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Again I would like to thank our friend for sending me this information in the form of an email, plus I would especially like to thank UK Troll a UK based blog that has dedicated their time exposing those calling themselves UKmuppets and for bringing forth this latest scoop and DOX on Luke Robinson (Banepawns). More on him later on in the post.

However as of this very week a flock of tiny birds informed me of a sad cry  (´ᗣ`) cry lil weak germ named Darren Lee Sayward a middle aged father who’s watery mouth lusted for a teen girl on Vaughn live for 3 years so much in fact he was forced to make a happy birthday post in her name. His ecstatic screams of joy spewed forth like a fountain of orgasmic toxic waste, and his foul lusty stench could be smelled for miles all over the internet as he finally found out SHE WAS A FEMALE oh my goodness. Horaaaaayyyyyyyyy joy….squelch… fart…. burp….plop.

However on his latest washy post he’s literally begging folks to bring him content to his hypocritical deceptive blog of false allegations. His tears of woe could be heard echoing across the Atlantic Ocean …PLEEEEEEEEASE… he cries ….PLEASE BRING ME CONTENT…and so without content he has been forced to retire from his active drinking blogging schedule. (๏̯๏) ◕︵◕.


It wasn’t all that long ago that Luke Robinson (Banepawns) beat his chest by informing everyone as to his involvement with Brahim Soltani (Babs) on harassing Chris While. With crank calls, bullying and pizza deliveries on the menu one can only wonder as to what will be cooked up when the tables are turned..

After reading the above image from this other UK based blog my only question to you Darren Lee Sayward of the PEDOpuppets will YOU use this latest CONTENT on your blog ? Will YOU expose one of  your own allies on your blog or will you casually look to your next pint of frothy beer and fondle yourself to a new girl teen online crush by turning another blind eye to the truth, just so you may save face and avoid the accusing finger ? Let’s be honest Darren Lee Sayward your lack of content is not due to social media’s decline it’s due to your lack of readers interest and your false posts and inept blogging. More on this for another day another post.

So there you have it an addition to a previous post I did Dec 20th 2018 in which exposing another sordid member of the UK Pedopuppets Brahim Soltani (Babs) who has been actively trolling and making a career from harassing others online since he was 14. If you need to get up to speed I suggest you click the LINK below.

Stalking girls in a gym and a crumb for your thoughts

You claim there’s no content on todays social media sites, perhaps the daily strain of your hypocrisy and flimsy ego finally getting to you ?

I receive emails and information for posts on a daily basis what’s your excuse ?

All credit to the person who sent this in to me, but as well as blogger named UK Troll who seems to have some inside information and some major insight dirt on two well known troll/stalkers both being from UKmuppets pedo factory of teen mouthwatering lust, Babs/Brahim Soltani and Bane Pawns. OOhhh Darren Sayward you certainly are a flock of nasty birds who fly together aren’t you ?

Now as stated at the top from what I gather it’s merely a tease of what’s to come so I’ll keep you posted to any future updates, but it’s also come to my attention recently that Babs has been ip banned from Ivlog not sure why, however he claims he uses two ip vpns to continue to gain access to the site.

For those of you not familiar with this individual you may wish to read on past post all about Brahim Soltani of the UK pedo puppets.

As a side note this lil shit stain has been stalking and trolling with the pedo puppets since the tender age of 14 yrs old.

Oh one more thing Brahim Soltani of Leeds England I’m still waiting for all that LEGAL verbal diarrhea you dished out to Faroe several weeks ago to come my way for as more folks learn about your shenanigans and your dark seedy reputation I’m sure the Leeds UK police with have more than a few questions to ask you. Oh but excuse me they already did didn’t they ?

So come on Babs take your best shot……Since you claim you DOXED me and know all about me this should be easy peasy yeah ?

Make the call to the police I dare you……………………Send your submissions to:

Hey there remember me ?

Ya know it’s one of those things that’s been happening for about 7 or 8 years when on JTV Chiwave as he was known back then would be trolled and that same results would take place, but if anyone were to tell me in 2018 the SAME thing would happen again and again and again, I’d tell them they’re an idiot and walk away. However all credit and thank you for the video in this post…nice job.

I’m left speechless that what I started back then is now taking place again on another site lol….

I can’t make this up…

In the video Faroe proudly announces to the world he has met a female who wishes to have sex with him (giggles) However poor Faroe has recently come to discover his sweet heart was not the princess he had hoped for….poor silly bastard.

So imagine you spend the next 3 years of your life chatting up sexy talk with a person you have NO IDEA as to their sexuality or anything about them. Except YOU THINK and HOPE it’s a female, and then one day POOF she does a cast and OOHHHH MMMYYYYY GAAAWDD the relief you feel explodes from your anus like a nuclear killa ton explosion…And……….suddenly…………you…………are…………a…………

And to think there’s more than one of them out there….imagine that lol.




As we’ve all known for the last 2 years Darren Lee Sayward is Karl Davies from the PEDOpuppets. However it began sometime back in 2013/14 as Darren Sayward was rejected by a group of UK dj casters. Unable to cope he then quickly fell into hate mode by making the following statement during a Vaughn live cast.



The angry death statement hit list can be seen on the above pic, it was this very statement that had Darren Sayward BANNED from Vaughn. A clear indication as to his frail mental health and hatred for the same group of UK djs that refused Darren/Karl into their casting group. So sad old man…have a pint.

