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Keeping with the season and Halloween.

I was told this took place last night and was emailed the video with the words………..“Ummm I am Speechless”

All credit to the person who sent it in. Thank you.

A brief summery of the retarded shenanigans from some of the caters so far, more on the way I’m sure.

All credit and thank you to those who sent anything in.

First we have Adumb kissing his mother, but only before he becomes hostile and paranoid. He decides to ban guests for fear of them spying on his public cast. Upon realizing his error due to eliminating all guests, he then immediately runs to another cast and there begins caressing and kissing his rather rotund homely looking mother.

Best comment of the weekend lmao

I wonder if she cleaned his bum and baked him some cookies ?

The we have the usual Moonbooze passing out after he struggles with his inner demons, this battle of wits leaves him completely exhausted to the point he falls asleep in his own chair. The results is his channel being placed on lockdown….again.

Well let’s give Moonbooze credit after all he isn’t kissing his mother. However from what I’ve gathered there are those in the chat that speculated that Moonbooze MAY have been dabbling in other toxic substances resulting in his odd wiggling behavior.

We had good ol Ben drinking it up and ordering pizza, living high…again. Let’s give him credit as well at least he wasn’t kissing his mother either.

Late into the evening he had Jamal making sweet love to Sean Cleary as Babs looked on. We hope the trio went out and enjoyed some ass cream….Opps I mean ice cream, damn typo.

Some time recently Karen had seen the film JOKER and may have taken things a little too far.

And feet.

All credit and thanks to the person who sent in the videos.

I’m not sure what he was trying to accomplish but it seems he was being challenged to perform for the viewers. So I’d like to request Moonboobs place a full sized cucumber in his anus while singing any song of his choice, something from AC/DC perhaps ?

I wake up to an email entitled… “Moonboots Drunk On Vodka 750 ML”

Not sure if at some point an attempt was made to shine his carrot during the cast, but his channel was placed on LOCKDOWN. Apart from the odd wiggles and the fact he almost falls over numerous times I still have no idea as to why the lockdown. Now we have 3 for 3, so for tonight can we get 4 caster banned or suspended ?

All credit to our friend for the video used on this post.

After reviewing the post and it’s contents it suddenly occurred to me another Ivlog caster who has some similar traits with the odd body movements and even masturbating for men, and had their Ivlog channel placed on lockdown. Check out the below video and see if you can figure out who I’m referring to. Me tinks wees be talkin about cocaine autistic seizures right ?

So I’ve been told..therefore I cannot confirm or deny what I am about to say in this post.

Moonboots was kicked out of his place by his girlfriend he then lived in a park, sleeping from within his car. At some point as he slept during the night he was approached and sodomized by a group of homeless puppy touchers who found great joy in his white anus. Needing cash in a hurry he turned to a life of wanking for tokens on, upon doing so became a national star for lady boys in Thailand everywhere <3…Every story has a happy ending…Only thing is too bad he didn’t place a strawberry in his bum that would have made it more interesting.

I’ve done my part and refuse to do anymore, now go and wank in peace you lonely sodomite…farewell.

PS….Why don’t you call up that Mark Vaughn guy and wank for him, he may throw a few coins your way …Thought you two were close ?

Oh and in case anyone should ask WHY I placed an object in front of his willy…Well I refuse to allow Shawnio’s man pussy to become wet an inflamed from gawking at this post. Besides we ran out of peanut butter due to tight restriction on our budget.

Is shy