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Dated Feb 16th 2021, old news but news never the less as the registered sex offender rapist was terribly upset over both Ivlog and Vaughn rejecting him. The reason I decided to place up these videos was to hopefully let those on other sites know of Adumb’s opinion of them, and to burn any online bridges he may still have.

First as always he’s on about Megan and Robert.

I’ve never seen anyone so broken hearted over a 15 yr old girl
His Ivlog ban still has him reeling.
Miss Scruffys comment still burns him to this very day.

Adam Paul Stuart Browne you will always be a cry baby and cancer.

Someone is sending Ivlog a message as numerous DMCA reports were recently sent in.


We’d love to hear what you think of our customer service. Please take a moment to answer one simple question by clicking either link below:

How would you rate the support you received?

Good, I’m satisfied

Bad, I’m unsatisfied

Thank you for the emails.

I cannot confirm or deny this persons claims, however they had this to say…

In an email I was sent this….


Many people sent her money ,as she claims her fella abuses her but she is the one kicking the shite out of him on a daily basis, its on her stream daily around 8pm UK time. The scam is that she says she is poor as bricks but constantly got new xbox games and a lot of alcohol and super speed internet claimed they cut it off which they didn’t. It’s quiet common that people send her money out of compassion although there is no issue. I don’t know the right term for it it may be fraud or fake asides a scam act under false circumstance.”

Happy New Year, thank you

The husband

Not having any idea as to who this Shaz caster person even is or her husband. I felt it only right to point out that this statement is only one sided, we’ve never heard from this caster (Shaz) before.. further more there’s no proof of any wrong doing from this caster that I can see.

I would assume that this email would be …….FAIR WARNING…… to any and all future would be donors who would feel otherwise obligated to financially contribute to Shaz_UK. This may be the persons way of letting us know the possible truth. Thanks for the email and all the info used here.

You can decide where and how you spend your money. Good luck.

I’m wondering why she’s showing her goods on cam ? Strange on how I’ve seem to have come across this story before, different cast of characters though. I may be having a case of deja vu ?

plural noun: Follie…1. lack of good sense; foolishness.”an act of sheer folly”

Have you ever wondered about the contents of that email doxxing compliant that took place between Cr3am and the registered sex offender Adumb ? Have you ever wondered what they discussed ?

Well I have wondered plenty, and I’m sure Cr3am would never publicly publish the incriminating email evidence and further his own shame.

So I’ve taken upon myself to create our very own satirical version of what may have taken place…between both Cr3am and Adumb the registered sex offender.

After getting over the short suspension from TWITCH for allowing racial slurs during his cast, Glen has now been official banned from Ivlog. Thank you for the screen grabs used on this post

The reason is due to “promoting another site” and that site is TWITCH.

This is against “Terms of Service section 7.”

Not leaving quietly Glen had this it say, he trashes Ivlog and Cr3am..Ouchy. I personally find the part about Glen’s “investigation” into Cr3am particularity funny.

However his TWITCH suspension was as recent as Oct.

Dated Oct 23rd 2020.

My thoughts………

Seriously I think it’s wonderful that for 5 long whole years Glen never had the spine or nerve to actually say anything to Cr3am but remained on the site feasting feverishly sucking and licking Cr3am’s anus. But NOW ..OH BOY watch out he’s got guts as he jumps up and down like a clown beating his chest for the world to witness like some champion as he goes on about Copyright material and his investigation…Seriously ?

Glen you were never a big or smart man for 5 years, you’ll certainly never be a big or smart man anytime soon no matter how many emails you send. What’s funny in all this is that you sound too much like Jessica crying over spilled milk with your “investigation”…Pff.

Sorry Glen never gonna happen in any life time. You make yourself look weak.