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Recently Mark Vaughn placed this comment up to his FB page. At the bottom were some newly revised “guidelines” on smoking marijuana during a cast.

I found the last line to be the most interesting….

If you absolutely must do hard drugs, have the courtesy to LEAN off camera while doing hard drugs. And definitely do not promote them in any way.

Am I reading too much in to saying, YOU just sorta did promote them on your site ?

I think he’s made a HUGE error in this last part of his statement, certain drugs and the use of those drugs are a felon. Just because Mark Vaughn thinks it’s socially acceptable in certain circles doesn’t mean it’s LEGALLY acceptable. So Mark be careful with your drug stance but be especially careful on the hard drugs, it may come back to bite you big time. The companies and business who have their ads placed upon your site may have a different opinion.

Remember you’re not the LAW just a site owner. And a not too bright one at that.

Thank you for the screen grabs used on this post.

I was emailed this image a screen grab directly from Vaughnlive, from what I’m to gather this particular caster was re casting David Sponheim with beastiality porn. The red square that I’ve painted out featured a woman performing fellatio on either a horse or donkey. Sent in along with the email this was stated…
“TheConvoy sure doesn’t like ATP”

Could that be bird droppings on his head ?

No idea as to who this caster is, or if the channel still remains active.

All credit and thank you to you know who for the image used on this post.

I’ve left what is in our chat for all to see, full credit to TypicalHater on this post……………..For as you can see.

Nothing was changed or painted in full view for all to witness. As usual I’ve had no part in any of this…or have I ??

For some strange reason my name is the one mentioned when I’m not even there to say a word…Perhaps Scruffy does care if this caster informs me ???

However Scruffy you’re right you don’t’ need to care about lil ol insignificant me after all I’m powerless, a mere nobody to your grande 10 million dollar site. A flea speck on the internet among an ocean of 7+ billion people living on planet earth. Hell I can admit to that any ol day. But you did mention Monkeysniffer after all didn’t you ? …. I wonder why ?

You may wish to consider the folks that use or better yet FINANCIALLY CONTRIBUTE to your site, and trust me…YOU DO CARE. It is with great joy I know for a fact your site is financially hurting and so are you. Conceited and bloated with ignorance on your paper throne of lies you foam at the mouth at the mere mention of a dollar, begging people to shut off ADBLOCK PLUS. And we still continue to say………

I have always remained true to the idea of never bending ones knee or breaking ones back for ANY site owner, and I suggest you do the same. My thoughts are displayed at the bottom image.

As some of you may have already discovered Vaughn as increased their desperation by now spamming every channel with this desperate plea for financial help.

The Vaughns have requested you turn off ADBLOCK to assist in the finances of the site. As if anyone needs to financially support your site after all the misdeeds you’ve created..With lies..threats and comments ?

No thank you…my ADBLOCK remains in effect..forever.

In the past I’ve covered many posts on this topic, you may recall ? For example the one person who was stuck paying for a VL VIP but had no account to enjoy the site with ?

You may recall the one person from the DOGPOUND who had a somewhat unpleasant discussion with Vaughn staff just for using ADBLOCK.

Due to that post and embarrassing the Vaughns, an apology was demanded within 5 days..

For those of you who haven’t discovered what ADBLOCK plus is, simply install to your browser and block those annoying pop up ads. You may have to GOOGLE it first but in the long run it’s worth it. And it’s FREE.