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So what would YOU do in the next 8 years of your life ?

This is in regards to that individual in desperate need of an education, you message me thinking that you’re so clever.

So with 8 years I can tell you one individual would consume cocaine and abuse Xanax while drinking bucket loads of alcohol…..This same person would then stalk and terrorize a family for the next 8 years…

This individual would then make FALSE claims that the father of that family had incestual pedophile relations with his 14 yr old daughter for the next 8 years. With NO PROOF only online hatred and allegations.

For the next 8 years this same twisted individual would fabricate all manner of lies and bathed in sexual nonsense to deflect from his own true desperate nature.

For years this person did stalk an 80 year old woman to the point she felt terrorized enough to relocate her home to escape the onslaught.

At some point.

When finally DOXED and exposed yet beaten at his own game by this blog and of course yours truly..This same individual went on a mind bending inferno enraged streak by DOXING a deceased 10 yr old boy and his deceased mother on Ivlog. His bragging resulted in his permanent ban.

But you refuse to learn

Upon being DOXED he then received numerous food orders and crank calls. His own fudder assaulted him, and with a bloodied face he used the name “MISSSCRUFFYINEEDYOU”  to beg Miss Scruffy to give him protection and shelter from those of us at this blog. He went on to claim that uncle Lardo…JStevio Scuttles and myself traveled across to his homeland where we gained access through his 2nd floor bedroom window and then proceeded to beat his face bloody. And like silent blogger ninjas we whispered our darkened death calls into the night and were never heard from again….True story I can’t make this shit up.

But never ever could he produce ANY PROOF.

His very own fudder cast him out of the home and from the family, but not before he sought LEGAL COUNCIL that advised him to NOT implicate JStevio ever again. Can you say POLICE ?

His never ending rage could not nor would stop venting. He traveled all over the internet begging anyone to listen to his watery pleas for revenge. Ivlog..Vaughn live…Tinychat..Skype…Facebook…and every social media site imaginable. He swore that those of us here were indeed involved with incest and pedophilia, his anger would not be quenched.

But never ever could he produce ANY PROOF.

He then ranted about one of the mods from this blogs children, only to claim he could do a GOOGLE search for children schools and follow them home. He used the words “Anything could happen to them”…So said the child stalker.

He was beat and desperate crying to everyone.

If you should ever stumble into a chat room or chat site, you can still hear him whine like a bitter broken record, over and over and over and over and over that everyone here is a pedophile. But beware for if you should ever challenge or ask a questions concerning his unproven FALSE allegations he stamps his feet demanding that YOU are a pedophile and that YOU are having sexual relations with your children.

I cant make this shit up………however every word and sentence documenting the events on this pathetic parasite can be found with video PROOF on this very blog.

All credit to the Anti-Hero Sean Cleary for without his inner soul and true calling for being exposed none of this would be possible.

Last words goes to…..
Irelands pathological LIAR
Is his father a pathological LIAR too? Cause just about anyting that comes out of his mouth are lies. His fake Uni degrees [he doesn’t have ] =lies , worked for intel orgs =lie, grand theft hacker =lies , everyone’s a pedo =lies [except Jessica’s bestie – Adumb Paul Stuart browne] everyone has fiddled with their kids=lies, wrote for TMZ =lies, fantasy merchant =TRUTH ! . Once this guy opens his mouth the lies begin! He’s full of envy for people who have real lives & relationships with their kids =unlike him, he’s the laughing stock of Carlow & his family.

So true.

From 6 am till 3am…

I’m going to talk about your kids… I’m going to talk about your kids… I’m going to talk about your kids…

I’m going to talk about your kids … I’m going to talk about your kids… I’m going to talk about your kids… I’m going to talk about your kids… I’m going to talk about your kids… I’m going to talk about your kids… I’m going to talk about your kids…

Can someone say….triggered lmao

Recently I was on a skype call with Raoul the tanned pool boy and
Người yêu my Vietnamese hair stylist from the hottest hair salon in town. Together we were looking at videos of Plasma Don, the sugar daddy who handed over two lump sums of $800 to the IrishPrinces Sean Cleary…With no strings attached, or so Cleary claims….Wink wink <3.

Now we’ve all become aware of the HAPPY JACKoff video that Sugar daddy Don made for Sean Cleary, but did you know there was a Valentines video as well ?

Now before you saturate your brain cells with it’s passionate lust and desire, I must warn you I’ve taken certain liberties with the video, by adding a bit here an there. However I have given the link with the original untouched YOUTUBE video that can be found below this video….enjoy <3…Ohhhh la laaaaaaaaaaaa sexy daddy oh.

CLICK this LINK above for the full foul story.

Oh and btw give my regards to your grandmother…She’s so sweet <3

A quote that sent along with some screen grabs of our favorite potato head boy.
“The unmitigated gall of that little peckerhead to think he gets a pass on all the UGLY he has brought…Karma isn’t done with that tool”

I’m afraid you’re right, so it was recently discovered that Sean Cleary aka IrelandsPatriot has decided to try his casting hand on TinyChat. And what’s his account name you ask…….


Cabbage Patch stalker

Well think of it every other site has him banned for his nefarious ways, and neither Vaughn nor Ivlog want his sorry drug induced nonsense. And I heard he deleted his Younow account faster than he could wank off to a 70yr old man begging for a new laptop. So away with this pile of crusty toxic filth. Who needs him….Only a muppet would lol

Immortalized on Younow…how…childish……wink wink.

But what I found most interesting was not only did he take the name of a child’s toy cabbage patch” it was the meaning that I found most intruding and fitting.

I do feel this stalker junkie knows his place in the world living in a cabbage patch

My reason for calling him a stalker are simple click and read the LINK below.

And the junkie comments you ask ?

And masturbating for a 70yr old for CASH $$$

Part 2

Nothing made up simple facts as they are.

Seems the luck of the Irish has run out for one flaccid small worm CHILD STALKER as his megalodon sized head has expanded to further infuse more bullshit than ever before. Now I know what you’re saying I’ve made numerous posts exposing this humpa lumpa junkie turd so many times before it’s embarrassing. However this time around the coke head cry baby Sean Cleary oh deary has decided to make more FALSE ALLEGATIONS.

jstevio has something to say

Cover up ???? How when I was the one who placed the LINK to the NEWS article on this blog..back on JUN 20 2017…Check the LINK below.

Get you facts straight MORON, next time you decide to shit from your mouth provide PROOF. Better yet go snort some more coke or stalk children. Ohhh and here’s some PROOF…READ IT an WEEP.

To the person who sent in the videos pertaining to taht Ivlog caster I do promise to place them up soon and thank you for them.