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I never thought I’d hear myself say this (or type it) but Whirlwind makes Adambro look like a damn genius.  Of all the dumbass things he could of said, master mind Whirlwind picked this to say in APT’s channel.



So Whirlwind, being of high moral character *cough* ….With a wrap sheet longer than a toilet roll, for stealing lumber…..wants the cops knocking on his door again.

Here’s what the law says:  ” Knowingly removing, altering, defacing, or covering a political sign of any candidate for public office from 45 days before a primary election until seven days after the general election …..blah, blah, BUT, Up to 4 months in prison, up to a $ 750 fine, or both.”  Then there’s the part that will kick Whirl in the ass:  “makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation; or makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry….”  But Whirlwinds a *cough* smart man……..isn’t he?

whirl knight

His own words. So what do others think of him?


He told us he’s “Mr Deep Pockets” so he should have a large home with an expensive car outside,,,yes? Hum, NO!

Mr Deep Pockets

The home is no bigger than a double wide, and the vehicle is a real junk yard clunker.

But if you listen to Whirlwind, he’s a Christian. A man of God that loves everyone………..


How ironic that Lardo was the one who helped me with this post.  In a nutshell Whirl. You are bat shit crazy. I wont be the one snitching on you, but I hope someone does. Then you can have Warren as your jail cell pen pal.


Odd is the only word I an describe it after looking at Samosky’s hight school pic, and I dare you to tell me he doesn’t look like a teen girl. Be careful cuz you know ol Darren Lee Sayward might get a boner and froth at the mouth at the near mention of teen girl hahahah. But they would make such a cute couple don’t you think ??? I’d like to thank our friend for the pic used in this post.915dbknRosemary Jennings.JPGScreenshot_1 (9)And who would have thought that sweet ol teen girl Erica would grown up to become earth’s mightiest super hero…. SUPER UDDER MAAAAANNNNNNNNNNN or WOMAN ?? Screenshot_3 (4)



Is Zelda pregnant with Liklik’s urine love child ????

So this latest bit of news from the atrocious gypsy caster known as Zelda would have us believe…she may be pregnant with Liklike’s pee child. Hard to imagine all the times Liklik has urinated in her vagina that now a tiny seed has made it’s way to the forbidden zone, the TOXIC land of NO return.0badac6b2bb746a695819b48ad9c2a2db9e5b97650c14d3bb54e66f8d46e8467

Any who this was Liklik comment upon getting the news from an unknown guest.fe6ea4d57cba429fa2682c700f0bb6e1I cannot confirm or deny this latest watery laughable mess in the never ending saga of Liklik and Zelda’s love life, except to ask the question where is Jerry Springer and WHY isn’t he doing a show on this deranged couple ??? Perhaps poor ol Jerry is terrified of meeting the couple only to be beaten and chopped up into mouth size pieces ?27db0231db2d3d06648e402565ebe4ddAnd what about Mr Chubsy wubsy the swinging weight lifter ?? He to had a romantic interest in Zelda, now that she’s pregnant with Liklik’s child will Samosky’s fire be extinguished forever ?Screenshot_8Screenshot_4Either suffering from a severe bowel movement or just vomiting from sheer delight in this passion triangle, these 3 individuals deserve each other in the deepest most depraved way I can only imagine..God I hope she’s not pregnant, and Samosky….go fck yourself with a power drill….kniw kniw.Screenshot_1Screenshot_33