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And thank you to everyone who sent something in.

I know what you’re going to say who cares about Ivlog caster of the year seriously  ??

Well some one when to the trouble to send this in so I figure lets play along and maybe we can have some fun with it.

A quote sent in… “Don’t forget to vote in the ivlog caster awards 2018”

However I made the comment below and still with no response.

In reply to ivlog awards.

k…You forgot a whole bunch for example.
Who’s the biggest bitch on ivlog ?
Who’s the biggest moron on ivlog ?
Who’s the biggest whiner on ivlog ?
Who’s the biggest PEDO on ivlog ?
Who’s the biggest whore on ivlog ?
Who’s the biggest drunk on ivlog ?
Who’s the biggest FREE loader on ivlog ?

The below LINK is there if anyone wishes to vote.

As you can see Stupid fat bastard or as I call him Humpty Dumpty is in the lead with 68 votes, and in case your wondering I voted for Mae for the simple reason I really don’t care for any of these silly bastards and never watch them but I did spend time watching Mae’s vagina so I figure that has to count for something. So the weird chick gets my vote.

I just noticed this stupid pig has no eyebrows lol…I was like what’s going on here hahahahahahahaha.As far as Crazy caster of 2018, I voted for the crazy vagina woman again.

Making this post made me wanna go poo poo.



I’d like to thank the person who sent me in the 2 vids of last nights cast, personally I hadn’t thought of what to place up until about 4am as I was tinkling in the kitchen sink, the idea came upon me and so here you have it.

I thought it so cute the chubby man child letting everyone know in his cast that he wanted Jessica for Christmas …so cute….°~•♥ஜ♥•~°

He then states that Jess will be his girlfriend and be his greatest gift on the Christmas….How romantic <3…..°~•♥ஜ♥•~°

Some videos from past posts and a thank you to the person who sent them into me.

Happy Holidays from the seductive transgender wonder of Ivlog as he manges to not only grope herself but fall over during last nights cast. All credit to Topcat for this healthy holiday dose of prairie fairy shenanigans.

suck my penis.gif

I really do get a kick out of seeing this side of Jackie, but next comes the fall……………………..

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up springs to mind…. However all was not about Jackie no, Zelda got into the act and decided to moon Ivlog. Just in case you’re not up to speed click the link below. And from what I gather Jackie had her own lil moon mishap as well although it was not recorded.

Merry Christmas Jackie may your trans gender casting days be filled with plenty of good spirit and softer landings, if not wear a ton of padding like Helton does.


It’s that time of year again and as usual bless his lil heart Frank Taylor has once again graced us with his Go Fingerme account in hopes of receiving joy and cash donations from his ever loving cash cows on Vaughn. $$$$$$

You to have the fortunate opportunity to be blessed to give to Frank Taylor as much cash as possible and make his holidays season that much brighter, so hand over your CASH to Frank Taylor and show him you care. What would giving be during the holidays if it were not for Frank Taylor ?

All credit to Vaughnsucks for this recent update.