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A quote sent in several days ago, with 2 very sad videos….
“Moosenuckles’ son and mom confront him about him drinking himself to death”

Another dead end social broadcaster living the casters dream.

However both his mother and son try to intervene literally begging him to stop drinking. Thank you to the person who sent in the videos.

I particularly enjoyed the part when Mooseknuckles states he hopes his son could grow up and be man enough to realize substance abuse is not the way to go. His sons answer is spot on and right to the point.

A great example of what not to grow up and become…..DAD.

At one point you can hear the son almost break down as his so called father verbally abuses him. Mooseknuckle’s mother then steps in, but the nonchalant answers and attitude are brilliant as both mother and son trade off life changing words like “What do you mean? … What do you mean? “ over and over at each other… And then it ends with silence.

Mooseknuckles: It’s just a faze don’t worry about it. Welcome to my life muther fuckers.

Words to live by coming from an alcoholic caster living the dream.

Seriously how many times have we seen this play out on social broadcasting sites. It’s a real live soap opera where you can actually participate by sitting behind a keyboard and watching the train wrecks spew their lives for all to see. No photoshop here and I can’t make this shit up…CHEERS. You’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.