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All credit to a certain someone for last nights screen grabs sent in an email, but first let’s have some wings.

The man with the dirtiest feet sits in a bar feeding his face with beer and wings but still has the nerve to E beg ? Personally I can’t recall how many years this has been going on but nothing changes. God bless social media and broadcasting.

Let the CASH cows moooo $$$$$$$$$$$$

But wait don’t most of them cry and whine ????

It’s that time of year again and as usual bless his lil heart Frank Taylor has once again graced us with his Go Fingerme account in hopes of receiving joy and cash donations from his ever loving cash cows on Vaughn. $$$$$$

You to have the fortunate opportunity to be blessed to give to Frank Taylor as much cash as possible and make his holidays season that much brighter, so hand over your CASH to Frank Taylor and show him you care. What would giving be during the holidays if it were not for Frank Taylor ?

All credit to Vaughnsucks for this recent update.




Christmas is only days away and for some it’s holiday plans at home with family but for others like Frank Taylor it’s the big holiday road trip.

This year Frank only received $250 from the $1000 he requested from his cash cow sheep, a measly amount compared to other years.But lets’ face facts here as Frank has been living high on the hog for years becoming bloated and fat from others sweat his financial supporters have thinned out. It might be due to folks becoming aware of his SCAMS and online begging or perhaps as more and more E-beggars take up the bankrupt bowl of woe is me it’s become an annoyance.  

Off Frank goes on to his long journey…farewell Frank.


It was only a matter of time when the GREAT E beggar with the filthiest feet Frank Taylor made his holiday CASH requests from his dim witted CASH cows. However this year maybe different for you see Frank was recently questioned about the non existent funds for the busted Christmas road trip, and this seemed to flare his temper at the mere mention of it, so much that he began to BAN. Poor Frank can’t make a few bucks even at Christmas ??His rewards for last year 2016 seemed to work. But maybe folks are catching on.So instead Frank did a cast at his workplace and decided to show off a lil ASS, maybe it his way of sending his viewers a grumpy Grinch message for not supporting his busted broke back Christmas road trip ?A special thank you to Steve Jones for the above pic, but Steve Jones wasn’t done there, he then states “Frank was showing his ASS earlier, I think he does it on purpose”

Well let’s see about that.


All credit to Steve Jones for this latest info on the busted broke back Christmas road trip, those CASH cows sure are a generous lot. But still not the same amount as last year.


And a special thank you for the gif kniw kniw.

All credit to for these screen shots that were dropped in our chat sometime today thank you for them. 

Realmans_Dietician has a few questions for dear ol Frank, but seems Frank will  have none of it so he bans.As the Christmas holidays will soon be approaching WE all know our beloved Frank will most likely cook up some new MONEY making scheme…He always does. Question is who’s going to be the sucker this year ?