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I’d like to thank all those individuals for the screen grabs that were sent in to me last night.

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again….“Birds of a feather flock together” and no words could be more true then what these two idiots Hippers/ David Blount and BK Whopper/Abel G, I mean seriously two insane nut jobs who have found comfort in each others arms in a chat room how pathetic.

On a recent cast both Hipps and BK decided to ban together and verbally bash Glensroom but upon doing so decided to make a fashion statement by wearing matching black hats and voicing the same incoherent nonsense that both have become synonymous for in their daily casts.

What makes this even more funnier is that the two psychotic nit wits share the same birthday not to mention both are known to have made multiple DEATH THREATS on various people online. Some of you may recall how BK made numerous threats directed towards Obama and his wife and his most recent threats against the Whitehouse.

Both have so much in common it’s eerie, and I wont dare bring up their child hood past.


From the sounds of it seems like the rejected crazies were banned from Glen’s cast and decide to unite and whine over the bans.

Words like… BK Whopper “Glen calls the POLICE he’s a rat, he loves the POLICE”

Again BK Whopper “We will destroy them all, they scared of me ask about me…I am LOYAL”

My thoughts…..

Ivlog has slipped into the abyss of a toxic toilet stream of never ending crap, worthless owners like Steve Jones need to step up and take control of this public wreak he calls a social site. When anyone decides to make public online DEATH THREATS one would assume action would be taken however in the case of the these individuals not so.  Code Title 18 Section 871 it is a FELONY to allow or to make DEATH THREATS to the President of the United States. Read the articles below.

In other words not only is BK Whopper to be held accountable but so is Ivlog and it’s owner this sort of illegal behavior needs to be shut down.

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Nothing could prepare me for this lil gem of video, so before any of you cry it’s a PHOTOSHOP paint job think again. I can’t make this SHIT up and never had to.

Remember this is the man who never beat his first wife or hurt anyone he LOVES ALL, but let me remind you lover man I still have your CRIMINAL DOX and don’t you ever forget it.


This the video in some of it’s entirety that I’ve placed up during a Daddy WarHipz cast as he wishes death and hate on various people on line.This may be a 3 part of 4 part post due to the fact the video goes on for about 3 hours, it’s CHAOS as per expected as the Jew Christian Hate filled person spews his verbal LIES and FILTH on Ivlog.


Yes it’s Hiperzz but I’ve decided to rename him after his favorite person Daddy Warbucks other wise known as Warren Bucks, another Christian man of god who behaves the exact same way. It’s approximately 15 min of non stop drunkenness, so get your pop corn and sit back. 




Now before anyone jumps up screaming bloody murder, let me start off by saying this information was sent in to our chat and I personally don’t have any knowledge of who Glen is or what he’s done in the past online. However someone has taken a considerable amount of time to elaborate on his casts and online comments so much that there are videos and 2 separate sources of documented information. So in a nutshell something smells fishy.

Before I get into all that a video was also sent in.

The video features a call in to Glen’s room from 2 very young girls…they look between 13 and 18. As the conversations begins Glen is quick to address their youthful appearance and asks their ages, one replies she’s 20, the other says nothing. The first thing Glen then asks is “Which one of you has had SEX” ????  The girls seem to act like a couple of 14 yr olds, as they carry on all giggly and childish further exposing themselves as perhaps nothing more than minors. Now here’s my point… IF…. Glen at any moment felt the girls were or looked under age and felt the need to bring it up WHY ASK ABOUT SEX ???   Obviously he felt there might be an issue with the 2, but still he asks about them having SEX.

A section from the article.

“I am in possession of HUNDREDS of captures of Glensroom being reported for his inappropriate behavior towards PROVEN under age female’s back on He is repulsive in his decision to speak to children the way he is in the capture below. I remind you all this is one of MANY captures I have been given. All of them prove without a doubt that Glen Randy Schoen was guilty of acting sexually suggestive towards females between 12 and 16 years of age. This is a 50 some year old man acting this way”

As I said I have absolutely NO knowledge of just who Glen is, but if there is anything out there you deem blog worthy concerning this piece, please feel free to email me or any of the other bloggers here. All credit to our anon for the videos and information used here.

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