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If one sentence could sum it up this would be it……

All I will mention is to direct your viewing to the “YO” from is NEW and dear friend 208stroker …and I’ll leave it at that….Hmmmmmmmmm ?

From what I’m to gather the 66 yr old decaying shambling flip flop and false Christian Jew blatantly and for no apparent reason removes all of his mods and goes as far as to ban some of them for protesting his abrupt actions. For those not yet familiar this is typical of Hippers and his odd mental meltdowns that abrupt from his explosive anus every so often. Don’t worry next week he’ll have a new set of mods that will cuddle up to him, but in the mean time………………………

Is it possible some of the ex mods that actually took the time to watch his dribble have become upset and now leave him messages in the IM ???

Towards the end he has a go at a person he refers to as “Packer”…..Hipperz is extremely crossed with this individual.

And of course what would a Hipperz cast be without his typical rant and whine over ………..ME………..Monkeysniffer.

I love how he BLAMES me for his woes and troublesome life it’s as though I’ve held a gun up to his head and forced him to create his own miserable world of torment, he refers to me as a “trouble maker” (lol) so consistent with a weak person who remains in denial over their own negative illegal actions. He blames ME for his DOX getting out there but then decides to forget it was HE that placed his own name and information online for the world to view…DUUUHHHHHHHHHHHAnd of course let’s not forget how he’s wished DEATH upon me or prayed to GOD for my demise it’s really something. I mean really Hipperz I’ll let you in on a secret …..


Hipperz why do you have a blue dildo in your hand ????

And a special thank you to the person who sent in the video.






I’d like to thank all those individuals for the screen grabs that were sent in to me last night.

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again….“Birds of a feather flock together” and no words could be more true then what these two idiots Hippers/ David Blount and BK Whopper/Abel G, I mean seriously two insane nut jobs who have found comfort in each others arms in a chat room how pathetic.

On a recent cast both Hipps and BK decided to ban together and verbally bash Glensroom but upon doing so decided to make a fashion statement by wearing matching black hats and voicing the same incoherent nonsense that both have become synonymous for in their daily casts.

What makes this even more funnier is that the two psychotic nit wits share the same birthday not to mention both are known to have made multiple DEATH THREATS on various people online. Some of you may recall how BK made numerous threats directed towards Obama and his wife and his most recent threats against the Whitehouse.

Both have so much in common it’s eerie, and I wont dare bring up their child hood past.


From the sounds of it seems like the rejected crazies were banned from Glen’s cast and decide to unite and whine over the bans.

Words like… BK Whopper “Glen calls the POLICE he’s a rat, he loves the POLICE”

Again BK Whopper “We will destroy them all, they scared of me ask about me…I am LOYAL”

My thoughts…..

Ivlog has slipped into the abyss of a toxic toilet stream of never ending crap, worthless owners like Steve Jones need to step up and take control of this public wreak he calls a social site. When anyone decides to make public online DEATH THREATS one would assume action would be taken however in the case of the these individuals not so.  Code Title 18 Section 871 it is a FELONY to allow or to make DEATH THREATS to the President of the United States. Read the articles below.

In other words not only is BK Whopper to be held accountable but so is Ivlog and it’s owner this sort of illegal behavior needs to be shut down.

If you need to catch up on past posts click the LINKS below.















I’d like to thank the person who sent this in for a number of reason not only does Hipperz (David Blount) wish for someone to shoot me but he has some rather nasty comments directed towards Lardo his friends and viewers but mostly 3Bears.

You may recall the post below where the old retard threatens to kill a number of us because he thinks we desire SEX with his wife… what a joke hahahahah.

So it’s 3Bears turn to respond….A quote from 3Bears directed towards Hipperz…..

Hipperz or David Blount should I say. I just went through the 3rd worst hurricane ever to hit the USA.
So for you to hurl insult towards me does not faze me what so ever. I’m secure in the knowledge I have never friended anyone who has been a troll or has called the police on anyone in our tiny group as you put it, that you were a part of. Also I know I do not have a criminal record nor have I ever been to jail. To call me fat and a slob is pretty low and it just proves you have a problem with women. This is what you think women are only good for is it to cook meals and clean and look after children. Speaking of children I would appreciate it if you would keep my child out of your mouth because children are not be brought up in adult situations and it just proves that you are low enough to even bring my child or anyones child into this. As far as my husband is concerned he would like you to shut up and leave our child out of this…. See we talk and he knows what goes on I’m an independent woman that does not get ordered by you to stay off the internet. Does #METO AND #TIMESUP MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU. I guess not because coming from your own words in the video above you don’t allow your obedient docile wife on the internet. What are you so afraid of ?  Would she find things you are hiding ?   

