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I know what you’re asking..Who the bloody hell is Chris ???…

And the answer is I haven’t a clue…… (º.º)

Seems every time we turn our backs Merman is involved in another quarrel with a man on skype, from what I’ve been told he’s a rather promiscuous odd sexy fellow but I don’t see why he enjoys flaunting his lover spats on skype only to reveal them openly to everyone else ?

I’m unsure of the reason for his latest male conquest squabble, but perhaps we can gain some insight as to what has taken place between Merman and Chris in the near future.

I’ve added Merman’s previous lover skype spat with Ben the super model in the form of a link…Enjoy.

This Chris fella is desperately trying hard to pretend he’s dead and that he’s now acting the part of his very own father…how odd that Ivlog folks have a knack for faking their own deaths ? I do recall another Ivlog person who…but that was so very long ago and my breasts didn’t hang as low as they do now. I’m getting old.

…Is Merman’s love really so strong that his male companions pretend death to get away from him… Who knew ?

I do get the feeling this Hopper or Chris fella has a long nose. He may have some eshhhplaining to dooooooo ?

Hold on a minute, I was a CAM4 model in my day and I was a police ninja officer mall cop Fung koo trans gendered samurai…No really I was. In fact I have an army of children and even had sexual encounters with over 800 people on Twitch that has lasted for 10 yrs…NO JOKE.

Gawd all mighty she has her knee up my ass and it’s killing me.

The screen grabs say it all, and thank you for them.

Ben replies.

I do hope these two passionate love birds can work out their differences and one day meet for a love encounter of epic proportions. If they do I hope they send in any videos or pic. Oh and one more thing try and keep it clean, thanks.

But Bens been a busy one as of late, it recently came to my attention that he may have rustled Hipperzz feathers to the point Hipz wished DEATH upon Ben resulting in his BAN from SquirtVlog.

An assortment of all sorts of nonsense, some may be recent some I have no clue. Thanks to those for the images.

Jackie Lee is still missing and presumed to no longer exist. May have to do with being Doxed ?
Vaughn live had some naughty porn playing early this morning, and Merman had only 1 thing on his mind and it wasn’t cats.
“Hey those who didn’t know the carnivorous virus can live in your stool as well, so people think breathing the air is dangerous try sharing a bathroom with someone who does not flush ”

Am I over analyzing or is Jessica letting us know that certain family members of her household do not flush or is this some form of admittance of guilt ???

I personally enjoy soft padding to my stool, makes my delicate bum feel safe.
I cannot confirm or deny but it was explained to me that this may be Marauder and a male companion, perhaps a family member who followed her home ?
From what I was told when Freethrow isn’t sending out his willy pic he does part time modeling in his bathroom. However recently he’s decided to come out and share his personal experience with a public announcement, that this is the new Freethrow complete with sex change and a brand new mangina….Congratulations on the penis removal.

Personally I’ve never seen him look better. He needs to sign up with a model agency.

Faroe admits to ddosing Ivlog

A recent Thursday night Faroe rant had him going off for several hours, as he was fuming over the fact one of his DLive gaming friends removed him from the Fortnight group and the other refused to play with him. Someone should play with him.

Some of you may recall a post just several days ago where Merman laid claim of death threats from another caster on Ivlog named Thumbtack ?? Well on Sat March 16th Thumbtack made the below comments wishing DEATH on Glensroom along with several others. He certainly does enjoy wishing death as well as making death threats to folks doesn’t he. That site makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over <3

All credit and thank you to the person who sent this in, and for more on this caster I’ve placed the LINK below.

Odd how on Friday March 15th that Cr3eam had the royal verbal diarrhea cast were he spewed on how guest chat would be dealt with in one way or another, yet he can’t manage to deal with the simple things like his CASH COWS and how THEY behave ??? Shove your TOS up your ASS you worthless bag of hypocritical white poo.

I’d like to thank the person who sent this into me recently, seems things continue to spiral out of control on Ivlog. Except this time it’s our beloved heart warming friend from the sea Mermaid who’s on the receiving end of some pretty rough DEATH comments.

What’s particularly strange is that it’s one of the favorite Pro & Beta Anus Tasters that have financially supported the site from the beginning.

“Look at the top says he’s a pro and beta tester and also he’s a moderator for the site. Mermaid said also he’s reported him to Cr3am and they don’t do anything.”

“I was a guest in mermaid chat and he started talking about Thumbtack harassing him and I knew he was a moderator on that site and Merman also knows. I just thought you would like to see what he showed me. I just find it unreal a moderator on that site would be saying that to a fellow Caster.”

Someone was kind enough to point this odd 3rd named party to me (Subbidoo). So now the question remains HAS the image been tampered with and by whom..and for what reason ???? Is it possible 3 individuals would be in a private im or has someone’s account been hacked ? I’ll let you decide.

Normally I’d have a laugh over it and offer some humor but in light of the horrendous comments being hurled at poor Mermaid I do feel some what compassionate for him. I guess the HATE site known as Ivlog has all but abandoned it’s loyal viewers. Let’s wish him the best in his quest for peace in reporting this Ivlog injustice…Be well Mermaid lots of LOVE <3