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We’ve all known for years that the rapist sex offender Adam Paul Stuart Browne has always been a complete flop as a caster. It’s never been a secret that his zero charisma and lack luster dull intelligence have made him a laughing joke of the internet, everywhere he slithers he’s either banned or humiliated on just about every site he’s ever been on so why should any thing change now ?

Or has it ?

Recently Adumb’s TWITCH viewer followers have increased by double in mere days, is this a sign that Adumb has become a bonified TWITCH caster or perhaps something else ?


There are those of you who have noticed the dramatic spike in followers and have signaled a red flag by questioning it’s authenticity.

Lol this morning Adumb had 226 followers now he is up too 343… if you notice all the bot names are female added roughly at the same times, same day lmao.. You are welcome today he has 439 followers LOL!!… Again all female names lol.”

Are twitch bots illegal? ….. Is Viewbotting Illegal? Currently, viewbotting is not illegal and is considered a civil matter for now. Nevertheless, there is always the chance that a streamer viewbotting could be tried in court for wire fraud, but so far, that has yet to happen. Twitch has been vigorously dealing with the viewbotting epidemic.

A recent new follower with only 1 follower.

The below image is from Adumb’s list of followers, you can download the image by right clicking for a larger view.

What you may notice are not only most of his viewers female but many of the accounts were recently created, another interesting fact is that many of the so called accounts have but 1 viewer labeling them a “BOT” or program casters use to enhance or buff their weak numbers.


It’s believed Adumb has gone to a lot of trouble to create various accounts and has now begun to troll viewers in Glen’s room.

Adumb once again you’ve achieved grade “A” failure status as well a being a public joke that deserves to be ridiculed and embarrassed. Thanks for the giggles that you’ve provided to everyone here.

And thank you to those who sent anything in contributing to this post.

A news article I recently found and felt perhaps it may shed some light on how ineffective government LAWS can be and how the internet really works. Only more of an indication that we need to be responsive and pro active. It may surprise you when you discover just how vulnerable you are from online predators and sex offenders.

In today’s Big Story podcast, the sex offender registries are public in the US, and they exist in part so that prospective partners can be aware of past crimes. But on many popular dating apps, being a registered sex offender isn’t a barrier to creating an account. An investigation in the United States found again and again that offenders—even some who used the apps to find their victims in the first place—could simply create a new account and keep going.

We know that screening is possible because at least one popular site does it. And the owners of that site and app own three other popular services…that don’t screen. So why not?