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Full moon isn’t until Feb 19th, however a few of you seem to be working over time in trying to bring it sooner upon us. It’s basically a 2 in 1 post with just how odd things can be in Ivlog. Yes I know who gave me the video, so thanks to those for screen grabs and vids used on this post.

Oma good luck with finding Horus, and be well dear.

Crazy woman I have nothing to say to you, except you’re nasty. Now go close your legs you’re letting the flies out.

On a Ivlog cast sometime last week a very bitter drunk female ranted about complete nonsense, form her wishing to be connected to people to her whining about running off in to the woods to get drunk the 2 videos have it all.

All credit and thx to Topcat for the vids on this post.

My observation into the mental wreck is this is what happens when one has weak or no morales of which to speak of and reduces herself into a drunken mess who pretty much spends her day smoking pot on cam then turns around and begs for sympathy from complete strangers. Look on the bright side at least she isn’t masturbating on skype to total strangers right ?On a final note to Brahim Soltani suck some thick spicy pastrami and place it deep in your bottomless ponani. When one speaks FALSE LEGAL volumes from his wet throbbing mangina just make sure you can back it up with actual LEGAL facts, for example like actually do something concerning your LEGAL THREATS back em up. It must be next to impossible since the Leeds police have such an understanding as to who you really are, or perhaps they simply feel you’re getting what you deserve ?

Perhaps a little refresher course with FACTS to validate my claims…Click the LINKS below. For more on Brahim Soltani aka Babs

However since YOU have such a grand grasp of the legalities of UK LAW please hand over my email and my (cough cough) DOX to your local police dept and inform them of who I am.                                                                                  

As a side note my email has been visible and public for at last 5 years or so and not one detective or officer of the law or lawyer has ever contacted me…Too bad so sad.

It is a proven fact when one makes empty LEGAL or DEATH THREATS it is because they have nada to back it up with.






Some of you may have noticed I have this particular post in the “Monkeysniffer” category due to reservations about publicly exposing this person. I’m at the point I think a hard smack across the mouth would be more prudent or a swift kick…maybe both I’ll never know.

These Ivlog casters are just a joke the amount of misguided mental misfits drunks..junkies and deranged psychotic train wrecks is a never ending pile of dung.

Oh btw Miss Unamed caster I have a video that goes on for 2 or more minutes with you rubbing your vagina as you sit there smiling and giggling like some crazed sex freak. I could easily post it up but my hope is that you will eventually witnesses your own actions and come to a full ground HALT….That’s my hope.

However the reality is your KIND will never learn….YOU like the others will only blame me and this blog. Like all the others before you…. Sam…Hipperzz…Faroe…Warren…the list is literally endless…..It’s all my fault….you say….I’m the one who hurt you….you say….I’m the one who ruined say….It’ the hate blog…

ME ME ME…blah blah blah.

And as usual you and your type sit in full contempt of this blog and myself all the while never taking responsibility for your own actions. Odd how that always happens.

For the first time ever I have given someone a FREE PASS…this time…but don’t blow it…..The world is watching.

Thank you to the person who sent in the pic and the video..I know this isn’t what you wanted, but then I never promised you your revenge just a post. And I have a pretty good idea as to your identity.