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Last post on Jessica the petty princess, we witnessed her casting alone both in Vaughn and later on in Twitch.

After her 5 viewers left her for Adumb’s cast she decided to vent her anger in a chat room. Toxicity and lies are the milk and honey of these online types.

When I asked the question “do I sense dissension in the ranks” I knew for a fact the fragile house of pedophiles was crumbling.

But Jessica wasn’t done she raged over being left alone and was truly pissed after her sex offender rapist friend (Adumb) took her views.

What we didn’t count on was her anger spewing into Twitch and that’s what brings us to this latest post…..Enjoy….Or as the Baldick would say….“BEHOLD”.

My thoughts….

Some may say Jessica has now turned over a new leaf.

With her lying racist hate blog now deleted, she has turned her attention to presenting the NEWS with her world renowned copy paste skills. Let’s not forget it’s taken us over 4 years to reach this point in discovering who Jessica really is, so please don’t BULLSHIT me with your verbal diarrhea just because it’s Christmas.

Maybe sometimes people did not actually change. Maybe you just never knew who they really were.

If you need the fist part of this internet drama, here’s the link down below.

Thank you for the screen grabs.

This is in regards to the Foxman/Glen interview that resulted in Glen being suspended from TWITCH for a brief time.

At the time of the suspension all we were given were minor one sided details of the interview, Foxman had used racial slurs and then a suspension that’s it….However NOW we have more information that has surfaced from Foxman as well from LoveLeigh. And for this I’m exceptionally happy, and my reason for this is the mere fact most folks seemed to forget that the most important yet unmentioned detail in all this were…LoveLeigh’s CHILDREN.

But that has changed, and now from LoveLeigh…..

2020/11/24 LoveLeigh: “I still check the blogs on a regular basis and normally I don’t say anything but this has gone too far. Sure talk about me I am cool with that… I mean I am old news but that is beside the point really. The fact that he brought up my kids for shock value is fucked and I have made Glenn aware that I am not amused!!! Oh well back to work… keep up the good work Monkeysniffer!!! “

2020/11/24 Monkeysniffer: “Hi LoveLeigh thanks for your comment, would you like me to make a post using your comment or leave it as is and drop it ?
It’s up to you, your call. “

2020/11/24 LoveLeigh: “Sure go ahead make a post I just want it clarified that Shawn did not touch my kids he did not even meet my kids. And Glen really needs to use his brain before he goes talking especially when it is concerning other people’s children talk about me all you want that is cool I am grown but do not bring my kids into the conversation especially in that manner.”

Thank you to LoveLeigh for your comments and in hopefully clearing this up once and for all.

My though

Glen you owe LoveLeigh an apology, your greasy image certainly speaks volumes of you. After all you associate with deviant and most foul individuals who themselves are regarded as registered sex offenders and those who support such acts. Your weak attempts at being both funny and relevant are in itself truly comedic and toxic, and who can forget the non existent content of your dead casts, so I find creating a false situation and using innocent children for shock value as being truly low.

For those of you not clear as to what previously took place you may wish to click the below links to catch up.

Consider this a continuation from the previous Glen post, as FoxmanShawn has a few words directed towards Glensroom and his take on the interview/suspension fiasco that recently took place on Twitch. This resulted in Glen being suspended from Twitch due to Foxman using racial slurs on that very cast.

I did not witness the cast on Twitch nor do I have any evidence to support Foxman’s claims as I was busy having my legs waxed by granma, but I decided to allow Foxman his say and let lose as he holds nothing back.

I do recall……

Back in either 2014/2015 when Foxmam and Lovely met in that hotel room on Halloween night it was confirmed by Lovely that her children were in bed at home being taken care of by a close friend. Foxman had traveled by bus a fair way to meet Lovely, they were drinking but there was never any discussion or mentioning of children that night.

After getting over the short suspension from TWITCH for allowing racial slurs during his cast, Glen has now been official banned from Ivlog. Thank you for the screen grabs used on this post

The reason is due to “promoting another site” and that site is TWITCH.

This is against “Terms of Service section 7.”

Not leaving quietly Glen had this it say, he trashes Ivlog and Cr3am..Ouchy. I personally find the part about Glen’s “investigation” into Cr3am particularity funny.

However his TWITCH suspension was as recent as Oct.

Dated Oct 23rd 2020.

My thoughts………

Seriously I think it’s wonderful that for 5 long whole years Glen never had the spine or nerve to actually say anything to Cr3am but remained on the site feasting feverishly sucking and licking Cr3am’s anus. But NOW ..OH BOY watch out he’s got guts as he jumps up and down like a clown beating his chest for the world to witness like some champion as he goes on about Copyright material and his investigation…Seriously ?

Glen you were never a big or smart man for 5 years, you’ll certainly never be a big or smart man anytime soon no matter how many emails you send. What’s funny in all this is that you sound too much like Jessica crying over spilled milk with your “investigation”…Pff.

Sorry Glen never gonna happen in any life time. You make yourself look weak.

I’d like to thank all those individuals for the screen grabs that were sent in to me last night.

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again….“Birds of a feather flock together” and no words could be more true then what these two idiots Hippers/ David Blount and BK Whopper/Abel G, I mean seriously two insane nut jobs who have found comfort in each others arms in a chat room how pathetic.

On a recent cast both Hipps and BK decided to ban together and verbally bash Glensroom but upon doing so decided to make a fashion statement by wearing matching black hats and voicing the same incoherent nonsense that both have become synonymous for in their daily casts.

What makes this even more funnier is that the two psychotic nit wits share the same birthday not to mention both are known to have made multiple DEATH THREATS on various people online. Some of you may recall how BK made numerous threats directed towards Obama and his wife and his most recent threats against the Whitehouse.

Both have so much in common it’s eerie, and I wont dare bring up their child hood past.


From the sounds of it seems like the rejected crazies were banned from Glen’s cast and decide to unite and whine over the bans.

Words like… BK Whopper “Glen calls the POLICE he’s a rat, he loves the POLICE”

Again BK Whopper “We will destroy them all, they scared of me ask about me…I am LOYAL”

My thoughts…..

Ivlog has slipped into the abyss of a toxic toilet stream of never ending crap, worthless owners like Steve Jones need to step up and take control of this public wreak he calls a social site. When anyone decides to make public online DEATH THREATS one would assume action would be taken however in the case of the these individuals not so.  Code Title 18 Section 871 it is a FELONY to allow or to make DEATH THREATS to the President of the United States. Read the articles below.

In other words not only is BK Whopper to be held accountable but so is Ivlog and it’s owner this sort of illegal behavior needs to be shut down.

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