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I received an email with information concerning a well known online caster who’s turned out to be a registered sex offender..David Wayne Heimburger. You may know him as Hoodie from Ivlog or as Frontrow1000 of Vaughn live.

In the email it read.

He is known to harass young woman online. Travels with his job as he sells bait to fishermen and is seen in Nashville area also a few times a year. Many have removed him off their sites on Ivlog and VL. Most people in his area know his past, it is possible wife and/or family have no clue he is a sexual offender. He praises young girls and wants them naked

I know what some of you are thinking…It’s Warren Bucks…Trust me he’s not.

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The NEWS article is from 2016, but he’s still a registered sex offender and may be your online friend at this very moment. Seems he may have gone into hiding as of several months ago, he goes by the name MasonJar666..on Facebook…

Thank you to the person who sent this info in.

Only goes to prove we have no clue as to who any one really is when it comes to those online and their secret past lives. There are those who claim that it’s possible to meet nice people online. With technology taking leaps and bounds years ahead of laws and common sense I would suggest practice being safe and sure. Protect yourselves.

I received two emails from two different sources during the week with attached screen grabs, one had this to say.

I reported UFC with screenshots from vaughn and ivlog. I got lots of emails from them forwarding to this department and that department, but here’s my final email with them:

What I find ironic is this seems to be a touchy subject for some and I can’t figure out why. Last post on this topic seemed to kick up a dust storm of tension. And a lot of you witnessed it.

Personally I find it amusing and nothing more than good ol fashioned blog fodder, but to a few it seems perhaps a more personal matter ?

Lets see…..And thank you for the emails.

Recently Mark Vaughn placed this comment up to his FB page. At the bottom were some newly revised “guidelines” on smoking marijuana during a cast.

I found the last line to be the most interesting….

If you absolutely must do hard drugs, have the courtesy to LEAN off camera while doing hard drugs. And definitely do not promote them in any way.

Am I reading too much in to saying, YOU just sorta did promote them on your site ?

I think he’s made a HUGE error in this last part of his statement, certain drugs and the use of those drugs are a felon. Just because Mark Vaughn thinks it’s socially acceptable in certain circles doesn’t mean it’s LEGALLY acceptable. So Mark be careful with your drug stance but be especially careful on the hard drugs, it may come back to bite you big time. The companies and business who have their ads placed upon your site may have a different opinion.

Remember you’re not the LAW just a site owner. And a not too bright one at that.

Thank you for the screen grabs used on this post.