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All credit to the person who sent this in to me…

This screen grab was taken recently over in Ivlog as the “King”of Ivlog bragged about his recent female LOVE conquests. From what I gather he’s been dating a bevy of beauties lately and has even joined a dating site called “LuveMe”

And here she is in all her glory. Now don’t be too jealous of the great one lol

But we did find some other beauties that tickled his fancy <3

You ladies man you hahahahahah

Someone (a certain female) was kind enough to send me this Youtube video last night, as they laughed pointing out that Faroe is nothing more than a joke….Well we all knew that.

This is dedicated to Faroe…enjoy <3

Several days ago on an Ivlog cast Faroe decided to DOX Merman, rumors suggest Merman may have harmed himself due to being heartbroken over Faroe’s rejection. I cannot confirm or deny this but from what I was to obtain the DOX was brought on by Merman annoying Faroe.

However on a another note King fatty Faroe continues to have his Twitch Game of Throne channels deleted one at a time.

Just an example of 2 of the Game of Throne channels deleted by anonymous individuals….Can’t make this shit up.

Still waiting for the Faroe police to hack this blog and remove all of the images.

Faroe anxiety

Another hilarious night of buffoonery as the slow of wit plump Faroe falls once again to his own stupidity by outwitting himself as he announces numerous DMCA Twitch channels that continue to become reported and deleted.

His RAGE that could be barely be contained within Ivlog. Can’t make this shit up lol…..

With JackieLee’s absence from Ivlog the GREAT one Faroe can now be the conqueror he was born to be. House of the Rising moron can now be the song that make females wet their pants in orgasmic delight.