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Well well well it was only a matter of time before the “King” (Faroe) would transfer his belongings to another hen house of interent LOVE <3…but first…..

” hi everyone i am a new streamer i used to stream on other average site called vaughnlive tv and ivlog tv i was there popular caster now i just moved here becuase someone told me about this site and you can gain money whatever you do on your stream my name is jogvan jacop i am 37 years old i live with ppl where i live i live on faroe islands our country is on North Atlantic Ocean i got skype and discord and facebook and twitter i got allmost everything”

“Average” huh did he just poop on all them suckers in Ivlog ??? ….You bet ya he did lol…Can’t make this shit up. And to think he actually did a cast on Ivlog dropping his NEW link for everyone to see…Oh ohhhhhhhhhhh.

And looks who’s already joined the shit show

In actuality this maybe a 2 in 1 post as other casters like Jackilee and now Faroe jump SHIT to greener pastures elsewhere, and the possible reasons WHY ?

Since this new RULE was implemented things do seem kinda scant. Is the honey moon period finally over, does the Ivlog circle jerk CUM clique look a lil thin now a days since the whole “GUEST” thing has taken place ??? Could it be other casters are moving out of the party house ??…Oh my.

As usual upon reading this post a couple of them living in denial broken hearted sweet hearts from the circle jerk will send a message whining to me as they’ve done for the last couple of years…Too bad so sad that your PEDO shit chit chat is falling apart and continues to break from the inside.

Of course some sucker WILL take the bait…

Have I ever told you I can’t make this shit up ? …………Well I can’t, but not since the great war HERO Helton has anyone metamorphosed into more comic book characters than he.You may recall his PUNISHER days as he single handedly fought the Yakuza the M9 street gang and just about every other type of bad guy you could think of.And of course who could forget the time he stated that it was he who was picked to be in the X-MEN film as Wolverine instead of Hugh Jackman.

Keeping with his delusional comic fantasy world Helton has of late decided to turn his hand to sorcery and the mystical arts. 


His mighty mystical powers are so mind baffling that not even HE may conjure a spell to clean his home or the floor he flies upon. However Helton has a few tricks up his sleeve as the mighty wise sorcerer has made a video of himself discussing his future plans in fighting evil with sorcery and the dark arts.And there you have his cryptic words have already struck FEAR in the darkened souls of his enemy so BEWARE you have been warned foul demons of the internet world.

This video is going to be a unique video and has never been done before …HISTORY has been made once again by the GREAT ONE… HELTON.

He has been working very hard at becoming a sorcerer a master of the mystical arts, and has ordered the magical tools to actually create a SCROLL/ SPELL to wage WAR against EVIL. If you have 20 min to kill some brain cells go for it I did warn you lol.


And finally the transformation is complete the master sorcerer is now born…..In time for Halloween ?..Thank you to our friends for sending in these mystical magical videosYup I can’t make this shit up












In just under 24 hours 2 casters have left Ivlog, one being the PEDOPHILE Ryan hifi and the other being the Viking misfit and self proclaimed King of Ivlog, master of his own anus the sexual oozing humpty dumpty….FAROE

An actual quote from PEDO Ryan FieldsCongratulations! After 5 years or so of trying, you have successfully bullied me completely off of all social media and the internet. My health issues are for myself, my family, and my loved ones to know about – not some sicko peons online. Congratulations especially to the REAL head of this blog, Llilpunk1984.

Ok so let’s get this straight Ryan the idiot spews on Facebook and discusses personal matters, but is now turning the whole thing around by calling out folks as sicko peons”

However imagine my surprise as none other than Lilpunk was named as the “REAL HEAD” head of this blog… I fell over and peed myself silly from laughter. Wow you seriously can’t make this shit up, but somehow Lilpunk1984 is the head blogger or perhaps the REAL Monkeysniffer ?

What’s truly funny here is that it was Ryan and his perverted sexual comments and sudden angry outbursts that placed him in hot water with his Ivlog friends to begin with…So all credit to Ryan on a job well executed. Bravo cryan Ryan retard who wishes to have sex with a 6 week old child …BRAVO. And thank you to the person who sent in the screen grabs.

Now as far as the KING of CUMvlog goes we all know if we give him till supper time he’ll be casting right as rain and forgetting the whole thing ever happened.

But before he ran off he was kind enough to bid a fond farewell to his favorite site Ivlog.

I may cry over this, you do realize the sun may never shine again for me. Perhaps if we strike a DEAL with Faroe he may decide to cast again on Ivlog or maybe just offer him up some bewbs……………….( o ) ( 0).