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Thank you for sending this in. Great find.

For those of you still on the fence in regards of this being Angie, oh well. you can decide if it’s her or not.

An evening of ruined lives and crash and burn victims. So what’s new ?

Sexy Chris While the sex offender from the UK, recently tried his luck on Vaughn again only to be banned within minutes. I’m unsure if he was celebrating some holiday or perhaps a birthday, as you can see the balloons floating near his head.

Look on the bright side now the UKmuffins Darren Lee Sayward can finally make a post not only is their #1 dick boy back but so is their only source of content. More dick pics for Darren, and try and keep your hands off of Angel…BARK BARK. 🐶 

One final note to Chris While…..I would suggest floating over to Ivlog and making another account there. You see the site owner hasn’t any issues with folks in your LEGAL predicament or controversial back ground. In fact a word of advice …Don’t make any reports on other casters, for some unforeseen reason the site owners very sensitive high morale compass goes through the roof…Enjoy.

Another precious Vaughn/Ivlog caster has found herself in LEGAL hot water recently.

The sexy sultry and always vulgar out spoken caster, Paradice has recently been charged by her own husband (Bruce).

Every man’s online fantasy has now become a reality as the lovely demure beer drinking princess has her mug shot splashed all over the internet.

Now I know what you’re going to say………

That isn’t Paradice because there’s no online LINKS to verify or confirm the arrest….Well not exactly you see…..

You’ll find several black and white mug shot images like this in the image portion of GOOGLE.

All one has to do is a GOOGLE and type Angie M Myers of Bryan Ohio and you get this image…..CLICK that image.

It takes you here to his image, now you can’t CLICK on the LINK itself due to location restrictions and what not.

So there you have it perhaps if Angie had not gone off in a drunken rant during her cast and blabbed about her legal personal issues, this may not have happened. You can decide if it’s her, I’m leaning towards it being her .

One more reason to not drink and cast.

Thank you to the person who sent in the email.

What would Saturday night be without Paradice drinking 200 beer and applying a lil make up for her viewers. All credit to Beergoggles for the grabs.

She seems so happy <3, like a ravaging zombie that consumed some mouth watering human flesh. Or it could be shes leaning over to break wind ?
Our sweet petite lil zombie has relax time.
This is the WAKE UP zombie look complete with open mouth.

So far the best makeup artists I’ve ever seen. Absolutely stunning. I may be going over the edge when I say perhaps my favorite caster for Feb 2020 so far.

It’s been an eventful weekend so far, so lets start out on the small topics and work our way to the larger ones.

And of course we have this trivial flea named Freethrow who continues to send and post his weeny pics for everyone to see. His desperation is idiotic.

Since Oct 2018 this desperate flea fart has sent unsolicited weeny pics to folks on Ivlog and now in chatrooms across chatango. Seriously weeny boy get a hobby or go fondle a donkey, no one wants your weeny pics. I recall after I did the initial post back then you sent me pics of yourself, so STOP it.

And moving right along…We have the love/hate battle of Ryan VS Jessica, as the two internet lovers squabble over just about anything.

I think these two need to just get it on.
“ILoveBeer76: jessica you’re a moron who couldn’t go to college, has a receding hairline, doesn’t even know how to sing in KEY or WHAT A MUSICAL KEY IS, doesn’t know about musical timing, can’t pronounce words properly or spell properly, can’t drive, can’t even keep a man” …Love Ryan
Ohh la laaaaaaa XOXOXOXO

Jesus, Ryan can’t make his mind up, if he wants to strangle Jess or make hot sexy time with her….

I say do both…Just make sure you video record it for the me.

Of course what would the weekend be without our glorious sex machine Ben inOhio…As he spends another Saturday on his “drinking cast”….. I recall last week as he ordered a pizza on the phone, only to give out his credit card number by accident. Then upon receiving the pizza he holds up the receipt exposing vital information as to is where abouts…They never learn.

Personally I don’t see how he can E beg while having a drinking cast with others folks hard earned money.

And of course we have Paradice………I simply can’t say enough about this lovely delicate flower except she’s a mish-mash of both Foxman and Warrenbucks with a can of beer in her hand….She’s just stunning.

deixe-me passar o resto dos meus dias cheirando seus peidos <3

I had no idea Paradice was such a prolific dancer, even when she falls she is as graceful as a gazelle……It’s moving and yet intoxicating….burp.

All credit to Topcat for the video.