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When I received the word that “Chris” was back casting on Vaughn live, the first thing I asked was Chris who ?

I had no idea that it would be THAT Chris…Truly I was shocked.

After the initial shock wore off, I then realized it must be a video and someone was recasting Chris While, boy was I wrong. It was him, and this is what took place.

Whether you love Mark or hate him, he did the right thing 100%. Something Cr3am could take a few lessons from. Too bad for Jessica who could have made another special friend… 💔  😢  Better luck next time dear.

If you’re unsure of who Chris While is then read over a story that I posted back in June 20th 2017. LINKS are down below.

Recently Mark Vaughn placed this comment up to his FB page. At the bottom were some newly revised “guidelines” on smoking marijuana during a cast.

I found the last line to be the most interesting….

If you absolutely must do hard drugs, have the courtesy to LEAN off camera while doing hard drugs. And definitely do not promote them in any way.

Am I reading too much in to saying, YOU just sorta did promote them on your site ?

I think he’s made a HUGE error in this last part of his statement, certain drugs and the use of those drugs are a felon. Just because Mark Vaughn thinks it’s socially acceptable in certain circles doesn’t mean it’s LEGALLY acceptable. So Mark be careful with your drug stance but be especially careful on the hard drugs, it may come back to bite you big time. The companies and business who have their ads placed upon your site may have a different opinion.

Remember you’re not the LAW just a site owner. And a not too bright one at that.

Thank you for the screen grabs used on this post.

When two super heavyweights collide …like Mark and Jed that’s when you should run for you life………Or get some popcorn and a beverage.

Thank you for the link.

So it kinda goes like this…4am Jed has a cast and decides to fondle his cawk and balls for wooden nickle fees and used rubber balloons, he changes his mind and decides to call out Mark Vaughn to join him. However things go awry as Mark is sleeping all snuggled up to his Dora the explorer plush doll and is unable to join Jed….So in a scrotum fit of sweating sexual huffing and puffing Jed lays out his thoughts on how the Vaughn site isn’t living up to it’s expectations….Mark decides to counter with a hip thrust aimed for the anus and this is the fall out….enjoy 4 hours of these two sweating and jabbering like flopping boobs at a Jessica loves Jesus titty convention..

Cuz we all know I can’t make this shit up

Here’s the LINK.

a swaeting

Scruffyspenis :”Listen to Mark’s bitching to his groupies about Facebook’s privacy when Missscruffy reads people’s private PMs and logs into dead people channels (vikki). Every month Mark gets more and more crazy.
Yet Mark continues to use Facebook. Mark’s intention to brainwash people to hate on every other site and dedicate their lives to Vaughn”

Plus let us not forget by joining the Vaughn live Facebook community you WILL be eventually DOXED from either another troll or by the Vaughns themselves who convince other trolls to troll YOU. It’s a viscous circle of dictatorship mixed with lies and deceit, so don’t ever say you were never warned.

If you believe Scruffy’s dribbling horseshit then I have land on the moon for sale…..Just for you REAL CHEAP..only cuz I like you <3

All credit to Scruffyspenis.