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It’s impossible to believe that Sam could find the time to make a video informing the rest of us on how to stock our cupboards with canned goods.

After all between paying bills, washing dishes, performing private showers for skype viewers and turning on light switches, Sams a very busy fella.

I even placed the video to my very own personal YOUTUBE account for safe keeping.

Sam’s informative video may have had a few technical glitches, but I managed to fix it to a state of monkey perfection…..Enjoy 🐒 

Please continue the “investigation”… But first a few selfies. Know what I mean ?

Naughty Sam the slippery wet bagel of the internet has been playing in the shower for the ladies. Ohh la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa ☂ ❤

The Weinstein Law Group, SEXXX…. Personal injury attorney in New York City, New York , 6969. Three blocks West on 42nd Manhattan.

“When someone has your willy get a lawyer, don’t be silly”

Here at Weinstein and Weinstein , we don’t fool around with a soggy bagel. We protect your ASSets gently cupping one testicle at a time.

A quote from an anonymous person…

Mr Wiggles: “Not only is that Sam is a little slippery rattle snake, during the whole time Zoe has been dating Tobi they have been having cyber skype sex! Video audio proof in Sams voice, does Sam ever stop trying to be Hugh Hefner ?”

Thank you to the person who sent in the video.

On a recent post from Jessica she had this to say.

Good thing I’m not with Scuttle butts corner lmao. But seriously Jessica since you’ve made a post on your blog does this mean you’re “HARASSING” me as well ?

But Jessica I’m confused you want us to “HEAD your WARNING” ? Thanks for the heads up anyways.

This reminds me of the time your lawyer contacted me 3 yrs ago and informed me I had 48 hours to remove your tit video or face LEGAL repercussions. Then you signed it Jessica Baldick. Funny how you and your lawyer share the same name. OOoops did somebody DOX them self ?

Anywho what we do have is a cryptic warning from Sam during his latest cast. Remember this is coming from an idiot who names his penis “Mr Wiggles”.

In a bizarre video filled with confusing comments, one gets the feeling of a possible threat being directed towards Michelle.

At one point I thought he may be channeling Jessica herself. It’s eerie. Thank you to the person who sent in the video.

He speaks in tongues rambling about certain SOMEBODIES and not giving a shit, but then contradicts himself with“TAKE IT THE FUCK DOWN….NOT THAT I CARE.” He seems confused and non coherent.

And what did Michelle have to say about this ?

My thoughts…

As we all know in the past Sam has made certain threats involving 3 friends that were watching the blog and THEY claimed were going to take LEGAL action, however that was over a year ago. You may recall Jessica and her LEGAL threats concerning the FBI knocking on my door ?

The LINK to that post is right there.

Jessica I’m still waiting for the FBI..the police the CIA the RCMP ..the KFC and the Popeye Police. In fact I feel a lil hungry.

❤ ❤ I’ll be here waiting ❤ ❤

Sam and wet dreams

All credit to Michelle for handing this lil gem over to me.

So with that being said I decided to work a lil of my own monkey magic…..Enjoy.

Sam what in the world were you thinking when you decided to send out videos of yourself in the shower ????

Click the above link, it’s not the first time Sams been caught with his pants down. And thank you to those who have sent in any of the other images used on this post.

REPORT… REPORT… REPORT… REPORT… REPORT… REPORT…. Screamed the fungus queen of morons as she ranted her frustration and humiliation, her humongous sized ego demanded revenge. And the hate blog was to be her buffet and Monkeysniffer her main course.

In the past it’s been confirmed when individuals who become frustrated with this blog eventually become consumed with desperation and hate. That’s when LEGAL THREATS become the weapon of choice.

On Wed Dec 4, 2019, right on the heels of Jessica’s cry cry whine post came this 5 page statement.

Anotherdeadblog being Shawnio, Shawn W McQuaid.

Her brainless rants spew unproven claims on how my “BUDDY” made phone calls to Sam and his family, she even went as far as to say this same “BUDDY” of mine made “THREATS” directed towards Sam and his family.

So Jessica where is the PROOF ?????? Please show us all.

She even states she’s filed a POLICE report and mentions the FBI knocking at my door.

But sweet heart Jessica, it was your friends who were harassing Sam and his family, with multiple food orders and phone calls that have lasted years. It was the company you keep that did it, in fact it was that same company that blamed not only myself but those of us here in this blog. Another thing your same company (friends) have a HISTORY of doing the same thing to many others all over the globe. More on that later.

Jessica Sam may no longer be speaking to you, but he did communicate with me. Dated Wed Nov 13 2019 Sam had this to say to me.

I offer you Sam and his take on the situation. I don’t see your proof Jessica.

Now that we have that out of the way, it’s now been confirmed your friend Babs (Brahim Soltani) Of Leeds England is the one along with the possibility of several other of the Uk Muppets. LOL…

Jessica is this the part where you show me your breasts, and I lock you up and throw away the key ?

Babs who at the age of 14 was recruited to be a troll of this group, his DOX along with a history of making phone calls and pleading with his victims to commit suicide are both documented on this blog. Another Ivlog caster JStevio and his family have been terrorized, stalked and threatened for as long as 8 years.

I myself along with several others of this blog have experienced similar interactions with this same group. Check this blogs categories for reference.

From what I’m to gather the police in Leeds have directly spoken to Brahim Soltani in the past over his internet shenanigans.

And that is one of your “BUDDIES” Jessica. LOL


Jessica is this the part where you crawl inside your anus and hibernate for the winter ? LOL….LOL. But wait there’s more. LOL

You may recall back in Oct 2 2018 when your “BUDDY” the self admitted sex offender Adam Paul Stuart Browne was publicly doxing you during an Ivlog cast ? It was Ben that exposed him for doing it.

Then on April 5 2017 Adam doxed you again on VL

On March 31st 2017 your “BUDDY” Shawnio was allowing your DOX as Miss Scruffy sat in his chat doing nothing, maybe you recall ?

And of course more LEGAL dirt on your “BUDDIES” LOL.

BOMB threats and of course his sexually charged comments directed towards children as young as 10.

I wont even get into facts surrounding Ryan Fields another one of your “BUDDIES” who recently has been reported going around announcing his involvement in the rape and murder of JonBenét Ramsey back in December 25, 1996 (aged 6) . In which he had absolutely no involvement in but makes false claims to a crime he never committed. Makes sense if you’re Ryan.

I agree Jessica a 6 yr old girl being raped and murdered, how hilarious.

So now what Jessica ? You going cry, piss yourself ?…No I know it’s all photoshopped and does not exist. So why the FEAR and HATE directed towards this blog ? Why FEAR what is not real…So put your money where your mouth is and lets see what happens.

Keeping that in mind….I call out to ANY law enforcement on this planet who feel the need to ask me ANY questions concerning any of the above facts on this post or on this blog to PLEASE contact me… my email if you should need any assistance from me. I have a lot to say on the matter.

I suppose I should prepare myself for a scorching rebuttal post complete with Mickey mouse images and chocolate chip cookie recipes scribbled with crayola crayon.