A quote sent in from the man from U_N_C_L_E ..Illya Kuryakin “And Sam has closed his Youtube account. The power of the thumbs down weighed too heavily upon him, and so he has folded his tent and stolen off into the dark night of obscurity. I give it 10 days, then he’ll be back”

Is it true has Sam I am the fish eyed hobbit truly run off. And if so who shall create his magnificent delicious meals for us ?

Not to worry folks for I have taken it upon myself to collect some of Sam’s amazing online recipes and place them upon this blog for your palates delight.

Who could forget. Mystery meal in a can?
Or this mouth watering feast…Grass in a bowl
The ever popular..Roche chaude brute…Translation.
Raw hot rock

And of course I’ve saved the best for last.

“ASS SLOP”..the watery meal so good it slides right through you in seconds.

LOOK… even Sam’s enjoying the post as he gobbles up mouthfuls of white stuff….YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

And Sam remember….

From Topcat

During the last few weeks several of you have asked the question. What has become of Faroe the undisputed king of nothing and what has he been up to ?

Well since his Ivlog ban he mostly spends his time telling folks to leave him alone while he plays minecraft.

The days of him seeking the spotlight and online sexual gratification from big breasted womans are all but faded away like a whale’s fart on a summers breeze. Do whales even fart ?

And we don’t know why the girls don’t like you either great king, after all you are the most eligible bachelor of all time. Are you not ?

You do have to admit, Ivlog does seem rather sparse without it’s king. I’m sure his legions of mouth watering big breasted womans miss him dearly…..Thank you for the video and screen grabs used in this post.

A quote sent in several days ago, with 2 very sad videos….
“Moosenuckles’ son and mom confront him about him drinking himself to death”

Another dead end social broadcaster living the casters dream.

However both his mother and son try to intervene literally begging him to stop drinking. Thank you to the person who sent in the videos.

I particularly enjoyed the part when Mooseknuckles states he hopes his son could grow up and be man enough to realize substance abuse is not the way to go. His sons answer is spot on and right to the point.

A great example of what not to grow up and become…..DAD.

At one point you can hear the son almost break down as his so called father verbally abuses him. Mooseknuckle’s mother then steps in, but the nonchalant answers and attitude are brilliant as both mother and son trade off life changing words like “What do you mean? … What do you mean? “ over and over at each other… And then it ends with silence.

Mooseknuckles: It’s just a faze don’t worry about it. Welcome to my life muther fuckers.

Words to live by coming from an alcoholic caster living the dream.

Seriously how many times have we seen this play out on social broadcasting sites. It’s a real live soap opera where you can actually participate by sitting behind a keyboard and watching the train wrecks spew their lives for all to see. No photoshop here and I can’t make this shit up…CHEERS. You’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.

I’ve left what is in our chat for all to see, full credit to TypicalHater on this post……………..For as you can see.

Nothing was changed or painted in full view for all to witness. As usual I’ve had no part in any of this…or have I ??

For some strange reason my name is the one mentioned when I’m not even there to say a word…Perhaps Scruffy does care if this caster informs me ???

However Scruffy you’re right you don’t’ need to care about lil ol insignificant me after all I’m powerless, a mere nobody to your grande 10 million dollar site. A flea speck on the internet among an ocean of 7+ billion people living on planet earth. Hell I can admit to that any ol day. But you did mention Monkeysniffer after all didn’t you ? …. I wonder why ?

You may wish to consider the folks that use or better yet FINANCIALLY CONTRIBUTE to your site, and trust me…YOU DO CARE. It is with great joy I know for a fact your site is financially hurting and so are you. Conceited and bloated with ignorance on your paper throne of lies you foam at the mouth at the mere mention of a dollar, begging people to shut off ADBLOCK PLUS. And we still continue to say………..no.

I have always remained true to the idea of never bending ones knee or breaking ones back for ANY site owner, and I suggest you do the same. My thoughts are displayed at the bottom image.

The master of ASS SLOP has had his sensitive feelings hurt and he contradicts his every word with his latest YOUTUBE video that he removed mere minutes after I’ve received the link. Too late Sam I have it.

Seriously Sam what a load of verbal diarrhea spewing from your orifice. When it was YOU who made this statement.
Maybe you can’t recall, no problem I have the proof here. Scroll down to Sam’s video http://themonkeyasylum.com/?p=9886

You wanted to make reports and remove a blog that made you feel small and inadequate? A blog that made truthful statements about you and the company you kept. I’d poop on your kitchen floor and sit in it Sam…So go away fish eyed hobbit…..Go pay some bills, or have a nude shower cast.

I’m now removing all my barbie dolls and running away from home. You hurt me, YOU… TROPFNASENWURM …SO THERE.