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In a recent email I received this….

“Boston Chickie complains about the Vaughn reporting system not working. She has tried numerous times to report King BK for death threats all to no avail.”

~ Boston Chickie dealing with death threats~

I know B Chickie won’t like this but it was on your cast and someone did record it. Sorry dear no hard feelings ?

Thanks for the vids

~BK Whopper has FCK eyes~

More of BK talking incoherent nonsense but that’s what we expect from this loon.

Perhaps even Daryl’s had enough ?

Thanks for the vids

An email that was sent in that read….

“Can you imagine a person of color coming to your business and being called every racist word you can think of, and then you go to the establishments owners and they basically tell you, “oh well, adults be adults”.  This is coming from a woman that called the police on a nurse when she was in the hospital. This is from a guy that went nuts when his Nissan got a scratch in a parking lot. This is from people that DEMAND high levels of customer service, whilst running a company where they tell people to go fuck themselves. Please show that screenshot of Scruffy blowing off a black woman being called racist names.”

Thank you for the screen grab

a person who commits a crime involving sex, especially sex with a child

Nonce (Menellie) a Vaughn live streamer says in 2030 or 2050 adult child relationships will be legal, let’s hope this never becomes a creepy pedophile reality.

You never know if Warren Bucks and Menellie ever meet up I’m sure the both of em would have a lot to share. Both have so much in common.

Maybe Eric Samosky (Whirlwind) can finance this meeting ?

Thank you for the video used here