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Yes “PIGS DO FLY”….and yes “IT MAY INDEED HAVE A SNOWBALLS CHANCE IN HELL” … and Luna may actually earn a dollar here or there, no really she might.

Listen to how happy she is now that someone has purchased one of her sketches, I’m kinda glad for her she seems proud of herself. Good for you Luna the tuna.

So with this new life shattering experience does it mean that the days of the SKID ROW begging QUEEN have finally come to an end ?

All credit to CandyRayne for this vid.

Now if we could finally do something about that Frank Taylor guy. Or am I asking for too much ???

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year anyone ??  ◎ܫ◎

Thanks to MadQuaid for bringing this in to our chat, it features Luna tuna leather face already pegged as one of the most strangest women online. From her e begging to her strange street like costumes this walking dumpster always hits a solid low, but this particular video makes absolutely no sense at all.Hillary-Clinton-Donkey--63930kristademo

I cut up the video to the part Luna needs to pee, she walks up to the bathroom door closes it and then leans back only to kick it in. Then as she enters to do her womanly duties she continues to talk to some unseen force about NOTHING. What’s even stranger is the fact she doesn’t flush the toilet or even wash her hands…You watch it and try an make sense of it lol I give up. When it’s all said and done what we have here is another odd ball caster/attention seeker…….GO WASH YOUR HANDSpiss_standing

If you would like to see the 1hour video it’s right here click the LINK…GO to the 32:30 part to see the edited clip.


All credit to MadQuaid for this latest Luna the Tuna video where not only does she explain her day job, but lets us in on her thoughts on her dream machine the MAC bok pro being “Donkey Stupid”

The day job explanation comes at the 19:49 where she states she’s a “New York city, fucking enforcement agent”….  Now how many of us knew that ?..My goodness.monkey109

And someone has donated  a MAC book pro, but according to her it doesn’t work, and she isn’t pleased with it so now she wants a laptop, that can be found at 22:08 of the video.Hillary-Clinton-Donkey--63930

From the beggar that keeps on begging.

Screenshot_3 (4)




Indeed umm… Luna has now umm…given up on umm….the MAC book umm….so ya umm….help her out with her umm…..her newest scheme umm……

Thanks to those who sent in the Youtube video.

HOLD ON NOW…wasn’t there a little issues, something about her GRANDSON with Crohn’s disease ????    Gee is all that now forgotten ??

Does this evil being ever stop ???

If you need some refreshing on the grandson and his illness here’s the LINK

Screenshot_3 (4)