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I had no idea Paradice was such a prolific dancer, even when she falls she is as graceful as a gazelle……It’s moving and yet intoxicating….burp.

All credit to Topcat for the video.

From what I’m to understand the lipstick smearing Para had a morning drunk cast that featured her political insight on statistics and murders in the US. All credit and thanks to our friend for this morning drunken rage fest video…………….BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRPPPPPP.

I’m just glad I never hired her to apply my makeup.




When to show TITS and when not to show TITS…..( 0 ) ( o )….does anyone care anymore ????

As I was in chat an anon placed this video of Paradice showing off her tits.

What I then noticed was that it’s from Ivlog and dated Dec 11…. So my question is shouldn’t she be banned from Ivlog ????

In the past she was removed from Vaughn live and for good reason, when back then she showed her tits a number of times.

Again it proves my point countless times over, that these web sites need the drama …They need this kinda thing to prosper and grow, when a site owner allows this type of person on their site what does it tell you about the site or better yet the owner ???

So I guess when it comes down to it no one cares about those lil things.

Jerry Springer himself couldn’t have done it any better, this vid has Titty sucking…Dick Sucking …Kissing…Arguing…Swearing…and a whole lot more. All compliments to Ivlog for a dandy show. I know the video is sideways, but listen to it and have a laugh.

I love this video it’s PURE SOCIAL BROADCASTING SHIT. (✌゚∀゚)☞

The LINK right here >>>>>

All credit to an anon in chat..thank you



I wake up to start my day and ..POW right in the kisser baby I get this. Thank you for this blessed screen shot…..I think.


Ummmmm…..errrrr….well not the best set around I’d say a cross between Shawnio and Samosky with a lil Ryan HiFi thrown in….BUUUUUURRRRPPPPP. I think when she was covered up and using filters to hide herself the mystery was alot more alluring.

Why do women online do this to themselves ?

Now please excuse me as I SMASH my computer to bits.