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All credit goes out to the giggler …LispyFagManShawn for the 2 vids on this post. First off we have Drunk Jim admitting to SELLING CRACK way back when, and then we have Joker admitting to SMOKING CRACK. So if anyone out there wishes to share their CRACK stories let us know the more the merrier.



During a weekend meet up Joker444, the curvaceous steamy Edge of 8 and Carolyne the stripper got together for some naughty 3 some action during a cast on Vaughn.


But as the heavy petting began things turned moist and sort of strange between the trio.

However with all that being said I was not prepared for the NUDE screen shots that followed. Seems Carolyne is a naughty girl and here are some pic with links to check out.c88d71f3e10548b7a92064239934abbfScreenshot_1e6d41b855aaf4477b4c24ffd92fde28aMaking a meal NUDE complete with sex toys and veggies, excuse the sagging belly on the counter please.

With two links of nudity and numerous pic my jaw dropped.



If a HAIRY female ASS is your thing then please take the time to enjoy the video that goes along with this pic. is gonna be the kinda fellow who is going to be giving and receiving on this most over heated weekend, hope someone brought some lub. Hell might be a miracle he ever walk straight again. Thank you to everyone who helped find information on this post.