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Last 48hours have proven interesting in many ways concerning our lovely demure JackieLee formerly of Ivlog. For one she now casts in her old sheeps clothing in Vaughn and has reacquainted herself with the self righteous Nazi den mother…Isn’t life poetic ?

Sometimes TRUTHS have a strange way of leaping out at us, take the bottom screen grab for example as the mighty Mark Vaughn makes a public stunning announcement in JakieLee’s cast concerning “PEDO SYMPATHIZERS”

Odd wasn’t it the trans gender beauty caster known as JackieLee, just 24 hours ago praising Frank in Ivlog as being “entertaining” ? Funny how Mark completely obliterates Jackie out of the water on this right in front of everyone by EXPOSING Jackie as being a possible “PEDO SYMPATHIZER” herself….Jackie please hun don’t tear up. ◉︵◉ we still love you.

But the strong masculine site owner who still suckles his mother’s leather like worn teat had this to say concerning Bobb.

As the crowd of anus lickers gathered for the feast Mark Vaughn continued to beat his chest feverishly into a manly lusty roar.

BRAVO Mark BRAVO…Such heroism in the face of unknown danger brings a tear to my eye, could it be that Mark has finally grown up to become a man an internet warrior born to fight with blood and chiseled from stone ?

Blessed is the mongoloid

The GREAT ONE was not done …NO, for Mark the heroic god like warrior calls Bobb a…….”CHICKEN”……..Yeah well done Mark, that takes real guts there buddy. You show em who’s BOSS big daddy.

Oh and in case your wondering here is the post where our beauty trans gender queen argues with Michelle over the Honest Frank dispute, click the LINK below just in case you haven’t heard the vid.

I was handed this information back on Dec 12th 2018 but decided to sit on it until further info had become available. I’m still a little confused as to the agenda or meaning behind it all, but I will say it appears a certain someone was trying to capitalize on someones identity and get attention any means possible but failed in the attempt. In my opinion one of the most bizarre catfish/stories I’ve ever come across in recent years, it’s as if this catfish person was either particularly extra stupid or just didn’t care about being caught. Which then again brings me to their agenda why behave so irrational and over zealous ? The below paragraphs are quotes taken directly from the email sent to me.

“Seems  Louise32 aka LisaLouise has just come on the scene at  Vaughnlive.  No one seems to know who she is /was but she is laying on a rather thick story. Served in the military, a benevolent soul that plays movies for solders who cry on her shoulder. The rest of her story goes she was beaten by her upper level officer husband, broken eye socket,  teeth knocked out , smashed hand which now she claims has been removed.   Fleeing from Germany to her homeland.  Prior to updating that her hand has been removed,  she told  visitors that she  typed to them with a pencil strapped to her mutilated hand” 

“This “lovely” drew a single visitor in to her honey trap,  for a quiet one on one,  for her 27th birthday  Dec 3rd.    
* Oh, except math was not her major in the military, because the year 1993 would make her 25. Ah yes, Mother Teresa incarnate, selfless , except the story changes depending on the visitor. If you are special , she shares an old photo of her resting bitch face”

“HOLD ON, only
if you believe she is  Jennifer Bie

“Second version of the stump story was caused by a fish hook, bad infection”

“REALLY, looks like what MaRcUs200o saw was yet another stolen internet photo. “

“But of course there were others taken in by the 3 legged dog story she tells and all too ready to comfort her. RocknRollFan got a glimpse at the newly groomed Louise, just back from the pooch shop.What beautiful eyes  !! “

Oh, if only those were here eyes ,  guess that smashed eye socket from hubby was not the story RockNRollFan heard

So once you’ve digested all this catfish business on Vaughlive and begin to GOOGLE the images in the post you’ll find that they’re all FAKE and downloaded, however I did find this on a casters page with even more details surrounding this mysterious redhead caster known as Louise. Scroll down to the bottom of this channel for more

Hope I got it all right, all credit and thank you to Hammer_4 and to anyone else who may have helped in exposing this person. One last thing if you read this…I sent you several emails. 웃 ღ 유

What started off as a single post quickly become a triple threat post by exposing both social sites Ivlog and Vaughn live at the same time. And I seriously can’t make this shit up.    

So lets start from the most recent and work our way backwards to Friday night.

And of course it’s BK snorting some Cocaine, and what else would you expect ???  I’ll just leave it at that and carry on with the rest of the post…….

However…It’s not been the first time hard drugs were used on Ivlog, perhaps it’s a regular thing ??? The image below was handed to me sometime last summer of 2018.As some of you may now know Karen (o ) ( 0 ) is back casting on Vaughn live and we do wish her well, but it seems one or two of you out there have a deep hatred or anger directed towards Karen, and I do believe it may be guilty by association with regards to Karen visiting this blog for the reason this next bit took place. Now that places us on Friday Jan 4th sometime in the evening in Vaughn live.

When someone decided to enter her cast by the name of Sallyslapper and say ……“No one cares about you Karen, stop casting and end your miserable existence why continue living ? “

Now I must say my first thoughts ran directly to a certain scum bag parasite Canadian formerly of Georgetown Ontario who loves to have 10 yr old boys lick peanutbutter from his penis. And the reason why HE came to mind was this is the EXACT sort of thing he has said to me in the past on dozens of occasions. Along with his other colleagues who are from a certain blog in the UK. Ring any bells ??? ………..DING DING…………

And yes Keith I do know the song….♪..♫..♫…♪..♫…..♫.

That now places us at 11pm in our very own blog chat and as you can see some idiot with the name sickofJews decided to join us, I quickly put an end to his nonsense with a ban. I knew full well if I had not done so this individual and those other creeps in that other blog would then lay claim that I and this blog support racism towards Jews and possibly other minorities. Something that THEY so poorly attempted in the past. You clowns in that blog aren’t so clever shit for brains.Now upon inspecting this individuals ip what should I find a Canadian who’s is living in the west end of Toronto, oddly the same area that Shawnio better known as Shawn W McQuaid now resides in…can you say BUSTED ?

With a recap we’ve manged to expose 2 social casting sites one low life sack of feces and a poorly thought out plan to create a false impression most likely brought on by that other group. Just remember you will always lose Shawnio and company for the simple reason I……AM…..NOT…LIKE…YOU….And everything I do makes you insane.

If I do say so myself great job and thank you to all those who sent in any images used on this post. Oh and Karen please don’t ever take up any negative thoughts in your head you do have a lot to live for.





As stated a 6min review of what took place on the recent Vaughnmas Christmas special on Sat Dec 8th.

All credit and thank you to the person who sent in the video used on this post.

For those wondering if I watched the Vaughnmas special ? ….NO… I did not watch the mess unfold I was too busy licking my fingers on cam4 in the tranny section.