I received two emails from two different sources during the week with attached screen grabs, one had this to say.

I reported UFC with screenshots from vaughn and ivlog. I got lots of emails from them forwarding to this department and that department, but here’s my final email with them:

What I find ironic is this seems to be a touchy subject for some and I can’t figure out why. Last post on this topic seemed to kick up a dust storm of tension. And a lot of you witnessed it.

Personally I find it amusing and nothing more than good ol fashioned blog fodder, but to a few it seems perhaps a more personal matter ?

Lets see…..And thank you for the emails.

An assortment of all sorts of nonsense, some may be recent some I have no clue. Thanks to those for the images.

Jackie Lee is still missing and presumed to no longer exist. May have to do with being Doxed ?
Vaughn live had some naughty porn playing early this morning, and Merman had only 1 thing on his mind and it wasn’t cats.
“Hey those who didn’t know the carnivorous virus can live in your stool as well, so people think breathing the air is dangerous try sharing a bathroom with someone who does not flush ”

Am I over analyzing or is Jessica letting us know that certain family members of her household do not flush or is this some form of admittance of guilt ???

I personally enjoy soft padding to my stool, makes my delicate bum feel safe.
I cannot confirm or deny but it was explained to me that this may be Marauder and a male companion, perhaps a family member who followed her home ?
From what I was told when Freethrow isn’t sending out his willy pic he does part time modeling in his bathroom. However recently he’s decided to come out and share his personal experience with a public announcement, that this is the new Freethrow complete with sex change and a brand new mangina….Congratulations on the penis removal.

Personally I’ve never seen him look better. He needs to sign up with a model agency.

Faroe admits to ddosing Ivlog

A recent Thursday night Faroe rant had him going off for several hours, as he was fuming over the fact one of his DLive gaming friends removed him from the Fortnight group and the other refused to play with him. Someone should play with him.

We have another coke induced mental meltdown all the way from Carlow Ireland, compliments of the greatest victim of all time crying IrelandspathologicalLiar Cleary. Try saying that 5 times.

He states….dated Feb 15th 2020

As usual the coke head anti-hero turned victim whines to a captivating audience (of one, himself).. Claiming he has literally escaped the clutches of DEATH once again….Snort snort……………….

But what the child stalker liar fails to grasp is that there is a little known slice of technology called GOOGLE, along with it comes many revealing facts. And facts are what Cleary shies away from.

Take note of the dates underlined, when this article was published Feb 13th 2020


In no way am I mocking the murder, but only wish to bring light to the ongoing verbal lying assault brought on by the queen of autism Sean Cleary that has lasted for over 8 yrs as he spends every waking moment crying all over the internet. Something this troll internet terrorist bully has successfully accomplished since his embarrassing DOX in 05/14/2017(grins to self). When will he learn his lesson ?

However it’s not the first time the lump headed chronic liar has made such false allegations.

I find it fascinating that he holds on to so much history and information in his balloon sized head, and yet never provides one ounce of proof.
For the record, the culprit was apprehend in 2015 and is serving a 10 yr sentence. In December 2019, it was reported that Canadian authorities were preparing for the extradition. Also note she hung herself, she did not drink bleach.

Cleary by now (excuse the pun) one would think you would be able to use the internet effectively enough to accomplish the most menial tasks like how to use GOOGLE. When preschool children have a better grasp of the internet than you do then it may be time to get off the computer, or get an upgrade. Lay off the coke Cleary….Snort ….snort.

The pleasure was all mine ❤ Just don’t cry me a river when your day arrives.

So befitting to have a post such as this on Valentines day (please excuse the sarcasm)….Seriously after reading the screen grabs I simply couldn’t resist. ❤ Thanks to the person for sending them in.

I don’t reward or praise denial or ignorance. We choose our own path.

The Irony here is this is from Jessica’s actual blog, what a joke.
The children thank you Jessica

The question asked of Jessica was…Jessica what’s worse a 30 yr old recording kids at a park or a 30 yr old having sex with a 14 yr old ?

Seriously you can’t make this up. I wonder if Jessica is going to claim all of this is photoshopped ?

We could examine the screen grab and say …………..

Perhaps the question was too difficult to understand, perhaps the key strokes on the keyboard were slow or broken ?

Perhaps there’s a language barrier ?

Perhaps the bright colors were mesmerizing and she became intoxicated with blurred vision, lost her focus and thought she was in Disney land ?

Perhaps she needed morale guidance from her several hundred sticky notes ?

No I’m becoming convinced of another much more deep rooted issue here, and I plan on biting my tongue on this one. You can decide if you get my meaning ?

Jessica I’m leaving as well, I’m running away from home and I’m never coming back. If you like you can hitch a ride on my magical monkey tricycle.

I agree with you Jessica, sex talk is disgusting but as long as it’s about a 14 yr old girl that makes it ok, or better yet a 10 yr old boy ? ☺

If an individual begs to walk face first into a brick wall, then who am I to stop them ?

Once again the children thank you Jessica You are a pillar of virtue, morality and of the highest disorder
Must be difficult when you have 2 peas in a pod sharing the same single digit brain cell ? And yes that’s a bush on Jessica’s head. I never joke about these sort of things.

I recall when Shawnio single handily finger banged the idiot UKmuppets into obscurity and oblivion with his stupidity, you make this too easy…Thank you for allowing me to expose you once again, it was a pleasure <3

I received this email as of today pertaining to a UFC cast on Ivlog. Now as far as I know there wasn’t any UFC pay per views as of late, however the report was sent in on Wed Feb 12 2020.

And the reply was listed as Thursday Feb 13 2020.

Someone is not happy with Ivlog.