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Provocative and hypocritical do not begin to size up JessicaloveJesus in her most holy true form, I could think of several dozen other words and none of them would be flattering. But our lovely angelic flutterbly has taken some serious lumps as of late and from what I gather whether it be a chat room blog or site most would agree Jessica has not lived up to her virtuous name or standards.

So was the case in JakieLee’s show today as the casting transgender goddess of the webs unmodded the graceful yet voluptuous Jessica.
I have no clue as to why this divorce was finalized or when, but my soul ached to see our truthful angelic one in such need of a hug. Fart.

It was noticed that the most knowledgeable Whirlwind had much to say on Jessica and her blasphemies ways. As the strong and highly masculine 400 pound oozing alpha male was extremely vocal. Whirlwind has always been a sight to behold his dominating strong physical presence and voice of reason have swayed many a females to his strong gentle arms.

Now be honest wouldn’t you suck those manly tits for a buck ? Ohh la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3

Word through the grape vine is that her on and off internet affair love with Jim the psychic secret FBI special ops guy has been rather difficult. So from what I’ve been told she plans to make Jim her halloween costume. I love it.

Jessica gets roasted, last word goes to …….ouchy

Maybe attention isn’t cracked up as you think it is ? Thank you for the screen grabs and video used on this post.

Bananalover.. “JACK LEE HASN’T CAST ON VL THIS WEEK. The trolls ran her off for after doxing her last week.she be back one day. Bobb was trying to get her to cast on YouTube.. hard to catch her cast for Mark shitty site and her not being able to get cast started…UPDATE JACK LEE IS ON A 2 WEEK VACATION HAHAHA JUST SAW THIS ON HER CHANNEL DIDN’T TAKE LONG TO POST THAT AFTER THE ABOVE POST WENT UP THANKS MONKEY A BOX OF BANANNAS WILL ARRIVE BY TRANNY EXPRESS AND OTHER GOODIES.XXOOXX”

I received the news Friday night, perhaps Jackie needs a trip to Hawaii along with Warren ?….Gawd I miss that so and so.

However I hear the word was DOXING that may have had a hand in this…”vacation”…Be well <3.

I was just informed by an unknown reliable source …WINK WINK..that that our Marilyn Monroe of the blog JackieLee has been DOXED..

And with that the screen grab below of Jackie’s DELETED channel and LINK….

I see no point in deleting the channel but if I were you Jackie I’d change my number and call the Police informing them of POSSIBLE food delivers or worse….. SWATTING. Good luck <3

Last 48hours have proven interesting in many ways concerning our lovely demure JackieLee formerly of Ivlog. For one she now casts in her old sheeps clothing in Vaughn and has reacquainted herself with the self righteous Nazi den mother…Isn’t life poetic ?

Sometimes TRUTHS have a strange way of leaping out at us, take the bottom screen grab for example as the mighty Mark Vaughn makes a public stunning announcement in JakieLee’s cast concerning “PEDO SYMPATHIZERS”

Odd wasn’t it the trans gender beauty caster known as JackieLee, just 24 hours ago praising Frank in Ivlog as being “entertaining” ? Funny how Mark completely obliterates Jackie out of the water on this right in front of everyone by EXPOSING Jackie as being a possible “PEDO SYMPATHIZER” herself….Jackie please hun don’t tear up. β—‰οΈ΅β—‰ we still love you.

But the strong masculine site owner who still suckles his mother’s leather like worn teat had this to say concerning Bobb.

As the crowd of anus lickers gathered for the feast Mark Vaughn continued to beat his chest feverishly into a manly lusty roar.

BRAVO Mark BRAVO…Such heroism in the face of unknown danger brings a tear to my eye, could it be that Mark has finally grown up to become a man an internet warrior born to fight with blood and chiseled from stone ?

Blessed is the mongoloid

The GREAT ONE was not done …NO, for Mark the heroic god like warrior calls Bobb a…….”CHICKEN”……..Yeah well done Mark, that takes real guts there buddy. You show em who’s BOSS big daddy.

Oh and in case your wondering here is the post where our beauty trans gender queen argues with Michelle over the Honest Frank dispute, click the LINK below just in case you haven’t heard the vid.

I was recently informed of a dispute on Ivlog involving both Michelle and Jackielee, it seems to have exploded into allegations of pedophilia and the possible support or acceptance of such a lifestyle. I’ll let you judge how you feel on it, and thank you to whomever sent this in.

Now as all this Ivlog drama took place JakieLee’s channel was placed on lock down. No reason why but Jackie was quick to jump over to Vaughn at least for a little while.

This brings up the whole Jackie allowing cancerous comments about others in her casts, something Jackie has been known to do where it concerned Bobb. You may recall all this.

In the past JackieLee has been the Marylin Monroe of the blogs her grace and beauty have inspired many, but I do feel heartbroken and some what betrayed. Perhaps I shall run away and join a monkey circus please come and visit me Jackie I’ll be the bearded woman sleeping in my cage, the one crying a thousand tears with large breasts and a tiny penis.