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This is what happens when you get bored folk sitting around on a skype call, it quickly deteriorates into a mess on how taxes support welfare and building a wall around the border to keep illegal immigrants out. Somewhere in the middle it becomes kinda funny as Realman begins to yell and sing his opinion out he eventually removes the other fella from the call and kills the entire conversation….Thank to those who sent in the videos.

If you feel like having more Realman in your day enjoy the below video on his opinion oh how …

“Realman deserves his FREE money, but black people just want welfare according to him”…


Ok so I know a GUY who knows a GUY who once knew this other GUY, ya and HE sent me this video you see so thank you to that GUY. Btw don’t hate you and the vids are welcomed….appreciate the laughs.

It features Randallman going on about having SEX with his cousin and well……… can listen to it for yourselves. Now the videos are dated 2016 but since the individual went to the trouble of sending them in I thought we’d have a giggle it being Friday and all.

This does take me back to the time Randall was sent those CUM stained purple panties by an anonymous “LADY” that later turned out to be a male, but that’s anotherย  hilarious post from the past. And with that being said this is the first official Randallman post ever on this blog.