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Funny little email was sent to me in the form of just text, so I made a video of it and added a lil of my own special love. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

All credit to the person who sent in the email… cute.

The holidays can make people do strange things and one of my favorite casters recently had a strange request. 🎀 Thanks for the screen grabs.

Well to be honest Karen was hammered and it does seems her passion can sometimes take her away and make her…….moist and feral.

In sexual frustration she bans Faroe. You snooze you lose…King
But we know where the Ex King of Ivlog is……

Faroe you missed out on the chance of a life time, there are not enough vivacious women like Karen floating around so when the opportunity presents itself you have to ride that mare till your ass cheeks are chaffed with love….kappeeeeesh ? 🎁

Oh and one more thing you make sure you buy Karen 12 fresh god damn eggs or I swear to god you’ll answer to me. 🎅  🎁

It was as if some strange dark sorcery covered the land, it’s evil taint brought together some of the most bizarre diabolical nut cases known to humanity. It was a night of mayhem and singing was on the agenda.

Perhaps it was a need to mate with a farm animal or to make animal type poop sounds, either way evil was afoot and there was no escaping it’s haunting allure..Let’s face it every one loves a train wreck. We just got 2 for the price of one in one night. Lucky us.

But as the singing festivities reached it’s fevered pitch the great Faroe decided to clean house with some good old fashioned bans.

Sure has been one of those days, but for our sweet Christian loving and most wise Jessica……well let me just say her hair line may have traveled down her back side another 18 inches before being introduced to her fanny.

It may have begun last night in Dlive as The EX king of Ivlog had his life threatened. And Jessica was muted ??? Oh oh I smell treachery.

Now I am in NO WAY claiming our innocent Jessica was behind this however several hours later Jessica is banned from Ivlog.

She Immediately ran to Ivlog to inform them of the injustice she suffered and the actions she would then take if she could not enter her accounts.

This is the part I’m confused over since she was able to place a message on her wall but was banned. Made no sense to me oh well.

But all is fine since Ivlog is DEAD anyways ….right ?

In her fragile yet narcissist state of mind the virtuous Jessica then decided to make an iconic post expressing her mental and spiritual pain and sorrow.


I personally thought the post would reflect her own victory as a strong fierce woman who has found direction and comfort in such classic Disney films as The LittleLUST Mermaid. Where she could then describe her own spiritual life being transformed and finding deeper meaning. This was not to be instead at 3am as her emotional plight rung through every church temple and synagogue known to man, the entire world waited with bated breath. Could the Queen be banned ?

At this point my sultry nipples were humming a crescendo fit for angels in leather ass less chaps as more NEWS was brought forward by Jessica revealing her new home that was to be Vaughn live…..again. Somehow she didn’t seem pleased by this.

Now at this point I have no clue if our fungus QUEEN of Ivlog is banned or not, so I would like to offer up Jessica’s hand to the master dead man sorcerer himself Von Helton may they both have many seconds of happiness together and time travel to another time realm possibly back to the stone age. Yabba dabba dooooooooo.

However god bless you Jessica ? Let us all hope you find peace in Ivlog and retain your crown for Ivlog does deserve you my sweet <3.

Major thank you to those of you who sent in screen grabs used on this post.