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Every once and a while a comment comes in and I ponder as to the mental instability of the individual, but in this case it’s really no surprise after all the FOOL in question would of course be Shawn W McQuaid/Shawnio.

The comment below was sent in onto the latest Karen post, of course I deleted it, but in this case I’m showing you the intent and devious mentality of this PEDO/troll and the way he misuses Facebook and children for his own needs.

Written by Shawn W McQuaid.

As usual going by the alias “Name” he decides to inform me in quotes as to his intentions of notifying Karen’s children. But by placing his comments in quotes he suggests that I am the person making the threats directed towards Karen and her children, however there are NO such threats or comments from myself on this blog or anywhere else. It’s his way of trying to incriminate me for something he’s done or has intentions of doing.

I’ve spent years informing people online as to the do’s and don’ts of the internet and especially on Facebook and the harm it could potentially do to an innocent family. Shawnio and his kind are everywhere and by now this should be obvious to even the greenest internet novice. For more on Shawnio check our category or click the LINK below.

In the last several months it’s come to my attention another blog has taken an active keen interest in Shawn W McQuaid (Shawnio). For those wishing to gain a different perspective on this internet cyberbully who has made it his life’s work to harass others for the last 10 years….

CLICK here for the LINK.

However for those of you who may forget or lose that LINK, you can always come to this blog scroll down to the bottom right of our category list and find it there….. OTHER BLOG(S) TO CHECK OUT.

There’s an abundance of information which to some of you may seem old but to others new, I shall remain in contact with this other blogger and keep you up to speed on any new developments.

What started off as a single post quickly become a triple threat post by exposing both social sites Ivlog and Vaughn live at the same time. And I seriously can’t make this shit up.    

So lets start from the most recent and work our way backwards to Friday night.

And of course it’s BK snorting some Cocaine, and what else would you expect ???  I’ll just leave it at that and carry on with the rest of the post…….

However…It’s not been the first time hard drugs were used on Ivlog, perhaps it’s a regular thing ??? The image below was handed to me sometime last summer of 2018.As some of you may now know Karen (o ) ( 0 ) is back casting on Vaughn live and we do wish her well, but it seems one or two of you out there have a deep hatred or anger directed towards Karen, and I do believe it may be guilty by association with regards to Karen visiting this blog for the reason this next bit took place. Now that places us on Friday Jan 4th sometime in the evening in Vaughn live.

When someone decided to enter her cast by the name of Sallyslapper and say ……“No one cares about you Karen, stop casting and end your miserable existence why continue living ? “

Now I must say my first thoughts ran directly to a certain scum bag parasite Canadian formerly of Georgetown Ontario who loves to have 10 yr old boys lick peanutbutter from his penis. And the reason why HE came to mind was this is the EXACT sort of thing he has said to me in the past on dozens of occasions. Along with his other colleagues who are from a certain blog in the UK. Ring any bells ??? ………..DING DING…………

And yes Keith I do know the song….♪..♫..♫…♪..♫…..♫.

That now places us at 11pm in our very own blog chat and as you can see some idiot with the name sickofJews decided to join us, I quickly put an end to his nonsense with a ban. I knew full well if I had not done so this individual and those other creeps in that other blog would then lay claim that I and this blog support racism towards Jews and possibly other minorities. Something that THEY so poorly attempted in the past. You clowns in that blog aren’t so clever shit for brains.Now upon inspecting this individuals ip what should I find a Canadian who’s is living in the west end of Toronto, oddly the same area that Shawnio better known as Shawn W McQuaid now resides in…can you say BUSTED ?

With a recap we’ve manged to expose 2 social casting sites one low life sack of feces and a poorly thought out plan to create a false impression most likely brought on by that other group. Just remember you will always lose Shawnio and company for the simple reason I……AM…..NOT…LIKE…YOU….And everything I do makes you insane.

If I do say so myself great job and thank you to all those who sent in any images used on this post. Oh and Karen please don’t ever take up any negative thoughts in your head you do have a lot to live for.





Just imagine

Recent NEWS has Bill Cosby being found guilty…

Bill Cosby was sentenced Tuesday to three to 10 years behind bars for drugging and sexually assaulting a Toronto woman, becoming the first celebrity of the MeToo era to be sent to prison. “It is time for justice. Mr. Cosby, this has all circled back to you. The time has come,” Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill said. He quoted from victim Andrea Constand’s own statement to the court, in which she said Cosby took her “beautiful, young spirit and crushed it.”

Or maybe ?

Maybe in time we may just read such headlines I mean after all if dear ol pudding pop Bill can be taken down and exposed why not them ?






As promised the 2nd part of this fetal mistake and his exploits on VL.

I do recall  Shawnio placing up his Amazon Wish List and requesting a $7 Lobster oven mitt, simply because he couldn’t afford one.Who could forget when Shawnio’s home was DOXED by Lardo driving around in a Google car, Shawnio denied this for months but it was only after GOOGLE updated their aerial maps that Shawnio fell silent realizing that the truth was never going to go away. No way around this one.

Another one of my all time favorites, as Shawnio the die hard drinker falls over due to his 3 beer excessive drinking mixed with meds and weed….TIMBERRRRRRR.

And of course who could forget the DEATH THREATS against numerous people, some on this blog and others simply on VL. could forget the “Dog humping” incident where Shawnio was actually seen behaving obscenely with his best friend Bella. Who just happens to be a female.


And there was DOX #2 as it took only 2 to 3 months before we discovered  Shawnio’s second home.

One of those moments I’m sure Shawnio would love to have disappear, as he calls out to us here on “THE BLOG” being dead. Funny thing for him to say as he spends more time watching this “DEAD BLOG” then I do.

Another great vid from years past when Hipperz didn’t have his head up his ass, he actually would THINK and would communicate with those of us here. Just watch the expression and listen to Shawnio as he makes a complete fool of himself.

Another one in a long list of Shawnio’s dead deleted blogs that when belly up. Funny how no one even noticed or cared, I mean as if anyone EVER even visited there right Shawnio ????I’ll let the above image SPEAK for itself………………………………


And of course who could ever forget the DOG/CAT SHIT trilogy that lasted for months. One of Shawnio’s most embarrassing moments.

These posts embarrassed Shawnio so badly at times he actually stopped casting literally for weeks at a time, due to all of VL laughing at him.

So there you have it and to think this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface to one of the biggest online losers to have disgraced Vaughn’s social casting community.And I’ll simply close this post with Scruffy you’re an idiot beyond epic proportions. The end