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No worries Mark I was casting there recently as well. ⊂◉‿◉つ

This piece has caught me eye on several occasions, but I found out recently that Cr3am actually made some comment on the Ivlog Facebook thingy concerning Mark’s casting adventure over to the site only to quickly remove it…

I’ve had several Ivlog casters verifying this to me.

After being placed on lock down this week from an Ivlog admin, Sam has now decided to live as a recluse. He claims he’ll spend the rest of his days gaming..eating and masturbating in the shower and then plans sending off the videos to unsuspecting women online.

I so hope I’m one of the lucky ones. ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Last night something triggered the registered sex offender to the point he wailed over Ivog’s rejection. He ranted to the tune like a kindergarten child not getting his way, and to think this is a so called mature adult behaving this way …completely hilarious.

During the child like rant the sex offender calls upon “customer service”.. I can believe he’s begging Cr3am to take him back. No doubt the sex offender’s desperate as hell and needs some attention.

At the end he becomes so stressed out after talking to himself for so long that he reaches for his weed to calm his shaken nerves, a remedy he keeps nearby in a lil green jar.

It was back in Dec 11 2019 when we last saw the registered sex offender on Ivlog, he then jumped to Vaughn crying over his ban and admitting the CBC news link did indeed connect him to the sexual assault of a 14 yr old girl.

Now you may recall the video when he was banned from Ivlog, but recently NEW video emerged that has never been seen before and it has me puzzled. On the recording it has what I believe to be an admin banning Adumb as he then proceeds to GOOGLE the words …”PEDOFILE”…..

I believe it to be an Ivlog admin, but you can see for yourself.


Wearing ones pants low and exposing ones backside meant you were presenting yourself to other prisoners to sodomize you.

C’mon registered sex offender where’s the “investigation” ?

In an email sent to me last night that read.

“KYpoopy asking BenInOhio to get him a date with a Boy On a Bike”

Since I know the sender as a reliable source I decided to use the info.

I asked around to see if I could get any clarification on the matter or anything to add or even if this type of issue has arisen before. So far this is it. I was informed KY maybe a bit off in the head and could be heavily drinking

So you can decide if the comment was in jest or do we need to chop his nuts off ? Either way I do feel we need a good public sodomizing.


This bottom piece was sent in last Sat.

“Tech hide as VIP”

I cannot confirm but it may be true that Vaughn has secretly kidnapped a new tech person.

Thank you for the screen grabs.

I received an email with information concerning a well known online caster who’s turned out to be a registered sex offender..David Wayne Heimburger. You may know him as Hoodie from Ivlog or as Frontrow1000 of Vaughn live.

In the email it read.

He is known to harass young woman online. Travels with his job as he sells bait to fishermen and is seen in Nashville area also a few times a year. Many have removed him off their sites on Ivlog and VL. Most people in his area know his past, it is possible wife and/or family have no clue he is a sexual offender. He praises young girls and wants them naked

I know what some of you are thinking…It’s Warren Bucks…Trust me he’s not.

You may have to turn off your Ad Block to view the link

The NEWS article is from 2016, but he’s still a registered sex offender and may be your online friend at this very moment. Seems he may have gone into hiding as of several months ago, he goes by the name MasonJar666..on Facebook…

Thank you to the person who sent this info in.

Only goes to prove we have no clue as to who any one really is when it comes to those online and their secret past lives. There are those who claim that it’s possible to meet nice people online. With technology taking leaps and bounds years ahead of laws and common sense I would suggest practice being safe and sure. Protect yourselves.