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It’s no secret that both Jessica and Adumb decided to cast on TWITCH for financial gain, it hasn’t exactly worked out very well for either of them.

So a number of people decided to get together and help Jessica with her finances in the form of a Go Fundme account.

Lighting Jessica’s pussy on fire is the easy part, but the real fun came when Jessica decided to put out the flames by using gasoline. Hilarious.

Jessica dear every time you type something it’s stupid, but please continue.

So I believe I’ve found the perfect mate for Jessica, someone who carries the same grace intelligence and qualities that our mold queen exhibits.

I think they’re a perfect fit ..yes/no ?

I was truly unsure as to what to say when I witnessed this video for the first time. Paradice made this statement a public one so with that in mind watch the video you can decide.

Thank you for this video that used on this post.

Not picking a political side but when I came across this I had to place it up.

I was informed they may throw out the charges due to the flaccid accusation….I know limp joke right ?

No more porn for Trump…He incites too may “erections”.

It’s Friday and we needed something to laugh at.

For months we’ve all suspected that the house of pedophiles would finally come to an end and shatter into shards of fragmented lies and finger pointing. It was inevitable without any doubt.

So I’ve assembled an a assortment of comments. All credit and thanks to you…the viewers.

Jessica: “Because that’s how Shawnio talks and Shawnio please be advised that encouraging suicide makes you no better then anyone here…In fact it disgusts me that you even tell people to kill themselves.”

I added the above image for obvious reasons..wink wink.

You don’t say ? Hahahahahahhahahahahahah

Congratulations Jessica. Nice to see you’re taking it so well.

Yes dear and that’s where I and this blog come in.

Jessica: “At the end of the day I clean up my dogs poop and pee off the ground and not let it sit there on camera and then use my dog for sex.”

Excuse me Shawnio but it isn’t normal for a male to use such dialogue or thoughts to begin with. Let’s face it, you know too damn much about “dick talk”. Find another topic to discuss in chat.

Jessica: “Go fck your dog some more”.

Unreal but then again I told you so, I’m always right. We can only wait until all three of em are friends again. LOL…Maybe ?

May the cycle of forked tongued twisting tales continue. I now have to go and get some clothes on the nuns across the street have taken a shine to me and are now pointing at my window giggling.

Cheeky little monkey

All sweetness and light

Huggable and cuddly

You bring such delight

A collection of videos that was sent in by viewers.

For no real reason but just videos…Sam..Paradice..Mae..Bubba..Karen..Keith…and many more. Thank you to those that made them.