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A quote that sent along with some screen grabs of our favorite potato head boy.
“The unmitigated gall of that little peckerhead to think he gets a pass on all the UGLY he has brought…Karma isn’t done with that tool”

I’m afraid you’re right, so it was recently discovered that Sean Cleary aka IrelandsPatriot has decided to try his casting hand on TinyChat. And what’s his account name you ask…….


Cabbage Patch stalker

Well think of it every other site has him banned for his nefarious ways, and neither Vaughn nor Ivlog want his sorry drug induced nonsense. And I heard he deleted his Younow account faster than he could wank off to a 70yr old man begging for a new laptop. So away with this pile of crusty toxic filth. Who needs him….Only a muppet would lol

Immortalized on Younow…how…childish……wink wink.

But what I found most interesting was not only did he take the name of a child’s toy cabbage patch” it was the meaning that I found most intruding and fitting.

I do feel this stalker junkie knows his place in the world living in a cabbage patch

My reason for calling him a stalker are simple click and read the LINK below.

And the junkie comments you ask ?

And masturbating for a 70yr old for CASH $$$

Part 2

Nothing made up simple facts as they are.

Seems the luck of the Irish has run out for one flaccid small worm CHILD STALKER as his megalodon sized head has expanded to further infuse more bullshit than ever before. Now I know what you’re saying I’ve made numerous posts exposing this humpa lumpa junkie turd so many times before it’s embarrassing. However this time around the coke head cry baby Sean Cleary oh deary has decided to make more FALSE ALLEGATIONS.

jstevio has something to say

Cover up ???? How when I was the one who placed the LINK to the NEWS article on this blog..back on JUN 20 2017…Check the LINK below.

Get you facts straight MORON, next time you decide to shit from your mouth provide PROOF. Better yet go snort some more coke or stalk children. Ohhh and here’s some PROOF…READ IT an WEEP.

To the person who sent in the videos pertaining to taht Ivlog caster I do promise to place them up soon and thank you for them.

So this is the BIG show down conclusion between IrelandPatriot/Sean Cleary and Danny the dirty gypsy who not only mugged Cleary of his 5€ but even went so far as to try and stab him, this resulted in a hole being placed in his jacket from that very knife attack…MURDER…DEATH….KILL.

You may recall the story back in May when the plot was put forward to MURDER the dirty gypsy, if not the LINK is down below.

Sean Cleary is not to be trifled with especially when 5€ is at stake, he simply can’t allow this dishonor to take place REVENGE must be served in BLOOD.

The great reveal is at the 54 second part of the video, be warned the BLOOD and GRAPHIC NATURE may be too sensitive for some viewers. Credit and thanks to a friend of the blog for the video.



Once again we have the low life junkie IrelandsPatriot/ Sean Cleary as he is seen on this recent Google hangout chat room bragging about his cocaine addicted lifestyle. He goes so far as to hold up a small white bag claiming it’s coke and upon doing so breaks the bag by accident spilling it’s contents. At certain points on the video he samples the coke taking small dabs on his finger and placing it to his mouth.

It’s remarkable just how consistently stupid he really is as he brags about taking coke while on the job, this can be heard at the 3:18 part of the video. Now it does make me wonder if this is a troll, but here’s something to consider if this fool really be trolling he’s just shat any credibility he may have had out of his ass with his local police. Do you recall the same Irish police that have been watching him during the investigation ????

On the other hand if he really is taking coke plus the alcohol and the xanax, then it’s no wonder his brain is so polluted and it would explain his erratic idiotic behavior. The only positive thing we can give Cleary is that he remains true to himself being the jackass he was born to be and not to mention the gift that keeps on giving.

Shine on little Irish star of the Mafia Pedo muppets shine on and be all you can be just remember I’ll be here waiting for you.All credit to our friend of the blog for this video.








I can’t make this shit up.

The drunken retard potato head child stalker has an internet girl from Kuwait who claims her family want him to convert to Islam if they become married, he also claims she very generously sends him money as much as 800 yay ???

Funny thing is Kuwait currency is called dinar.

Another interesting fact is when one joins the Muslim faith he or she cannot consume alcohol or any drugs or any form of substance abuse, good luck there Cleary with your pretend sugar mommy.

And he has more fabricated poop  spewing from his lying lips for example he’s worked for a secret discreet service that he simply can’t talk about and he would do topics for TMZ ….ok Cleary sure sure….I rest my case…He’s insane.. THE END. Full credit to a friend for this giggle