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A mish-mash from the passing week as the 3 biggest losers still haven’t a clue.

The 3 moronic ding dongs from another planet have gathered together and this is what you had to say about them this week. Thanks to those who sent anything in.

Oh and btw Jessica I love the Randall post on how you adore him and all that, but funny Randall wrote a song for me he didn’t write a song for you in fact he said this about you and your “weirdo pedophile friends“.

Randall: “When I seen Shawnio’s comment about being a pedophile in a conversation with Jessica I was shocked. That’s when I had to express my feelings towards child abusers and I meant what I said. As far as Adam goes, I have never liked the creepy fuck and I never will. I liked Jessica, I thought she was sweet. Now I realize her buddies are weirdo’s and I want nothing to do with her.…. “Love Ya Monkey” <3 “…

The MonkeySniffer song from Randall

No idea but seems people online have some secret desire to do strange with with my buttocks..I must be giving off some secret passionate kind of scent or something, but ass you know I’m not a naughty monkey..

I can tell you right now neither Jessica or Adumbs will have any clue as to what this even means. Clueless and completely stupid.
I think it’s great that Jessica finally realizes the only thing she can get right is showing her tits and nothing more. Yet still only 3 people are flocking to her wonder why ?

Was only a few months ago Jessica was crying the victim when those tit pics were circulating, she claimed it was “REVENGE PORN” ..However now as you can see she sings a different tune..Thank you for this Jessica. Once again your flip flop mentality speak volumes about you..So I would assume she now has no issues with those pic or and video flying up 24/7 ?

So there I was as usual minding my own business munching on one of gran ma’s outdated crunchy rouge lipsticks,when all of a sudden I get this message seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

And bingo just like that we hit 11,000 comments.

My plan was to make a post and celebrate this fantastic NEWS. I planned on thanking our 11k commenting friend, when suddenly I noticed…..

It was from Shawnio…Yeah him, but hold on did he come with some form of…PEACE OFFERING ?????

I opened the screen grab and it read.
It seems Jessica went bananas throwing a hissy fit from reading the post,she went as far as to not only threaten to BAN Keith but to remove his comments from her chat…And it felt that in any possible moment Jessica may throw out her breasts in hopes some 14 yr old teenage boy would notice. (o ) (0)
I had no idea Jessica had lost her 2 hair strands holding her fragile hairline in place. This indeed was news to me. We needed more..MORE I TELL YOU. GET ME MORE.
But eyes were watching me..Ohhh my

Under the cloak of darkness we scouted ahead, traveling through unknown dangers in darkest territory searching for the holy grail…the greatest gift…the dildo of imaginary anal moist power….the one forehead that would rule them all and in the darkness bind them…Then we found it…a video……Enjoy. 🐵 ..Oh one more thing….I cant make this up.

I hope Shawnio the PUNK ASS BITCH is still in one piece… ٩(͡๏̮͡๏)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶

It’s posts like these that allow me to enjoy the finer things in blogging like on how you both end up publicly sodomizing each other in the heat of the moment.It may take a team of well educated scientists and skilled engineers to craft Jessica a new sense of humor but in the end it will be worth it..I do enjoy this and thank you.

Thanks to all for the images and videos, most of all thank you for the 11,000 comments.

Lately I’ve been bombarded with Jessica’s PRIVATE IMs, along with her entering and exiting the blog non stop, 24/7.

Not to mention her attempt at capturing my attention or perhaps even my heart as she races to create images on monkey’s that she lovingly shares on her casts for all to witness. 🐒 ❤ 🐒 ❤ 🐒

All of this has been going on for months.

I’m flattered that our sweet heart Jessica is placing so much effort into her wooing me, and decided to let the world know her secret desire.

As of today she was kind enough to place this above image up on to her Ivlog cast, letting everyone know how deeply she felt for me….I actually blushed. (✿◠‿◠)

🐒 ❤ 🐒 ❤ 🐒 ❤ 🐒 ❤ 🐒 ❤ 🐒 ❤

So keeping with traditional monkey ways, I to have decided to express my eternal love for sweet Jessica and place up my very own image.

I hope you like it Jessica <3 ❤‿❤

Thanks to everyone for the screen grabs.

With all this NEWS concerning viruses and dos and don’ts it only makes sense that a handful of caster have suddenly developed a PhD in virology and science. Giving FREE online advice in spite of being as dumb as flea turds, somehow these casters actually believe their own hype.

Several such casters come to mind but recently I found this, a MIRACLE.

A miracle or is it snake oil in a jar ? Rub some oil on your anus and you’re good to go.

Everyone has a solution or a quick fix. Everyone’s a know it all.
Now I cannot confirm or deny if it works, but then again this is all tongue and cheek….If you catch my drift. So approach with caution. ☢ ☣
☢ ☣ BEWARE ☢ ☣

Talking about wrapping some flag around my head….and to clarify i never had an std, because i was tested and had the std shot to prevent any….and i am also not stupid because i am on some form of control so fool, keep talking….i will end my post with this” ☢ ☣

Most people know when enough is enough, others on the other hand simply can’t stop. It’s in their JEANS wink wink.

STD’s and crabs come to mind. Care for a bite ?

Let me introduce Dr Lester Mordock.… Rules to follow:

1) No self experimentation. While producing less satisfactory observations, all human experimentation should be conducted on others. A level of self control must be maintained. Less haste, and you would avoid the disaster faced by Dr Jekyll.

2) Never carry out research in the name of humanity- this way always leads to escaped genetically modified monsters or viruses that wipe out the very humanity you were trying to save.

Sound advice for any survivor of the apocalypse.

Dr Lester Mordock may have the solution for the crabs.

Dear Lord, Grant me the serenity to accept stupid people the way they are. Grant me self control, and wisdom to know that if I act upon my impulses, I will go to jail….Amen

More from the angelic goofy one as she fiercely bares her fists with empty threats and toilet water. Perhaps you should look into your own yard Inspector Jessica, after all the company you’ve kept writes volumes of your credibility and honesty.

Btw, who followed you to the library and why did you pretend to be your own boy friend ?………..Wink wink, care to explain ??

Please god turn her into a flea fart and have a strong gust of wind take her away. Amen.

So tell me WHAT am I being “investigated” for ? I’ve committed no crime, I’ve not contacted anyone on these posts. All I’ve done is place up what others spew out and expose them for what they’ve done or call them out on their lies. Is that a crime ?

Perhaps if Mr Wiggles kept to himself none of this would be happening ?

I know for a fact as do you, that you’ve sent me enough dirt on your casting friends in the past. So I hope you haven’t forgotten my email ?

However since I’m being “investigated” please have the officer email me.. @