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An evening of ruined lives and crash and burn victims. So what’s new ?

Sexy Chris While the sex offender from the UK, recently tried his luck on Vaughn again only to be banned within minutes. I’m unsure if he was celebrating some holiday or perhaps a birthday, as you can see the balloons floating near his head.

Look on the bright side now the UKmuffins Darren Lee Sayward can finally make a post not only is their #1 dick boy back but so is their only source of content. More dick pics for Darren, and try and keep your hands off of Angel…BARK BARK. 🐶 

One final note to Chris While…..I would suggest floating over to Ivlog and making another account there. You see the site owner hasn’t any issues with folks in your LEGAL predicament or controversial back ground. In fact a word of advice …Don’t make any reports on other casters, for some unforeseen reason the site owners very sensitive high morale compass goes through the roof…Enjoy.

Another precious Vaughn/Ivlog caster has found herself in LEGAL hot water recently.

The sexy sultry and always vulgar out spoken caster, Paradice has recently been charged by her own husband (Bruce).

Every man’s online fantasy has now become a reality as the lovely demure beer drinking princess has her mug shot splashed all over the internet.

Now I know what you’re going to say………

That isn’t Paradice because there’s no online LINKS to verify or confirm the arrest….Well not exactly you see…..

You’ll find several black and white mug shot images like this in the image portion of GOOGLE.

All one has to do is a GOOGLE and type Angie M Myers of Bryan Ohio and you get this image…..CLICK that image.

It takes you here to his image, now you can’t CLICK on the LINK itself due to location restrictions and what not.

So there you have it perhaps if Angie had not gone off in a drunken rant during her cast and blabbed about her legal personal issues, this may not have happened. You can decide if it’s her, I’m leaning towards it being her .

One more reason to not drink and cast.

Thank you to the person who sent in the email.

When I received the word that “Chris” was back casting on Vaughn live, the first thing I asked was Chris who ?

I had no idea that it would be THAT Chris…Truly I was shocked.

After the initial shock wore off, I then realized it must be a video and someone was recasting Chris While, boy was I wrong. It was him, and this is what took place.

Whether you love Mark or hate him, he did the right thing 100%. Something Cr3am could take a few lessons from. Too bad for Jessica who could have made another special friend… 💔  😢  Better luck next time dear.

If you’re unsure of who Chris While is then read over a story that I posted back in June 20th 2017. LINKS are down below.

Oh well told you this would happen so don’t be so shocked. All credit to Miller for this update.

A quote from the article…..

Christopher Murray While, of Low White Close, Barrow, has been convicted of making eight Category A images, 11 Category B images and 3 Category C images and possessing 22 indecent images between October 2016 and November 2016.

Images depicting child sex abuse are categorised from A to C with A being the most serious.

The 29-year-old is known for appearing in YouTube videos uploaded from group online chatrooms.

The LINK can be found down below.

Oh dear wonder what shall become of that other blog now that their PLAYTHING was dealt with through the courts, and will most likely be monitored by the police. Things may begin to really get interesting soon.

Well there was no other way it was going to end that was for Chris to plead guilty, not surprised really
Having some idea as to Chris’s poor mental state of mind this may be the courts solution…Keep it in mind.

The complete NEWS is on the LINK below.

The Post/Link that started it all.

All credit and thanks to those who dropped the pic and link in chat.

A viewer sent this in a week or so ago I wanted to touch on this topic being this the day Chris went to COURT.

[older messages]
14 Sep 17, 20:06
patrickmurphys: to prestojn
14 Sep 17, 20:06
patrickmurphys: are muppets going to preston maze?
14 Sep 17, 20:07
patrickmurphys: thats the question of the day
14 Sep 17, 20:07
The_Maze: there will be a live stream hopefully the frenzy is starting ukpedos are cowards 2 against 1
SAYWARD forgets that his BLOG has kidnapping violence,child stalking and Kidnapping ,doxx,gang stalking LOOK WHAT THEIR vip MEMBERS LIKE BABS IP have done all on film

DARREN LEE SAYWARD AKA schoolboykisser is so obsessed with sexychris and so is his gang babs,mark,bane,wayne,bruce,maze etc.. as its a projection of themselves ,thing these pedo psychopaths fear the most is their connection and affiliation to their pedo activities Darren and his mates have harassed,tormented,tortured,attacked,stalked,framed and no criminal action was spared from sending food orders etc….NO NO DARREN you filthy parasites none of you can throw a stone you smelly,greasy unwashed losers are going down police have been watching them and they are not fooled.

So todays court results a big fat zero for Ukmuppets as it seems not one of them had the guts or spine to make the trip to court this time around….

I decided to use these comments to illustrate how others are perceiving this group to really be the days of their BULLSHITTERY are over and as one by one they are not only exposed but reported it can only be a matter of time before we see positive results.

This only further enforces my genuine belief that Babs (Brahim Soltani…a 19yr old boy) was used as a pawn to further the hateful agenda of the older members of the group. Their FEAR of LEGAL reprisal is what kept them safe at home while Babs was to remain the sacrificial lamb in all of this. Even the dim witted Djsystems sat behind his fake ip curtain dishing out the travel cash in hopes of never being exposed for his involvement. Plastigeordie another useless sack of dead white skin hid behind his multitude of ips cringing in FEAR as to the truths may result from his involvement. Darren Lee Sayward’s role was most likely to coach others into doing the dirty work for him, another sack of worthless feces living on booze binges and pills…..So one by one they sat at home and did ……..nothing.

Let me make it CLEAR to all, I do not support Chris or his behavior however he shall atone through the court and it’s laws. Not by the corrupt hands of a group of sociopath drunks who victimize others online for sport.

Sept 25th back to COURT for Chris and what will happen now ?

To the person who sent in the comments thank you.