To cover up his identity he has made a weak attempts to pretend to be 2 different individuals, we know this is the same person. He even went as far as mentioning how he made his blog for the soul purpose to troll and attack the same UK dj group by admitting the anger he felt towards them for rejecting him from their clique. Such a sad state of affairs was Darren/Karl’s mental state at the time that he went as far as using a British actors name (Karl Davies) as his own to try an promote his site.So senile and ridiculous is simple Darren Sayward/Karl he not only pretends to be another person making silly posts on another blog, but he makes the same mistake twice in a row…By making another “Happy Birthday Wintard” post……hahahahahahaah this guys a moron of the highest disorder.

You may recall this from 2016 as he was EXPOSED for his perverted lust of a vulnerable teen girl called Wintard who took her own life ???

The LINK down below documents and exposes Darren Sayward/Karl with his very own lusty Youtube video.

Darren Sayward’s aka UKPedopuppets SECRET perverted love interest in Wintard

In the above pic you can see a guest warning Windtard about the advances of Darren Sayward/Karl, no one would guess in time she would take her own life perhaps it was a warning/foreboding of things to come.

TRIBUTE to Darren Lee Sayward aka UKpedopuppets

You’re a pathetic excuse little man, a real nobody who cried over a teen girl who you openly admitted to STALKING and MAKING SEXUAL comments and advances in chat rooms. Sooner or later KARMA’S going to catch up to you….pervert of young teen girls. I can’t begin to imagine what other depraved secrets lay in your dark closet. Thanks to all for the screen grabs and information used on this post.

What some of you are saying…..


ivlog makes pedos so cuddly and comfortable big sexual child predators like menellie feel so cozy he sits in his underpants masturbates with toothless John seeing menellie milky body was enough to make be bring up ,menellie has a body of someone who has not worked for 20 years ,menellie the 45 year old wanna be ice Poseidon ,who thinks we have forgotten what he has done ,watching his greasy perv smile high on alcohol feeling like hes got away with abusing and sexualy abusing a special mental needs man and then destroying his victim for exposing him,yes Christopher While was manipulated,and brain washed and sexually abused by menellie, don’t forget menellie came down from Scotland to see chris before strange things came up on his computer shortly after.ENTER _ the Court Clerks records:

In reply to huntingBobb…..

well i think Karl Davis aka Darren Sayward [Sports Media Mogul ] and his trash gossip blog also played a considerable role in the downfall of their once loved ‘comedy-gold’ obsession.
Davis one of the UKs greatest online hypocrites and gossip mongers used and also abused this person on a sycophantic and unending as a daily topic of their concentrated gang stalking harassment and trollstalking of that individual.
When Mr Whiles antics were revealed by Sayward/Davis Proxy Nellie as both these men have a noteworthy and disturbing interest in young underage internet users; they then threw their once golden egg to the wolves, while some say they actually instigated and provided Mr While with the files /sharing that got him eventually prosecuted .Sayward knows various organizations have been regularly monitoring his blog, exactly why it is as dead as his brainwave pattern. The very Fact his blog regulars gloated in their gang stalking and harassment, their perverse enjoyment of tormenting this man on a again unending scale, certainly openly appreciating the visible and marked deterioration of their victims life, mental wellbeing and decision making impaired skill set and decision making abilities,after months of non stop Karl Davis attention and comedy gold fan club attention.
Fortunately there are still examples of gang/group harassment, skype calls, group fraudulent and ultimately criminal harassment activity all openly chatted and shared on Davis’Saywards chat group on his online gossip blog.
Saywards criminal online activities have not singularly been devoted to mentally challenged online victims but has also been criminally prosecuted in public court for piracy and theft of DMCA protected property. The fact such a prosecution exists is not only very telling of how unoriginal and criminally culpable behavior Sayward is prepared to resort to.
Davis/Sayward shares his disturbing obsession with young online persons with Nellie and a few of the known associates you can expect to encounter on his Notorious gossip site or its chatroom.We were recently made privy to an upcoming piece on Mr Whiles gang stalking victimization and how even funds were secured to cover travel costs of a few of the Main antagonists in the [Ongoing] While case, Court Clerk notes even document the expulsion and blatant disregard for law order or the Queens Court regulations, as attempts were even made to film their victim during one of the most influential and impending moments of his life ,appearing in said court.
The reality and fact these individuals were even present is bizarre in itself but that they ultimately were expelled from the court hearing, their obsession even resulting in them being apprehended trying unsuccessfully to re enter the court building they were ejected from earlier, a sad and shocking fact of just how far and criminally obsessed these people will go to further their vindictive and cruel pleasure derived from their victims public court appearance.
The almost daily calls While received,threatening extensive custodial sentences , sharing their cruel pleasure even with While often.
The upcoming article not only collates whiles decent into criminal obscene online criminal offenses but the inextricably linked association with Sayward ,Nellie and their willing proxies influence and gang stalking activities.
the ultimate conclusion whether if or not their roles hugely affected While his decision making and the Fact Sayward and Nellie provided the criminal media ,While was prosecuted for is left to the reader but again its roles influence and association is now and always linked to this confronting reality of social Media and its toxic effect on young peoples lives today.

The above comments definitely speak for themselves. I’m sure there will be more to come for by now we all know just how touchy and frightened the individuals being mentioned in the post truly are. Great comments, thank you for taking the time to write them out and send them to me appreciate them all.