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As of late the topic of what took place on Vaughn several years ago has been a rather touchy subject, there are those that claim their hands were clean like the Vaughns and that certain events never took place. Then there are others such as Bubba who claim otherwise and are willing to reveal their part.

Whether you agree with Bubba or not one thing is for certain it can’t be denied that for three whole days I and many others did indeed witness the verbal abuse that was allowed to take place..mocking the death of baby and finding humor in this on Vaughn live.

You may ask yourself why would I allow this video to be played ?

Well for a number of reasons…It sheds light on certain individuals like the Vaughns but as well as Bubba…Gamergirl and Hardwood as well as their roles in this disgusting mess.

Because at the end of it all regardless whether this child story were a hoax or not in my opinion there’s never room or reason to mock the death of a child….never.

Some of you may be unaware of what was allowed to take place back then on that faithful weekend, so here’s the link.

A quote sent in….“Mark is now begging VAPERS to come back to his site. He knows his site is dead. Ha Ha Ha.
But whats funny, those morons might go back with no viewers Ha Ha Ha”

Wait is Mark Vaughn NOW begging people to support his DEAD Vapers channel the one he allowed his crew to attack ??


Well the long over due story has now been unleashed as to WHAT..WHO or WHY the Vapers were trolled off the site, by BubbaGannosh himself….I may not care for him but I do believe him and what he says on this video. The owners of that site are DIRTY and we’ve always known it.

Straight from his lips to your ears cuz I cant’ make this shit up…And a huge thank you for the video.