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It’s not silly Friday yet but lately I’ve been sent hours of Jessica footage and not sure what to do with it, so I decided to slice some of it up for laughs.

Casting in a bathing suit…AGAIN

The first video is of Jessica critiquing my TWITCH account bio, she seems pretty perturbed over this. Personally I thought it was a hoot.

Sadly Jessica has lost her job but don’t fear good ol Walmart has replaced Jessica with a plank of wood. At least this plank of wood can actually respond and think unlike dear Jessica.

Second video is of Jessica attempting to quote scriptures when all of a sudden she goes blank, a must see.

Thanks to everyone for any video footage used.

Just a friendly reminder to several non believers concerning our blog comment count.

Because I do know for a fact this really gets up their noses.

٩( ´◡` )( ´◡` )۶

To treasure this heart warming moment I shall be personally handing out FREE salty belly button lint and yellow toe nail clippings.

Thank you all for your comments and support.

Being as popular as Jessica is can sometimes be a chore as well as a constant reminder just how wanting people are of her attention, well this was the case as country singer star Jason Aldean reached out to the fungus queen tonight on her very own Twitter account.

Or did he ?

Damn it is Jason Aldean blurts out a surprised Jessica..Followed with a..normally celebrities don’t message me ?….Yeah right LOL

Jessica’s suffering from the same delusion of grandeur as Helton with rubbing shoulders with stars and celebrities.

So it would seem Jessica has created a FAKE Twitter account to possibly gain either views or perhaps friends ?..Tsk.. tsk… tsk Jessica how sad of you to get caught red handed in another LIE. When will you learn ?

Or the time Jessica actually forget she was signed in and let everyone know how nice she is…wonderful LOL. Jesus lord help us. Can’t make this up.

Just like on Friday when Jessica claimed the POLICE had paid her a visit for making DEATH THREATS.

All credit to Ryan Feilds or Ryan Feelds…or Ryan FieLds ?


Remember everyone is Monkeysniffer….

It’s just come to my attention that there’s a certain horny desperate wannabe, copying and spamming the name of this BLOG and going as far as to use the word “MONKEY~ASYLUM” in it…Normally I wouldn’t make a big deal, but from what I gather this was not only meant to fool those of you into thinking we are connected or associated with that other place. Rest assured we are NOT associated, but it’s purpose is to gather Intel on any unsuspecting individual who may click on that link.

Big shout out to the Therapist and thank you for informing all of us.

They can copy all they want….Monkey see..monkey dooooooo.

Please just remember, THAT other whatever is NOT this blog or chat… BEWARE of FAKES.

A mish-mash from the passing week as the 3 biggest losers still haven’t a clue.

The 3 moronic ding dongs from another planet have gathered together and this is what you had to say about them this week. Thanks to those who sent anything in.

Oh and btw Jessica I love the Randall post on how you adore him and all that, but funny Randall wrote a song for me he didn’t write a song for you in fact he said this about you and your “weirdo pedophile friends“.

Randall: “When I seen Shawnio’s comment about being a pedophile in a conversation with Jessica I was shocked. That’s when I had to express my feelings towards child abusers and I meant what I said. As far as Adam goes, I have never liked the creepy fuck and I never will. I liked Jessica, I thought she was sweet. Now I realize her buddies are weirdo’s and I want nothing to do with her.…. “Love Ya Monkey” <3 “…

The MonkeySniffer song from Randall

No idea but seems people online have some secret desire to do strange with with my buttocks..I must be giving off some secret passionate kind of scent or something, but ass you know I’m not a naughty monkey..

I can tell you right now neither Jessica or Adumbs will have any clue as to what this even means. Clueless and completely stupid.
I think it’s great that Jessica finally realizes the only thing she can get right is showing her tits and nothing more. Yet still only 3 people are flocking to her wonder why ?

Was only a few months ago Jessica was crying the victim when those tit pics were circulating, she claimed it was “REVENGE PORN” ..However now as you can see she sings a different tune..Thank you for this Jessica. Once again your flip flop mentality speak volumes about you..So I would assume she now has no issues with those pic or and video flying up 24/7 ?