The video used on this post was sent into me from several days ago, at first glance I wan’t sure how to take it but the more I examined it the more peculiar it became.

A simple question was asked of Jessica… If she ever had SEX with her father ?…Simple question …A simple answer….Or so you would think. To normal thinking folks like you or I we would respond with a ” F, YOU” or perhaps some would refuse to acknowledged the question at all ?

When Jessica finally reveals the answer to the question she ends her statement with “LOL”. What then becomes even more bizarre is at one point she ends it with “LMAO”..

Upon realizing just how foolish she had become she quickly skitters out of chat with her tail tucked between her legs. What’s equally funny is that no one visits Jessica’s chat so now she harasses people in other chats and literally begs for any attention.

Now before anyone claims this is PHOTOSHOPPED we do have the complete video for all to witness.

YOU CAN DECIDE…It’s weird, real weird I think. Odd how she craves such needed attention.

Unsure if Jessica is serious or not…LOL… I’ve decided to send along some suggestive toys she may enjoy….(((((o))))).

Says the one who showed her breasts on JTV for teen boys to gawk at.
Then how do you manage to stand yourself ?

Oh HEY shit for brains, next time someone asks if you had sex with your father, just walk away..LOL.

We all know Jessica has become the biggest idiot of all time, the Asylum has turned her head inside out as she continues her unstable ways with each passing breath. The Asylum has total control of it’s puppet, thanks to my secret weapon (Shawnio).

In your fragile mind everyone is MonkeySniffer

Some would say Jessica has become more like Shawnio.

Others would say Jessica has begun to expose an inner being that all along laid dormant, and now has slowly begin to reveal her true self.

But you are no angel.

Her paranoia, lies and mass hysteria take control over her every move. She goes spastic when anyone confronts her or even mentions the name “MonkeySniffer”..Traveling to chat rooms or on social casting sites such as Ivlog or Vaughn, Jessica’s paranoia is eating her up inside. She sees Monkeysniffer everywhere she goes.

Recently on a Ivlog cast Jessica decided to PM other viewers to accuse them of being Monkeysniffer….

Further proof of her insanity.

Hope you’re having a wonderful time ?? Because I am (。◕‿◕。) Thank you for the screen grabs used on this post.

When I read today’s email I seriously thought to myself …OH BOY, there is definitely going to be some serious heat on this post. I hope these two don’t get into something they might both regret.

So don’t be too angry with my Mr Randallman dear, I’m just a silly ol monkey. (◡‿◡✿)

Jay Mully: “I drove by Randall’s house and took a picture in from off his street sign, I even yelled his name he didn’t come out tho he owes me his leg.” 

I think Mully is being extra naughty lately.

Imagine barking like a dog for months and months that became years and years…With no answer or hope in sight ?

Imagine going to bed at 3am and the last thought in your head is some stranger in another country ?

Imagine waking up at 7 am the very next morning, and your first thought is about the same stranger you were thinking about the very night before ?

Imagine placing your whole life on hold for a person you’ll never see or even talk to. Just because you’re so angry it devours you inside each and every day ?

The funny thing is……They both talk to themselves 😁 thinking I’m there with them in a chatroom. 😁 Thank you for the screen grabs Me Queen.

Welcome to the obsessive pretend world of Shawn W McQuaid and Jessica Baldick

Two mental misfit freaks with no life or any future or hope, but the only thing they both have in common is……..MONKEYSNIFFER.

Just look at the online illegal activity Jessica is responsible for in the last 24hours. From inciting SUICIDE to THREATS Jessica has become both erratic and mentally unstable. Jessica you really need to take your meds.

Not only DEATH THREATS but then SUICIDE ?
Trying to incite SUICIDE ? … Jessica you really like to get dirty don’t you, and here I thought you loved me ?

I’m not sure the message you’re trying to convey here Jessica but is this a threat while mentioning “AMMO”. You plan on shooting someone ?

YOU plan on DEALING with ME, another THREAT Jessica ?

And as you can see again with the “DEALT” with threats. Oh and btw what taste of medicine would that be ?…I’d like some clarification on that please.

Address: 202 S Main St, Horseheads, NY 14845, United States

Ring… ring… ring…Hi I’d Like to report some ones illegal online activities please…Her name ??? Oh her name is Jessica Baldick, she just made online threats on my life.


“This is proof that Crème loves his casters and wants them to be happy. When Crème gives, he gives generously. “

Such heart felt loving comments. I’m about to oil my nipples up for this.

2 more emoticon crap thingys…WOW, shit me a load of joy.

Cr3am maybe in the running as the most generous person of 2020, we may have to vote on this mega gift.

Thank you for the screen grabs.