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It’s the weekend and Frank has left for his road trip, however donations were super slim this year…$$$$$. Those darn cash cows must be dry.

The caster with the dirtiest feet has himself a hardy breakfast with his hands….It’s one of those vids you have to appreciate the humor in it. For those of you who know of Frank and his appetite, he’s always eating.

The BIG July 4th road trip funding is going no where and Frank has less than a month to fart out $1000, Butt dear ol Frank may have a back up plan….maybe.

Franks off to the ER…..$$$$

Butt relax he just has a sore tummy is all, butt then again we know Frank all to well as his last words ring a certain desperation. ” And I’m probably gonna poop myself when I get the bill”

$ Even Mr body builder sparkle speedos had this to say. $

Butt right as rain I’m sure Frank will bounce back only of course after his cash cows pay out a small sum of cash. (whispers back up plan).

However sources close to Frank tell a different tale, a sordid tale that may reveal much. You see Frank went into the ER to have an X ray done and what you’ll see here may shock you.

Seems Frank has left a number of foreign objects inside his tum tum. Butt I saved the best for last.

I had no idea I was this popular in fact all Frank had to do was say “Hi”…However I do think it’s sweet how….Both Frank and Mark share the same tastes and interests.

When I was a kid, I used to pray every night for a new bike. Then I realized, the Lord doesn’t work that way. So I just stole one and asked Him to forgive me … and I got it!

It’s another road trip for Frank Taylor and his filthy feet, and as usual he’s asking YOU to PAY for it..$$$$$$..
Thanks to Hameater for the heads up.

So far the CASH cows have not responded as he has hoped….

What ever happened to Lars his German lover from over seas, another pay out from the cash COWS $$. Is he still around ?

All credit to a certain someone for last nights screen grabs sent in an email, but first let’s have some wings.

The man with the dirtiest feet sits in a bar feeding his face with beer and wings but still has the nerve to E beg ? Personally I can’t recall how many years this has been going on but nothing changes. God bless social media and broadcasting.

Let the CASH cows moooo $$$$$$$$$$$$

But wait don’t most of them cry and whine ????

It’s that time of year again and as usual bless his lil heart Frank Taylor has once again graced us with his Go Fingerme account in hopes of receiving joy and cash donations from his ever loving cash cows on Vaughn. $$$$$$

You to have the fortunate opportunity to be blessed to give to Frank Taylor as much cash as possible and make his holidays season that much brighter, so hand over your CASH to Frank Taylor and show him you care. What would giving be during the holidays if it were not for Frank Taylor ?

All credit to Vaughnsucks for this recent update.