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An assortment of all sorts of nonsense, some may be recent some I have no clue. Thanks to those for the images.

Jackie Lee is still missing and presumed to no longer exist. May have to do with being Doxed ?
Vaughn live had some naughty porn playing early this morning, and Merman had only 1 thing on his mind and it wasn’t cats.
“Hey those who didn’t know the carnivorous virus can live in your stool as well, so people think breathing the air is dangerous try sharing a bathroom with someone who does not flush ”

Am I over analyzing or is Jessica letting us know that certain family members of her household do not flush or is this some form of admittance of guilt ???

I personally enjoy soft padding to my stool, makes my delicate bum feel safe.
I cannot confirm or deny but it was explained to me that this may be Marauder and a male companion, perhaps a family member who followed her home ?
From what I was told when Freethrow isn’t sending out his willy pic he does part time modeling in his bathroom. However recently he’s decided to come out and share his personal experience with a public announcement, that this is the new Freethrow complete with sex change and a brand new mangina….Congratulations on the penis removal.

Personally I’ve never seen him look better. He needs to sign up with a model agency.

Faroe admits to ddosing Ivlog

A recent Thursday night Faroe rant had him going off for several hours, as he was fuming over the fact one of his DLive gaming friends removed him from the Fortnight group and the other refused to play with him. Someone should play with him.

The pain in my heart is too much, and as I type this post with tears rolling down my eyes I can only hope that the greatest caster the world has ever known shall one day return to us. All credit to Blubber Whale for this latest Faroe info.

Please lord as I go through my day as your humble servant, let Faroe find his big online tits and may he finally say something that actually makes sense by removing that dildo from his watery dripping mouth….Amen

Faroe living it up on Dlive as he became the new king over the weekend. A number of folks decided to join him after the King terminated his account several times over. His new shtick of late is whining how sad he is and how his depression turn him into the “Evil Faroe”…No joke.

He deactivates his channel several times over in hopes of getting views, something a child would do. But seriously do you have big tits ??? ( O ) ( 0 )

Funny little email was sent to me in the form of just text, so I made a video of it and added a lil of my own special love. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

All credit to the person who sent in the email… cute.

The holidays can make people do strange things and one of my favorite casters recently had a strange request. 🎀 Thanks for the screen grabs.

Well to be honest Karen was hammered and it does seems her passion can sometimes take her away and make her…….moist and feral.

In sexual frustration she bans Faroe. You snooze you lose…King
But we know where the Ex King of Ivlog is……

Faroe you missed out on the chance of a life time, there are not enough vivacious women like Karen floating around so when the opportunity presents itself you have to ride that mare till your ass cheeks are chaffed with love….kappeeeeesh ? 🎁

Oh and one more thing you make sure you buy Karen 12 fresh god damn eggs or I swear to god you’ll answer to me. 🎅  🎁