This is in regards to the Foxman/Glen interview that resulted in Glen being suspended from TWITCH for a brief time.

At the time of the suspension all we were given were minor one sided details of the interview, Foxman had used racial slurs and then a suspension that’s it….However NOW we have more information that has surfaced from Foxman as well from LoveLeigh. And for this I’m exceptionally happy, and my reason for this is the mere fact most folks seemed to forget that the most important yet unmentioned detail in all this were…LoveLeigh’s CHILDREN.

But that has changed, and now from LoveLeigh…..

2020/11/24 LoveLeigh: “I still check the blogs on a regular basis and normally I don’t say anything but this has gone too far. Sure talk about me I am cool with that… I mean I am old news but that is beside the point really. The fact that he brought up my kids for shock value is fucked and I have made Glenn aware that I am not amused!!! Oh well back to work… keep up the good work Monkeysniffer!!! “

2020/11/24 Monkeysniffer: “Hi LoveLeigh thanks for your comment, would you like me to make a post using your comment or leave it as is and drop it ?
It’s up to you, your call. “

2020/11/24 LoveLeigh: “Sure go ahead make a post I just want it clarified that Shawn did not touch my kids he did not even meet my kids. And Glen really needs to use his brain before he goes talking especially when it is concerning other people’s children talk about me all you want that is cool I am grown but do not bring my kids into the conversation especially in that manner.”

Thank you to LoveLeigh for your comments and in hopefully clearing this up once and for all.

My though

Glen you owe LoveLeigh an apology, your greasy image certainly speaks volumes of you. After all you associate with deviant and most foul individuals who themselves are regarded as registered sex offenders and those who support such acts. Your weak attempts at being both funny and relevant are in itself truly comedic and toxic, and who can forget the non existent content of your dead casts, so I find creating a false situation and using innocent children for shock value as being truly low.

For those of you not clear as to what previously took place you may wish to click the below links to catch up.

Just a friendly reminder to several non believers concerning our blog comment count.

Because I do know for a fact this really gets up their noses.

٩( ´◡` )( ´◡` )۶

To treasure this heart warming moment I shall be personally handing out FREE salty belly button lint and yellow toe nail clippings.

Thank you all for your comments and support.

At first I was going to entitle this post…the good the bad and the ugly. Then I thought of three’s company. Finally I said screw it and place the post up, so get ready it’s going to be a long one with lots of tedious drama.

Jessica calls Karen a “fat cunt” along with other various things

Yes indeed Jessica slams Karen in this video that took place last night on Vaughn live, her reason ? Jessica claims Karen called her a “cunt” however we have no such proof to support Jessica’s claims.

In Jessica’s own words …“Two wrongs make a right.”

Karen prank calls the suicide hotline

Before Jessica became involved in all this we have Karen who on Thursday Nov 22 2020, decided to prank call the suicide hotline services located in Quebec Canada. Her reason was when anyone called the suicide line they were greeted with a french speaking support worker who refused to speak in english.

On Saturday Nov 21st not getting the response that Karen demanded from the worker on the hotline Karen then decided it would be a good idea to call multiple times to antagonize the caller and go as far as to call the worker a “cunt”.

I believe Karen called about 4/5 times last night, desperately trying to make a social/personal statement for other would be suicide callers.

To summarize briefly the police responded to Karen’s prank call dated Thursday Nov 19th, they managed to unchain the door lock, but somehow were halted at the door by a mattress that conveniently decided to lay on the floor in front of the door ?

OK sounds legit so far ?…You still with me there ?

Ryan emails me

Ryan then emails me and he states………

Ryan Fields Sat, Nov 21, 11:23 PM (18 hours ago) Reply

Tonight, I witnessed something horrible. JessicaLuvsJesus attacking MontrealKaren on vaughnlive, for absolutely no reason. Making fun of her alcoholism, which is a DISEASE, that’s like making fun of someone for having cancer. Making fun of her weight, body shaming. I’ve heard that video/audio was sent to Monkeysniffer’s blog. I certainly hope this is true and a post is made. I plan on also notifying SAMF2000 about his so called friend’s deplorable behavior (I’ve been talking with him every morning on his live youtube breakfast casts), if and when a post is made – so HE can finally be shown what this woman is like. To all the people I thought were trolls, I apologize. She fooled me and threw me under the bus for the 25th time or so tonight. She told me she wanted no drama. She was on twitch the other day, just her and I, and said ‘isn’t it peaceful’. Can you believe that? I guess TOO peaceful, because the drama free Jessica only lasted about 72 hours maximum.

So Jessica humpa lumpa head reacts with one of her blow up wah wah wah posts.

Says the FOOL who enjoys sucking her own toes while smelling her ass.

So in response to humpa lumpa heads post Ryan decided to challenge the woman child and ask 2 questions.

However feeling her vageen become increasingly hawt and wishing to clear her side of any wrong doing Jessica DELETES Ryan’s 2 challenging comments from her…crayon coloring book.

Wew… I’m winded now.

I may have a solution for both Jessica and Karen……for Ryan not so much..sorry.

Since both are extremely horny and needy for satisfaction I found them this MASSIVE battery to add to their toy to help ease the pain and throbbing suffering. I think I covered it all…I think.

Thank you to everyone who contributed on this post.

MERRY CHRISTMAS you sons of bitches.

Consider this a continuation from the previous Glen post, as FoxmanShawn has a few words directed towards Glensroom and his take on the interview/suspension fiasco that recently took place on Twitch. This resulted in Glen being suspended from Twitch due to Foxman using racial slurs on that very cast.

I did not witness the cast on Twitch nor do I have any evidence to support Foxman’s claims as I was busy having my legs waxed by granma, but I decided to allow Foxman his say and let lose as he holds nothing back.

I do recall……

Back in either 2014/2015 when Foxmam and Lovely met in that hotel room on Halloween night it was confirmed by Lovely that her children were in bed at home being taken care of by a close friend. Foxman had traveled by bus a fair way to meet Lovely, they were drinking but there was never any discussion or mentioning of children that night.

After getting over the short suspension from TWITCH for allowing racial slurs during his cast, Glen has now been official banned from Ivlog. Thank you for the screen grabs used on this post

The reason is due to “promoting another site” and that site is TWITCH.

This is against “Terms of Service section 7.”

Not leaving quietly Glen had this it say, he trashes Ivlog and Cr3am..Ouchy. I personally find the part about Glen’s “investigation” into Cr3am particularity funny.

However his TWITCH suspension was as recent as Oct.

Dated Oct 23rd 2020.

My thoughts………

Seriously I think it’s wonderful that for 5 long whole years Glen never had the spine or nerve to actually say anything to Cr3am but remained on the site feasting feverishly sucking and licking Cr3am’s anus. But NOW ..OH BOY watch out he’s got guts as he jumps up and down like a clown beating his chest for the world to witness like some champion as he goes on about Copyright material and his investigation…Seriously ?

Glen you were never a big or smart man for 5 years, you’ll certainly never be a big or smart man anytime soon no matter how many emails you send. What’s funny in all this is that you sound too much like Jessica crying over spilled milk with your “investigation”…Pff.

Sorry Glen never gonna happen in any life time. You make yourself look weak.