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The email sent stated..

“Thought I’d send you some material, Faroe is describing sex acts among men not being gay lmfao yeah okay… “

And if that were it then I’d be content and that would be fine….however.

My issue with the video is the fact that some one has gone out of their way by attempting to mislead me into believing that the video was recorded by LilPunk….and it isn’t. Now I have no love for LilP nor her simple minded tracked religion to her egocentric deity site owner with his thumb rings however it will never be my intention to place false content to this blog.

A blog is only as good as it’s last post, and that post only as good as the content. I try to the best of my ability to place honest content as it is, NOT how one wishes to create it. Yes from time to time I may embellish a video with sounds, whistles and effects but that’s for comical effect. But to purposely mislead the viewer is a NO NO to try and mislead ME is a MISTAKE.

Now as stated in the above this video was NOT recorded by LilPunk….You can decide for yourself as to the content of the video and Faroe’s sexually charged misguided comments. For the record Faroe has stated numerous times in Vaughn that he did like men a little bit so as far as I’m concerned no big news here. Let’s face it Faroe is an idiot.

To the lil Missy Mouse …WINK WINK….who sent me the video…DEAR <3…..Please for future reference try to refrain from those that misguide and use you to do their bidding. You are simply being used as a pawn to further spread their anger against those who have banned them from Ivlog (LilPunk). Now I strongly suggest you read THY BIBLE and learn from THY mistakes, I shall be addressing such ungodliness in my next sermon…amen.

I’d like to thank those for the screen grabs of what has become social medias dirty sweaty armpit….. Ivlog.

The below image of Hardwood holding up a cat exposing it’s backside was sent into me about a day or so ago. I haven’t a clue as to what was going on here so I wont elaborate further. However upon closer inspection it may look like he has his finger where it shouldn’t be. Not sure.

An email sent to me last night with the words …“Faroe & Jessica sure are some strange bedfellows.”Wasn’t it last week Jessica had her cast on Ivlog’s casters of the year for 2018 and joked that she was thrilled Faroe hadn’t won ?  Can you say bedfellows ?

I think these two were meant for one another brought on by some spiritual intergalactic mental institution that hands out meth filled twinkies.

Some fun silly stuff sent in however from my end alot of head shaking and head scratching …What’s going on with folks now a days ??





Something I had forgotten all about that took place last week as the mighty one FAROE was completely frustrated over the fact our dear sweet Karuns had given him mods. Imagine that in most cases an individual becomes angry when they don’t receive mods but in Faroe’s case he’s upset when a caster mods him….how odd lol………..Can you say….BI POLAR NUTTY WANG BANG BINGY BOOM BOOM ???

Oh and btw Faroe please come by the blog so I may mod you, and chill lol

Not just any Viking Princess but a special one dear to our hearts <3

Thank you to the person who handed in the video. And of course our #1 Gif maker and the pics on the post.








I’m not going to go into what the Super Moon is you can do a GOOGLE research yourself, but what I can tell you is that it’s no different then a regular full moon and if you know what that means then the crazies come out to play in full force.

So we had the biggest cry baby of all time Adam Paul Stuart Browne literally throw a massive BITCH FIT simply because he was banned from this blog…Thanks to me lmao…You see BITCH you are no body to me and to those of us here. I simply refuse to allow your kind to be on this blog, so take your $2 BITCH FIT and place it up your ass you retarded lil CUNT. Funny how sensitive Adum Paul Stewart Browne gets when a guest states that Adum had been jailed in the past for the RAPE of that teen girl.But at the end No one needs or wants you near them. Your parents should have strangled you with that piece of filth your mother called an umbilical chord as you lay in between your mothers legs freshly spewed forth from her sagging moist VAGINA.

SIMPLY PUT…..I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU WANT….EAT A PLATE OF SHIT AND SHUT UP.As the CRY BABY vented his anger, another misbegotten soul made her way into the worthless $14 thousand dollar site known as Ivlog. Which btw isn’t worth $2k nowadays funny to know my very own computer is worth more than the whole damn site lmao.To a MASSIVE WORLD ATTENDING RECORD of 51 live viewers she stole the stage spewing her ill feelings directed towards the mutant unwanted teen girl rapist better known as Adum Paul Stuart Browne of Burlington Ontario. Burps and smiles ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ) ◙‿◙  ≧◡≦ …….I did warn you the “CRAZIES” would come out.

I have no idea as to what her RANTS were about nor do I care…THEY CAN ALL GO RIM JOB EACH OTHER into OBLIVION.. But to say she was upset seemed an understatement lmao…God I love this.

However much to everyone surprise Faroe was crushed by Jessica and was terrible upset….Oh well.Maybe someone should take them both for a walk…I VOTE Shawnio …He’s GREAT at picking up dog shit and piss lmao

A huge thank you to the devious minds who sent in pics…gifs or vids….And if you think this was something just wait till I drop Ben’s NUDE cam4 pics …..ohhhh man, stay tuned.