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Am I triggered ?

Seems Yettatellytubby has decided to have a weekend cast and boast to CUMvlog that she’s NOT “triggered” by CUM Jones and his scolding her for the IP tracker chat they shared recently.

Now my deepest apologies go out to Yetta for misunderstanding the title, I thought Yetta was asking her viewers if she were fingered but alas with poor audio and cam4 transgender groans running in the background I was unable to detect the proper words to the video. So again I apologize all blame is to be left upon my simple humble shoulders for not fingering Yetta in this video. Please forgive us.

But all is not lost as I glimpsed upon the archive of stored videos I decided to help myself to another video treasure, so all credit to our secret video archive expert and of course credit to Yettatullytubby for her awesome angelic vocals that can be heard on this video. Thank you both…..”Build that archive”


All credit and thank you for the screen grabs used on this post.

We have Yetta who’s been using an IP tracker on Ivlog for at least 6 months or more plus a good majority of casters on Ivlog have been using it with NO repercussions…for a good many years. As far as back from when the site was created.

If you read the above screen grab CUM pretends it’s recently become an issue on CUMvlog, however in Ivlog’s very own TOS… Terms of service it states THEY DON”T COLLECT INFORMATION………..Then WHY have THEY allowed the casters to do so ?……………..So far I’ve been informed of at least 20 casters who have been named who are either using a tracker or have used one before.








All credit to TopCat for this video as it seems two of CUMvlog’s casters have recently met at some restaurant or bar. Personally I know absolutely nothing about CUMvlog and it’s said state of affairs when it comes to some of it’s casters so you can decide for yourself on this one. But I did hear that Lizyy was a……………..never mind.

A quote: TopCat–> “Cookie and Lizzy  things that make you go hmmmmm….. .Lizzy and Cookie lesbians.?”…And he actually did say that no joke.

Eh your guess is at good as mine.

I for one decided Yetta was a lost cause when she took up for the convicted RAPIST Adam Paul Stuart Browne at that point it was all down hill for me, poor choices indeed Yetta very poor.




And people wonder WHY I can’t stand social casters, and the reason is because of the LYING HYPOCRITICAL CRAP they spew from the orifice they have as a mouth. As of this morning I sat back and for a brief second gave my valuable time to capture this LOADING screen shot of the CANCEROUS caster JackieLee on Vaughnlive. What grabbed my attention wasn’t the swirling technical nonsense that VL has become known for. No it was dear ol prim an proper nazi spell checker Cookie/Yetta Pisslips attention seeker extraordinaire.  The DRAMA these two crones regurgitate is enough to feed Jerry Springer’s white trash tv shows for the next 10 years.

Yetta I truly have lost all respect for you as of late not that I ever held you in any high regard to begin with, but to WHINE for all these months over and over and over about Jack and Michelle Stacey, and then literally in a blink of an eye jump right into bed with the ones you bitched about.

The ON again OFF again, HATE/LOVE of some of them is enough to make me sick. Seriously you creepy backstabbing old witches really are a CANCER or AIDS among yourselves. So glad I have nothing to do with the lot of you forked tongued old CUNTS, we can only hope the lot of you keel over quickly and finally clean up the internet making it safer for the rest of us…..amen.







All credit to the person who sent this in to me. From what I’m to gather Miss CookieSourpuss has read the recent posts on her Ivlog antics.So she decided to respond on JackieLess’s channel with the above comment. As well as making a request for an EMMY.So in all fairness to CookieSwollenlips I have decided to grant her the request by awarding her a package of wonderful Fit-Flex diapers compliments of Depend, for those wet salty sour moments on Ivlog. You are a STAAAWWWW DAWWWWLINGGGG, so take a bow.

The post to her angry ranting vile sour comments can be found here on the LINK below.😈/

But that’s not all, recently Jessica has decided to send her message of frustration to JackieLee expressing her feelings by no longer attending Jack’s cast due to being bullied by trolls.With this amount of comments and drama maybe JackieLee should consider blogging instead of casting, just a thought.

Like Sand Through The Hourglass… So Are The Days Of Our Lives…fart.. burp… snort.