Hipperz it makes me uncomfortable to be around you or even speak your name. The whole mood of the room changes when you enter. Also please no longer try to friend me on instagram or any other social media because you’re blocked and I want nothing to do with you. Going through hurricane Micheal has shown me who is real and who is fake and you are as fake as they come. This will be the only time I will ever address this childish nonsense with you as of now I completely wash my hands of you.


As for my thoughts on this ….. WHUY WOON’T YOUW WOVE ME ?

It is a known fact you go on and on about women’s vagina’s and how you wont stop your filth in chat or private ims, you’ve made many a female uncomfortable to be around you. So let me ask you does your wife enjoy this kinda chat or is she so feeble and senile and no longer a sexual screw toy for your depraved wrinkled ass that she refuses to put out her dried dusty beat up vagina for you anymore ?

I find it odd how many times you’ve wished DEATH upon myself and so many others even now you wish someone would shoot me, I think deep down inside you have a crush on me and desire my hairy monkey bum, but in the mean time please enjoy the fruits of your labor…oldman, and have a banana…. kissy kissy 🐒 🐒 🐒 


These criminal DOX were uncovered about 3 or 4  years ago so I held on to them, I guess the past and harassing your first wife truly made you into what you are today…right ? Thing I don’t understand is why so many various charges of HARASSMENT wasn’t one good enough ?





All credit and thank you to the person who recorded this video during a Lardo cast earlier this morning. And of course to Lardo. But let’s not forget Jessica for if she didn’t inform us here as to what was truly going on over at Ivlog we wouldn’t have known. Her video and the fact she gave us the names of the guilty individuals is what got the ball rolling here, thank you Jess great job.

Now for those of you familiar with the hateful 2 faced David Blount and his drunken tirades of death threats and wishing death we bring you what we knew was long overdue from his former friend Lardo……THE TRUTH and a swift kick in da ass lol

So sit back Hipperzz you old toothless perverted wife beater and enjoy.

The above video is Lardo banning Hipperz from his room after witnessing a Hipperz cast on Friday Oct 26th 2018, as David Blount (Hipperzz) had decided to befriend Olivia Pouliot aka Myteethareinyourneck who in the past made FALSE allegations about Lardo and SUICIDE.

Told you Lardo would have something to say about this didn’t I.

This was no joke but an actual attempt at involving the police and having an innocent person jailed for something he never did. Olivia Pouliot aka Myteethareinyourneck  is indeed a heinous individual with a disgusting track record. As I’ve stated before she is the reason both Pat and Sam are being trolled and attacked on various personnel levels. As far as I’m concerned she is literally capable of just about anything.

The post that started it.

Bye bye HYPOCRITE hope the door didn’t hit your dumb ass too hard on the way out… ….Bless you my child <3

I was recently notified of the departure of one of Ivlog’s finest casters the dear Christian..Jew..Muslim lovable ol Hipperz has had his account removed from the system, gee I wonder why ???We can only speculate that it was either SHAME or perhaps he was TROLLED from the site due to his recent drunken tirades where he wished DEATH not only upon myself but on Glen’s mother and family. Those LINKS may be found below. Ohhh and there’s plenty of em lol.╥﹏╥/

Funny do you think there’s enough posts with proof ??…Naw I photoshopped and LIED about it all as usual, right dear ol Hippzz ??? We all know MoNkEysniFfeR LIES about everything isn’t that so old woman ?But as promised I did say I’d leave you with a gift, so here it is 1 page sample of your CRIMINAL DOX,. Why 1 you ask well the other 6 pages would have crowded up the post and you do know how I hate a crowded post. Maybe next time I’ll drop the complete 7 pages you never know.Oops seems someone may have slipped a lil something in the post when I wasn’t looking oh me oh my.

So the next time you decide to call out the name Monkeysniffer just make sure you’re all alone in a sound proof closet, ok Hipperz ??