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I don’t know about you but I can’t seem to keep up with Faroe and his constant flip flopping confusing riff raff blah blah blah that he creates for himself 24/7…It’s a regurgitating mind bending soap opera that never seems to end.


But sent in an email it reads………..

“Faroe flips out cause he is accused of being in the “pedo party”. As a result, he goes on a banning spree which includes a confused an upset new caster named psicopath1970

On a side note psicopath1970 is a legend that no ones ever heard of there now you’ve been informed … You’re welcome.

Thanks for the video

~Faroe now wigs out on Maddog~

“Follow up to the stuff just sent, now Faroe is fighting with Mad Dog cuz Mad Dog is sweet on Jessica”


5 seconds of Maddog blowing hot air from his orifice tells me all I need to know lol…So obvious. He’s either trying to be ignorant of the facts or he simply doesn’t know any better ..You decide.

Can you say simp ? Clearly he’s NEW to the scene and see’s nothing but boobs …… Hmmmm who else thinks like this.. Gee I wonder ?


Thanks for the video

With all this bickering wouldn’t you know it Maddog and Faroe are now friends…Terrific.. wonder how long that’ll last bet as soon as Maddog says something flirty like to Jessica Faroe wigs out, you’ll see lol.



My thoughts….. Faroe do what you do best and play video games and sing songs this whole pedo investigating thing that your trying to create or be a part of isn’t for you. Keep it simple like and let the real juicy stuff remain out of your hands your sinking and the more you thrash about like a fish out of water the deeper you sink. Just stay clear.

It’s one thing to have Jessica be dim witted slow with donkey leveled iq but when other jack asses follow suit then there may be a cause for concern.

Such as the group I now name as the “PEDO PARTY”..


The Pedo Party are a motley group of low intelligent unique individual dip shits dedicated to supporting the pedophile life style as well as lying about the truth in hopes of deflecting it away from it’s source.

What makes today so different is the fact Faroe along with Crabz are now not only friends but now congregate in Jessica ‘s chat as mods….

As Jessica walked away from her chat an image popped up showing us something no one has notice before…….On the bottom left the words can be seen..

As some of you may know themaster420x is Adumb the registered sex offender, there are those who believe he may be hiding on Vaughn live watching and possibly directing Jessica……


Only minutes after I expose this information Jessica quickly becomes aware…and makes the changes.

She then changes the image by removing any involvement from themaster420x….Clearing any association with him. Even Faroe runs off knowing he’s made a grave mistake today.

The final image clearly illustrating the truth in Jessica’s sad attempt at hiding the facts.