINK below.

So shawnio (another who supports this sexual predator type) when will we see the so called PROOF ??? I bet this post is literally going to kill you when you don’t make a comment.

Birds of a feather flock together ?

At times I’ve thought of having a weekly segment and calling it.. “The Dumbest Comment” …Of course it would be a comment that would be made from a complete imbecile and be featured for all to view right here on this blog. Problem being is the comment would feature only Shawnio and Shawnio alone due to the fact he fits the criteria of not only being the biggest imbecilic but as always making the DUMBEST comments…And as we all know too much Shawnio gives everyone the liquid shits.

Read the above Shawnio latest DUMB comment, I love the part where he refers to my alleged desire of begging Faroe to sleep with me… lmao. Lets not forget the window lickers comment, funny how you always seem to point out all your flaws as everyone else’s.

So let me clear the air….. Shawnio I have absolutely no desire for Faroe since he and I broke up years ago. I have moved on and now save myself for my soul mate. If you feel inclined to contact me regarding this position feel free to email me. I do find it of interest how you use the Ned post and the words “Begging to sleep with me” After all it was you who did the begging in requesting Ned to sleep with you in your rap song dedicated to your hero.

And with that out the way it may be that Faroe has moved on to another ??

A quote sent in…
“Feel free to add this picture of his actual boyfriend to the rap lol, i can not confirm or deny that they kissed thinking no one was in the chat to see it hahahaha “….Thank for this.

I can’t deny or confirm that this oozing hunk is his lover or that they kissed, but you have to admit they sure are physically close.

My plan was to post on the flip flop Ivlog casters of June, however this just landed on my lap and I find it too desirously hysterical to pass up.

It all began with some simple chat comments from both Hameater and Typicalhater in regards to the latest Frank Taylor post.

As you can see I dropped a few silly images at the end simply for affect and fun. Within 5 or so minutes Shawnio swooped in and left a comment on the post.


BUT WAIT…HOLD ON…….Did Shawnio just call Ned a PEDOPHILE the same man who he not only wrote a song about but begged him to sleep with him
lmao…..Click the video below and witness it for yourself at 50 seconds of the vid. Imagine this was the brains behind the UKmuppets blog and their greatest downfall, is it any wonder why that blog dried out of content and died after all who could take them serious ?


We know hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaah
We know hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
Waits for “HELL”……..To be continued.
Did “HELL” arrive yet or was I sleeping ?

Waits for Shawnio’s angry comments lol…..Ohhh one last thing Shawnio why are you no longer allowed to cast on Vaughn did you run all out of peanut butter ????

And once again we have updated information on teen semi to fully nude images compliments of Ned…All credit to HamEater for the link.

Since 2012 this individual named Ned has dedicated his selfless time to bring the world images of teen boys in various positions, flexing muscle along with body building advice. With no P.H.D or background in ANY bodybuilding techniques, his PASSION is fueled by discussing teen boys anatomy and giving advice.

However his recent updated April 2019 posts are somewhat revealing….Below are two recent images one detailing action Youtube has taken against one of the contestants by DELETING his account. The other may give you an idea as to the ages of some of the constants ranging from 13 to 18 yrs of age.

April 1st. Even though Google still links to it, YouTube have deleted Joerg Grinwald’s channel. This means none of the video links at Joerg1Joerg2 and Joerg3 work.This is a very negative step on their part.

Now keeping all this in mind and the FACT he does admit to having 13 yr old images of minors on his site he then states….

April 16th…. First entry to the naturist contest. He shows all so if you are under 18 or in the presence of youngsters, do not view this page.

If you should wish to read more on the breathtaking accomplishments of Ned simply click the LINK and scroll to the bottom for more.


As if all this info wasn’t enough to stir the pot and anger most normal decent people. I thought a song from none other than Shawn W McQuaid would be appropriate right about now as he actually does a lovely song begging to sleep with his all time idol Ned <3 웃 ❤ 유 …Cuz you know I can’t make this shit up lol.

I shall await the 900 hundred angry comments lol