A quote sent in to me through an email….“There’s was a caster on Ivlog that goes by the name Amy and she is playing the song every rose has its thorn while waving her dildo lol”

And the rest of us would like to cordially welcome Amy the dildo swinger to our humble lil blog…btw Amy any thing in a yellow or blue perhaps glitter ?

All credit to a certain someone for last nights screen grabs sent in an email, but first let’s have some wings.

The man with the dirtiest feet sits in a bar feeding his face with beer and wings but still has the nerve to E beg ? Personally I can’t recall how many years this has been going on but nothing changes. God bless social media and broadcasting.

Let the CASH cows moooo $$$$$$$$$$$$

But wait don’t most of them cry and whine ????

All credit to the person who sent this in to me…

This screen grab was taken recently over in Ivlog as the “King”of Ivlog bragged about his recent female LOVE conquests. From what I gather he’s been dating a bevy of beauties lately and has even joined a dating site called “LuveMe”

And here she is in all her glory. Now don’t be too jealous of the great one lol

But we did find some other beauties that tickled his fancy <3

You ladies man you hahahahahah

Seems Mark has had another spectacular original idea on his mind…

From the site owner who was FIRED from JTV, and who manage to steal codes and the existing chat layout as well as other various ideas now comes this brain fart of an idea.

Tokens ?….So it’s like CAM4 ?

Oh but wait didn’t he spit this idea out 5 or so years ago ?

Odd how 225 people are now refusing to interact with the site or casters, maybe this a way to get folks to sign in ?

My only question is this..Could this be Mark’s HOPE to TRY and bring back his SOCIAL category to Vaughn ? You know the one that he and mommy SMASHED to pieces by removing guest chat ?

Wait didn’t the owner of the CUM clique over in Ivlog do the exact same thing with guest chat just not as a extreme ??

All credit and thank you to those of you for the screen grabs.