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A quote sent in from the man from U_N_C_L_E ..Illya Kuryakin “And Sam has closed his Youtube account. The power of the thumbs down weighed too heavily upon him, and so he has folded his tent and stolen off into the dark night of obscurity. I give it 10 days, then he’ll be back”

Is it true has Sam I am the fish eyed hobbit truly run off. And if so who shall create his magnificent delicious meals for us ?

Not to worry folks for I have taken it upon myself to collect some of Sam’s amazing online recipes and place them upon this blog for your palates delight.

Who could forget. Mystery meal in a can?
Or this mouth watering feast…Grass in a bowl
The ever popular..Roche chaude brute…Translation.
Raw hot rock

And of course I’ve saved the best for last.

“ASS SLOP”..the watery meal so good it slides right through you in seconds.

LOOK… even Sam’s enjoying the post as he gobbles up mouthfuls of white stuff….YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

And Sam remember….

The master of ASS SLOP has had his sensitive feelings hurt and he contradicts his every word with his latest YOUTUBE video that he removed mere minutes after I’ve received the link. Too late Sam I have it.

Seriously Sam what a load of verbal diarrhea spewing from your orifice. When it was YOU who made this statement.
Maybe you can’t recall, no problem I have the proof here. Scroll down to Sam’s video

You wanted to make reports and remove a blog that made you feel small and inadequate? A blog that made truthful statements about you and the company you kept. I’d poop on your kitchen floor and sit in it Sam…So go away fish eyed hobbit…..Go pay some bills, or have a nude shower cast.

I’m now removing all my barbie dolls and running away from home. You hurt me, YOU… TROPFNASENWURM …SO THERE.

As some of you may have now come to realize the blog known as Scuttlebutts corner has been renamed to the reason I say SOME is due to one idiot Shawn W McQuaid not realizing it, possibly the only self centered moron to not understand we’ve moved, but would rather insist the the Scuttles domain was LOST …No such luck pedo Shawnio, your dirty laundry was left out for 9years for all to read so deal with it.

The name change took place mid March and was due to a number of internal changes taking place over the course of several years. As the chief editor/blogger I took it upon myself to ask a number of mods as to the name change or IF a change was even warranted. The mods I spoke to felt this was long overdue and so with a VOTE for the new name we then decided to continue another year of taking the piss out of all those hard up whiners on various sites that beg to be exposed.

Practice what you preach moron!

However not all was sweet and roses as SAM the dribbling fish eyed hobbit was planning the blogs demise armed with 3 slow minded half wits they plotted day and night to accomplish nothing. The video was sent in roughly Nov 2018 and thank you to the person who emailed it to me.

sam eating

Scuttles is gone!….Says the man who beat his own mother in the face.

Over the years I’ve found most of the casters have proven with out a doubt that their anger and hatred was always due to being EXPOSED. Lets face it when one looks at the characters we’ve mocked over the years several key points always jump out, alcohol abuse, sexual perversion and a deep desire to be accepted or recognized as someone with importance or value. In other words nobodies…..

So in closing I’d like to thank Scuttles for giving me this opportunity to not only introduce me to the world of blogging for the past 4 yrs, but by allowing me to EXPOSE the vile creeps pedophile low lives and miscreants perverts who live online from day to day.

I would also like to thank all the mods both past and present who support us, along with our viewers who continue to believe in what we do by sending in blog content…Oh one last word to that drippy other blog you know the one who cries there’s no content and has a fetish for teen girls younger than his daughter, let me tell you this…As long as there’s people and social media there will always be content and a post, I can’t make this shit up….

Keep crying it pleases me lmao

It’s always been my impression Sam was always full of liquid shits and now we may have proof. All credit and thank you for the gifs and pic used on this post.

In what some say was a liquid attack of mega monstrous caca proportions, Sam had to postpone his Youtube cast so he could settle down the raging waters of his toilet bowl in fear of over flooding most of the city block.

The BOWEL movement that could be heard all over Youtube was a downward spiral poop fest that had some gasping and others passed out. 

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again what would liquid shits be without some good ol home made ASS SLOP to sooth the queasy stomach and grease the inner lining.