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I received two emails from two different sources during the week with attached screen grabs, one had this to say.

I reported UFC with screenshots from vaughn and ivlog. I got lots of emails from them forwarding to this department and that department, but here’s my final email with them:

What I find ironic is this seems to be a touchy subject for some and I can’t figure out why. Last post on this topic seemed to kick up a dust storm of tension. And a lot of you witnessed it.

Personally I find it amusing and nothing more than good ol fashioned blog fodder, but to a few it seems perhaps a more personal matter ?

Lets see…..And thank you for the emails.

I received this email as of today pertaining to a UFC cast on Ivlog. Now as far as I know there wasn’t any UFC pay per views as of late, however the report was sent in on Wed Feb 12 2020.

And the reply was listed as Thursday Feb 13 2020.

Someone is not happy with Ivlog.

The last carrot toucher Ivlog had was MoonBooze, but with his recent departure with a ban seems he’s been replaced with another ……..sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh. I don’t get it.

The email stated…

Joker_live exposing himself on procams in Gwenna’s cast this morning on IVlog.  Reported and most probably another site ban

Thank you for the images used on this post.

I was shocked to find he wears some outdated Rob Halford leather/stud Judas Priest bracelet…….What’s with these fellas not being able to cover up. Keep your willy in your drawers boy.

But not to be outdone back in June 28th 2018 Gwenna did pretty much the same thing, sorta.

But it wasn’t just the guys, over the weekend we had.

Another caster going by the name Ms Lee Lee, never heard of her before. I suppose she was warm and needed to get some fresh air on her.

Over on Vaughn live this weekend we have another stunning caster, scaring Karuns who just had to let everyone know whats she’s been up to.

Yum……………Please tell me why no one is after this sensual vixen of sexual insanity…..She needs LOVE. Are there no takers ??

And of course.

Imagine this is her profile pic for chatango…. I’ll say no more.

Dated Thursday, December 19, 2019 6:34 PM, this individual reported Ivlog to the NBA Fan Relations as a copyright violation.

They received a reply, and has now taken the time to email me with the actual email they sent in.

So with keeping this post short and sweet, some one is watching Ivlog for such violations and some one may eventually be site banned. And thank you for the email and info used on this post.

Either way…I’m going to have me a cup of coffee and do my nails. Call me on skype later I’d like to show you my new monkey tatt.

I received the email with a 3 minute and 23 second video. Along were the words “Cory/ Quidcommander abuses daughter on tinychat” ….I have no idea as to who this person is, but I was informed he may be a former caster of Ivlog. Perhaps the most disturbing and emotional charged video I’ve ever witnessed….It’s pretty rough.

The video left me speechless that a father could speak to a child in this manner, but to know the child is his own makes it even more twisted.

As previously stated I have no idea who this person is, but holy hell this is one messed up ignorant son of a bitch, I’d like to smack this jack ass in the mouth if I could. Children services need to be called in.

Thank you to the person who took the time to send this video in.