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After getting over the short suspension from TWITCH for allowing racial slurs during his cast, Glen has now been official banned from Ivlog. Thank you for the screen grabs used on this post

The reason is due to “promoting another site” and that site is TWITCH.

This is against “Terms of Service section 7.”

Not leaving quietly Glen had this it say, he trashes Ivlog and Cr3am..Ouchy. I personally find the part about Glen’s “investigation” into Cr3am particularity funny.

However his TWITCH suspension was as recent as Oct.

Dated Oct 23rd 2020.

My thoughts………

Seriously I think it’s wonderful that for 5 long whole years Glen never had the spine or nerve to actually say anything to Cr3am but remained on the site feasting feverishly sucking and licking Cr3am’s anus. But NOW ..OH BOY watch out he’s got guts as he jumps up and down like a clown beating his chest for the world to witness like some champion as he goes on about Copyright material and his investigation…Seriously ?

Glen you were never a big or smart man for 5 years, you’ll certainly never be a big or smart man anytime soon no matter how many emails you send. What’s funny in all this is that you sound too much like Jessica crying over spilled milk with your “investigation”…Pff.

Sorry Glen never gonna happen in any life time. You make yourself look weak.

I’d like to thank the person who sent this in.

But from what I gather Mark Vaughn has harassed and bullied the sweet poor victimized Cr3am and it truly hurt his feelings.

We regret any public humiliation Cr3am may feel from his injured and torn anus from those of us here at themonkeyasylum.

But on second hand……..


I bend my knee to no one….EVER. Who of you can say the same ?

“This is proof that Crème loves his casters and wants them to be happy. When Crème gives, he gives generously. “

Such heart felt loving comments. I’m about to oil my nipples up for this.

2 more emoticon crap thingys…WOW, shit me a load of joy.

Cr3am maybe in the running as the most generous person of 2020, we may have to vote on this mega gift.

Thank you for the screen grabs.

Either Cr3am’s moist mangina is on sensitive overload or he’s suffering from the same spastic delusions that what’s her face suffers from. You know Baldydick ?

Consider this a two in one post due to the fact I’ve received two different screen grabs this week outlining various BY LAWS implemented by Princess Cinderella or as you like to call him “Cr3am”. And of course thank you to all for the screen grabs used on this post. ٩◔‿◔۶

Casters are no longer allowed to self promote their channels or links in open chat or PMs for it is now considered “unethical” and may drive people away ?

Ummmm HOLD ON there Mr Ethical fancy pants with thumb rings, I DO RECALL when a certain caster by the the name of Adam Paul Stuart Browne informed you of his involvement in sexually assaulting a 14 yr old girl. In fact he emailed you and went as far as admitting to the crime by stating to you his personal information was on that CBC news link that was on Mr Meatheads channel. YOU then removed the said LINK and did nothing about the sex offender.

So Cr3am you self absorbed son of a whore go shove your fcking ethics up you pansy soft white ass. I mean it a nice way of course.. (✿◠‿◠)

But wait there’s more…………………….

This is another major hoot as now no one is allowed to make any negative comments on the site or it’s operations, he now quotes…..

Terms of service Section 4(xi) may be damaging or detrimental to the activities, operations credibility or integrity of the website.

HAhahah…Is it me or is Cr3am digging a ditch deeper and deeper right up his own anus ?

Seriously you have about 50 people on a fantastic day on your dead site, so now you create more lame LAWS to drive people even further away ?

Another fun filled evening with Cr3am struggling to keep people on a dead site thinking their going to continue to hand over cash so he can welcome sex offenders and ban anyone for saying the wrong thing that may hurt his personal feelings ?

Is this clown for real ?

Note to self….Reflects back to the summer of 2016 when a certain unnamed blogger, who shall NOT be mentioned (Monkeysniffer) started it all with the first Ivlog post that resulted in a certain site owner being so upset that the same blogger who shall remain unnamed (Monkeysniffer) was then ip banned from Ivlog and later on threatened with legal action…Oh well sips green tea and smiles to self…Gee I do wonder who that horrible monster worthless scum bag blogger could be..any guesses ? (◑﹏◐)

Recently I did a post on Mark Vaughn having a cast on Ivlog. Personally I thought it was hilarious, but one or two of you had other ideas.

Well on Sat Sept 19th, I received an email that stated that Cr3am had indeed deleted his sore cry cry rebuttal off of one of the Facebook pages, however for whatever reason he left the other Facebook page intact. And THAT was sent into me….Thank you for that screengrab friend.

“He deleted it from his Ivlog page on Facebook, but it’s still on his personal page. Here’s a better shot. I’m surprised no one else was smart enough to figure that out.”

And here is possibly the biggest bellyache I’ve heard in a while, something right out of the mouth of Jessica or Adumbs, it’s seriously that funny.

When I saw this I laughed hysterically. I had always assumed Cr3am was soft and fragile like a cream ball, but this was glorious. He’s a real Cinderella. And what made it even funnier was that he only received 13 comments.

His statement…..

“I don’t have anything to do with his site, nor do I troll or interfere with his business, so why does he feel the need to try and do it to me ? Pathetic! “

Well I do have a video that dates back to 2012 or 2013 where Cr3am claims in an interview that Mark tried to intimidate him into releasing his codes to Mark. I suppose dear Cr3amy boy has a selective memory ?

Now I have to admit I can’t seem to recall all the details, but I do believe Vaughn live was used by Cr3am and his gf to cast on while they were begging for funds to build Ivlog. Maybe someone out there can recall this ?

I do know for a fact they used other platforms such as JTV and YouNow for collecting funds.

Anyways the mystery of the non deleted/deleted Facebook comment has now been solved.

And a comment to Miss Puddycat…With silence comes wisdom. You’re the new cat in town and I have a few miles on me already, so consider this you’re still learning and I don’t feel like teaching…kapeesh ?