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So I’ve been told..therefore I cannot confirm or deny what I am about to say in this post.

Moonboots was kicked out of his place by his girlfriend he then lived in a park, sleeping from within his car. At some point as he slept during the night he was approached and sodomized by a group of homeless puppy touchers who found great joy in his white anus. Needing cash in a hurry he turned to a life of wanking for tokens on, upon doing so became a national star for lady boys in Thailand everywhere <3…Every story has a happy ending…Only thing is too bad he didn’t place a strawberry in his bum that would have made it more interesting.

I’ve done my part and refuse to do anymore, now go and wank in peace you lonely sodomite…farewell.

PS….Why don’t you call up that Mark Vaughn guy and wank for him, he may throw a few coins your way …Thought you two were close ?

Oh and in case anyone should ask WHY I placed an object in front of his willy…Well I refuse to allow Shawnio’s man pussy to become wet an inflamed from gawking at this post. Besides we ran out of peanut butter due to tight restriction on our budget.

Is shy