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I had no idea that Jessica had welcomed Keith in chat after her FALSE claims of sexual assault threats and her FALSE claims of him wanting to have her harmed. I believe this may be the second or third time this has taken place.

Sat Oct 10th 12:25 am tells the tale as Jessica the insane one welcomes Keith back. Unreal, I had no idea she had done this again.

And it was just hours after on Sat Oct 10, I made the post where she slams him on her Vaughn live cast with more FALSE claims.

Her up and down strange accusations are from the mouth of an insane person who needs to be institutionalized.

She makes the most outrages claims just like she did when she informed everyone she was under Adumbs influence. Yet now literally spends hours a day worshiping the very toxic air he breathes as if she’s his moronic single brain celled defense lawyer.

As every hour passes Jessica the horny tiger becomes less and less stable. Thank you for the screen grab.

I was waiting for the Coat Rack queen to stick her head out and wouldn’t you know it humpa lumpa the president of the national pedophile supporters club did it again, she just can’t keep her foot out of her mouth.

But when one has shit for brains it’s impossible not to.

As if right on Q our dear Coat Rack Queen started extra early by placing up Keith’s picture on her VL cast. She may have had lots to say but then again between her stuttering and long ridiculous pauses that last up to 5min, I’m sure no one really cares what she has to say anyways.

Some where way in the background you can see in RED letters the words “The End Is NEAR”….

Not sure what Jessica is trying to instigate here but as usual she does thirst for any and all attention.

“The End Is Near” ??

With placing Keith’s pic and using such words is she implying some dastardly act that may result in Keith’s demise ?

After being ridiculed for using the image Jessica turns towards her FBI logo with the words “WARNING” …As if now she’s invoked some legal protective claim.

I can only assume Jessica maybe warning all her viewers that her mentality and charisma is the equivalent of a flea turd, but then again I may be giving her too much credit on even that.

It was only just Sept 27th 2020, when Jessica placed this post on Keith claiming he was trying to have her harmed by placing her already PUBLIC information in chat rooms. She even goes as far as to claim she is now prepared to go to the LEGAL authorities over this.

You may recall about a year or so ago Jessica claimed Keith was threatening to come to her home and to sexually assault her, and for those reasons she had him reported and that lead to a ip ban from Ivlog.

Later on she rewarded him by bestowing mods upon him and they became friends in her chat.

We know Jessica.

As I said before…Jessica’s PUBLIC INFORMATION…that was revealed years ago by Jessica herself.

Jessica doxed herself along with her family, friends and even her place of work….Just beware one thing she does offer fair warning to all.



Seriously with such quotes as these who needs to make anything up, unless you’re a horny tiger ?

Judge Keith rules

You may recall Keith the same individual that threatened to sexually assault Jessica, she then reported this to Ivlog resulting in his ban. She also claimed to have contacted the police over this only to later on mod him in her very own blog. Well Keith has more rules than any religious bible. Thanks to the person who sent in the screen grabs from his VL channel.

Could this be the next Mr Baldick ?

And the walls of the pedo kingdom began to cry and crumble, as the Queen sat merrily and laughed….LOL

Yeah… LOL

It’s like something from the bible as Nero watched Rome burn to the ground and played his fiddle.

What did Nero do while Rome burned? According to a well-known expression, Rome’s emperor at the time, the decadent and unpopular Nero, “fiddled while Rome burned.” The expression has a double meaning: Not only did Nero play music while his people suffered, but he was an ineffectual leader in a time of crisis”

Some people are ineffectual as human beings their actions tell us this. I do get the impression Faroe may have defecated somewhere along the way and Jessica decided to use his feces for her brain.

However the last thing I wanted to write was another Jessica post, but the recent screen shot below was taken today from Jessica herself, no reason why, but the queen decided to DOX her entire chat including herself. Brilliant move Jessica. I do believe after this screen grab was taken she quickly removed the comments and tried to cover up her mistake, too late.

It not only CONFIRMS all of my past posts and comments concerning Ryan’s ip coming from Windsor Ontario Canada, but it ties him to past posts on certain taboo comments concerning children. It now brings up many more questions.

Why did she DOX not only him but the entire chat including herself ?

You may recall Ryan slamming Jessica in the comments of a post I recently did, where he basically refers to her as being unstable.

Furious at the post Jessica was quick to let Ryan know of her intentions and frustration with him. She points out…HE is as washed up as SHE is…Face the music…I’m not the only one who is disliked guess what look in the mirror.

But he’s still a mod in her chat………….And then there’s this.

The screen grab below is in reference to Keith, a banned caster of Ivlog who Jessica claims threatened to travel to her home and sexually assault her. Not only did she report him to Ivlog but she claims she contacted the authorities, he also sits in her chat as a mod…How odd.

This is Keith btw…her rapist mod.
Oh yeah I almost forgot…LOL

I’d like to thank all of those for the screen grabs used on this post.