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On Sept 11 2020 we heard the shocking news that the dribbling fish eyed hobbit SAM would be leaving social casting for good.

To never return again……

And he really meant it…he was done and it was over…Finished ..THE END…Now piss off and go away…Take a hike all of you and jump off a cliff. Sam was never coming back and no matter what any one said or did…He was leaving and he damn well meant it this time. So for Christs sake stop saying he’ll be back because he’s done and it’s time for the curtain to fall and end his internet social casting career for ever…..So fuck off I say.

After all Sam has better things to do like wash dishes and pay bills. Not to mention game reviews for Youtube and create gourmet meals fit for royalty….However.

He came back just one more time….. ヽ(^◇^*)/

But this time he really means it……perhaps ?……..Until dinner comes around then who knows ?

He’s like Jessica but with a better hairline and minus the fungus and mold. Is it possible Sam wants people to play with his clitoris ?

It feels like months since Sam left so here’s the link to his last farewell.

After being placed on lock down this week from an Ivlog admin, Sam has now decided to live as a recluse. He claims he’ll spend the rest of his days gaming..eating and masturbating in the shower and then plans sending off the videos to unsuspecting women online.

I so hope I’m one of the lucky ones. ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

It’s impossible to believe that Sam could find the time to make a video informing the rest of us on how to stock our cupboards with canned goods.

After all between paying bills, washing dishes, performing private showers for skype viewers and turning on light switches, Sams a very busy fella.

I even placed the video to my very own personal YOUTUBE account for safe keeping.

Sam’s informative video may have had a few technical glitches, but I managed to fix it to a state of monkey perfection…..Enjoy 🐒 

Please continue the “investigation”… But first a few selfies. Know what I mean ?

Naughty Sam the slippery wet bagel of the internet has been playing in the shower for the ladies. Ohh la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa ☂ ❤

The Weinstein Law Group, SEXXX…. Personal injury attorney in New York City, New York , 6969. Three blocks West on 42nd Manhattan.

“When someone has your willy get a lawyer, don’t be silly”

Here at Weinstein and Weinstein , we don’t fool around with a soggy bagel. We protect your ASSets gently cupping one testicle at a time.

A quote from an anonymous person…

Mr Wiggles: “Not only is that Sam is a little slippery rattle snake, during the whole time Zoe has been dating Tobi they have been having cyber skype sex! Video audio proof in Sams voice, does Sam ever stop trying to be Hugh Hefner ?”

Thank you to the person who sent in the video.

On a recent post from Jessica she had this to say.

Good thing I’m not with Scuttle butts corner lmao. But seriously Jessica since you’ve made a post on your blog does this mean you’re “HARASSING” me as well ?

But Jessica I’m confused you want us to “HEAD your WARNING” ? Thanks for the heads up anyways.

This reminds me of the time your lawyer contacted me 3 yrs ago and informed me I had 48 hours to remove your tit video or face LEGAL repercussions. Then you signed it Jessica Baldick. Funny how you and your lawyer share the same name. OOoops did somebody DOX them self ?

Anywho what we do have is a cryptic warning from Sam during his latest cast. Remember this is coming from an idiot who names his penis “Mr Wiggles”.

In a bizarre video filled with confusing comments, one gets the feeling of a possible threat being directed towards Michelle.

At one point I thought he may be channeling Jessica herself. It’s eerie. Thank you to the person who sent in the video.

He speaks in tongues rambling about certain SOMEBODIES and not giving a shit, but then contradicts himself with“TAKE IT THE FUCK DOWN….NOT THAT I CARE.” He seems confused and non coherent.

And what did Michelle have to say about this ?

My thoughts…

As we all know in the past Sam has made certain threats involving 3 friends that were watching the blog and THEY claimed were going to take LEGAL action, however that was over a year ago. You may recall Jessica and her LEGAL threats concerning the FBI knocking on my door ?

The LINK to that post is right there.

Jessica I’m still waiting for the FBI..the police the CIA the RCMP ..the KFC and the Popeye Police. In fact I feel a lil hungry.

❤ ❤ I’ll be here waiting ❤ ❤