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This is the aftermath of Samosky’s brilliant video edit that blew up in his repulsive face during a Vaughn live cast after harassing Luna on Youtube.

Luna now claims to have a lawyer, and has contacted Mark Vaughn to lodge a complaint. What’s become interesting in all this is the fact Luna claims her son is with the NYPD and may decide to investigate the bloated oinker Eric Samosky aka Whirlwind.

It’s not difficult to find Eric Samosky at all given, his known criminal past in the Florida 33334 (zip code) area that involves numerous DOMESTIC ASSAULT and THEFT charges….HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH. We don’t deal with cry cry babies here…We deal with FACTS backed up by PROOF.

Seriously if we can find this 400 pound slug any one can LMAO..So you can go and rub your saggy man boobs and stress all you want Samosky.

This is the LINK to the first part of the post that landed Eric Samosky in the legal hot water he’s in now.

I had witnessed this sometime last week and had been sitting on it for a while now.

So you walk into a restaurant and asked to be seated. A menu is presented with a variety of dishes and on that menu it reads..

Horse shit…Bull shit…Dog shit…Bird shit…Human shit….Rat shit..Now what would you like to eat ?…..Point is both of these individuals are toxic shit.

Samosky has decided to expose Luna on his Vaughn cast and possibly flush away a 10 yr friendship. The way he complained and cast himself as the victim was sad and downright pathetic.

It was tragic and scripted like something out of a Shakespearean play.

As he sat casting his tragic experience he played a Luna video, upon that video I did notice several key words that were blanked out.

So I went over to Luna’s Youtube channel and downloaded the video for myself. Here it is in it’s entirety.

It’s at the 1:30 part of the video where the blanked out words are played out.

Not Luna’s panties but gross.

Yes “PIGS DO FLY”….and yes “IT MAY INDEED HAVE A SNOWBALLS CHANCE IN HELL” … and Luna may actually earn a dollar here or there, no really she might.

Listen to how happy she is now that someone has purchased one of her sketches, I’m kinda glad for her she seems proud of herself. Good for you Luna the tuna.

So with this new life shattering experience does it mean that the days of the SKID ROW begging QUEEN have finally come to an end ?

All credit to CandyRayne for this vid.

Now if we could finally do something about that Frank Taylor guy. Or am I asking for too much ???

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year anyone ??  ◎ܫ◎

Thanks to MadQuaid for bringing this in to our chat, it features Luna tuna leather face already pegged as one of the most strangest women online. From her e begging to her strange street like costumes this walking dumpster always hits a solid low, but this particular video makes absolutely no sense at all.Hillary-Clinton-Donkey--63930kristademo

I cut up the video to the part Luna needs to pee, she walks up to the bathroom door closes it and then leans back only to kick it in. Then as she enters to do her womanly duties she continues to talk to some unseen force about NOTHING. What’s even stranger is the fact she doesn’t flush the toilet or even wash her hands…You watch it and try an make sense of it lol I give up. When it’s all said and done what we have here is another odd ball caster/attention seeker…….GO WASH YOUR HANDSpiss_standing

If you would like to see the 1hour video it’s right here click the LINK…GO to the 32:30 part to see the edited clip.