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I cannot deny or confirm this casters name but the word on Ivlog is “Pseudointelligence” and I’ll leave it at that…However this majestic caster has been categorized as being a clone or copy cat Realmanpawns.

From part time masturbator to full time clutz

Thank you for the video.

Possibly the most popular movie channel on Vaughn …416.. was recently taken down by Copyright Holder.

Are DMCA regulations now catching up to sites like Vaughn and Ivlog that for years have allowed American LAWS to be broken for profit ? Has the FREE ride now come to an end ?

The deleted channel below…..

Well well well it was only a matter of time before the “King” (Faroe) would transfer his belongings to another hen house of interent LOVE <3…but first…..

” hi everyone i am a new streamer i used to stream on other average site called vaughnlive tv and ivlog tv i was there popular caster now i just moved here becuase someone told me about this site and you can gain money whatever you do on your stream my name is jogvan jacop i am 37 years old i live with ppl where i live i live on faroe islands our country is on North Atlantic Ocean i got skype and discord and facebook and twitter i got allmost everything”

“Average” huh did he just poop on all them suckers in Ivlog ??? ….You bet ya he did lol…Can’t make this shit up. And to think he actually did a cast on Ivlog dropping his NEW link for everyone to see…Oh ohhhhhhhhhhh.

And looks who’s already joined the shit show

In actuality this maybe a 2 in 1 post as other casters like Jackilee and now Faroe jump SHIT to greener pastures elsewhere, and the possible reasons WHY ?

Since this new RULE was implemented things do seem kinda scant. Is the honey moon period finally over, does the Ivlog circle jerk CUM clique look a lil thin now a days since the whole “GUEST” thing has taken place ??? Could it be other casters are moving out of the party house ??…Oh my.

As usual upon reading this post a couple of them living in denial broken hearted sweet hearts from the circle jerk will send a message whining to me as they’ve done for the last couple of years…Too bad so sad that your PEDO shit chit chat is falling apart and continues to break from the inside.

Of course some sucker WILL take the bait…

A quote sent in to me through an email….“There’s was a caster on Ivlog that goes by the name Amy and she is playing the song every rose has its thorn while waving her dildo lol”

And the rest of us would like to cordially welcome Amy the dildo swinger to our humble lil blog…btw Amy any thing in a yellow or blue perhaps glitter ?